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Pre-Order ETA January 2022 ASG Licensed CZ75 P-07 Duty CO2 Airsoft Gas Blowback Hand Gun Black

18 Customer Reviews

by Canon S. on 01/12/2021
"The gun is VERY good! This is my first pistol and is incredibly strong and good!
great gun
Super strong
Co2 is easy to install
Hop up

I can’t figure out how to adjust the hop up and it came full hop up:(
Longish trigger pull (doesn’t bother me)
by Anthony E. on 07/12/2019
"Very well built gun. Mine held up for two years playing airsoft definately buying a new one
by Arthur C. on 03/22/2019
"I would say that for the price its amazing. I used it for a few months now and i use it a lot as my main gun sucks. I love that the co2 goes into the gun not magazines so u dont have to have one co2 per magazine and the magazines are smaller however the capacity is not great. I would say the accuracy and range is average for a GBB, and thats great for an 80 dollar gun. However u need to break in the hopup at first takes around 6 magazines maybe for it to shoot straight. The hopup is average it easily lifts up 0.28g bbs.
pros- doesnt feel cheap even tho it is
- good range and accuracy
- co2 in gun not in mags
- nice kick
- reliable so far
- pretty efficient (maybe 80-120 shots depends on weather etc.)
cons- long trigger pull (i dont mind it)
- pretty loud u cant be sneaky (i dont mind that as well in fact i quiet like it)
- low cap. of magazines (around 16 rnds)
- hopup takes aprox 6 mags to break in and start shooting straight

Overally i really do recommend it especially if u dont want to spend a lot of money and you can play in really low and high temps without problem i tried it at around 0 degrees celsius np
by Joseph R. on 05/15/2018
"This pistol is fantastic. Tired of seeing everyone have a 1911 or m9? This is a great replacement. The full metal slide has a good weight to it, making the recoil really fun to handle. It shoots nice and hard with a fairly satisfying sound. While the stick mags can be hard to come by, the only negatives they have is being slightly more difficult to load, but they come with the benefit (at least in my eyes) of storing the Co2 cartridge in the gun itself instead of in the mag. This thing is fairly compact but with a nice weight. The trigger pull is a little on the long side, but that doesn't bother me. The only major negative I have is the front sight can come off, and with it being such a small piece can be hard to find. For me, a little super glue fixed this

- Heavy metal slide
- nice weight
- cool design
- powerful
- really fun to fire

- front sight comes off easily

- long trigger pull

I can't stress how fun this thing is to fire, and would recommend this gun to almost anyone.
by Caleb H. on 06/09/2016
"+ Quite efficient. I got 7 mags out of one CO2 canister before the power started to die out. Once it starts to die out the double-action reverts to single action. I can still get one more mag out of it in this mode with decent power. The FPS is perfect, just right for CQB and none too shabby for field play. The heft of this thing is fantastic and feels very solid overall. It's even got a little rail space under the barrel, and the outer barrel itself can take silencers and extensions. Compact, also not too thick and not too thin. Feels just right in the hand. I have not had any problems with the firing pin or front sight yet, but I will glue the front sight in just as a precaution.

- It's not very accurate, which is probably due to the compact size and perhaps the blowback. Speaking of the blowback, the slide blows back not very far. I would've wished it to be perhaps twice as far as it is now.

Stick mag of course does not look as cool nor as realistic, but I actually prefer the stick mag as it is cheaper and does not require a CO2 canister per mag. Another thing about the stick mag is when you take it out, the gun does not become front heavy right away like with a normal mag.

= Fantastic gun with fantastic externals and performance.
by Ryan S. on 12/28/2015
"Great gun it was my first ever airsoft gun and it works great just make sure when you open it to not lose the front sight or just glue it in place like I did.
by Maxx B. on 09/25/2015
"This gun is good, it's slide is made of metal and most of it is made out of a really durable and strong plastic, I wouldn't call this a downside, but for whoever wants a full metal gun, this is good aswell.
-Shoots good, you can get about 100-120 rounds out before co2 is completely dead if you tighten it properly.
-made of very durable and well build nylon and metal, i wouldn't worry about accidentally dropping this for like a foot or so
-is very loud, in my case this makes it more realistic. (may be a con for some)
-the magazine is a stick, but in this case you can just continue filling it with BB's and dont have to worry about completely taking the co2 out, the stick piece is made of metal and the buttplate is strong plastic, the same as the rest of the gun
-you can tell when the co2 is almost completely depleted because it'll stop blowing the hammer back after each shot, which is what it does to load in new rounds
-the only con i have found is the trigger, you have to completely pull it back before it fires. i don't know if its meant to do this but in most cases, its not really noticeable.

for 75$, this is a solid and well made gun. in about a month, i'll follow up and see if i have any problems
by Mark S. on 09/24/2015
"I really like this pistol. It doesn't look like everyone else's 1911. its cool, compact and badass looking. It feels heavy and substantial. The blowback action is not huge but it is crisp and I like the fact that the slide locks into the rear position when you've run out of ammo in the mag.

The feature that I appreciate the most is the CO2 is in the handle, not in the mag. This means if you have multiple magazines, you do not have to use a CO2 cartridge for every single one. It also simplifies the firing mechanism and makes it more reliable because there are less seals to fail. Stick mags are also cheaper, lighter and smaller than mags that also hold CO2. Okay, maybe they don't look as cool but that's really the only downside.

There are a few things to be aware of however....
Its loud, really loud. Don't expect to use it in a stealthy capacity. You pull the trigger and everybody within 100 yards will know exactly where you are and what your shooting. You WILL attract a lot of attention and most of the time, that's not such a good thing.

It shoots hot. With 0.20s and fresh CO2 mine always chronos well above 400 fps. There are a couple tricks you can use to slow it down a bit but you could still hurt someone in a skirmish.

I don't find it to be super accurate. As a secondary, this isn't a problem because I only use my pistol when I cannot use my rifle, like inside a building where rules are "No AEGs".

You do get a lot of rounds out of one cartridge...I don't know exactly but easily over 100.

I have to also agree with other reviewers about the front sight. Mine fell off after just a few weeks, probably when pulling it out of my holster.

Another thing to be aware of is the cover for the CO2 cartridge. To access it, there is a small ring on the bottom of the grip you push up to release it. When your running around bumping into things, crawling thru undergrowth, etc this cover can easily pop off and get lost. To prevent this I wrap a few layers of electrical tape around the handle. You would have to remove the tape to replace the CO2 but this isn't a problem because I never use more than one CO2 cartridge per day.

So, in general, this pistol has a couple quirks you might not find on other weapons but it really works great for me.
by Jon W. on 09/14/2015
"This is a good gun the only thing i had a problem with was the front sight coming off but this can be fixed easily with super glue unfortunately i didn't know this and lost my tiny front sight on 6 acres :p
by Omar D. on 09/07/2015
"The ASG Licensed CZ75 P-07 Duty... Ah, where to start?

I'm a detail oriented shopper. Being my first gas blowback side arm, I had a few requirements... I wanted a gun that:

-Didn't break the bank,
-Has an adjustable hop up unit and/or sights
-Has a picatinny weaver rail mount
-Is co2 powered (I wanted the convenience of having 100+ shots as opposed to filling up with green gas every other magazine)
-Shoots under 350fps w/ .20g bbs for CQB play
-A firearm of decent quality, and I wanted it all in a compact package.

This side arm has exceeded my expectations.

To start, the ASG CZ75 P-07 Duty comes in a pale green, but rather nice box. The box is small, and doesn't brag about the firearm's fps. The box opens to reveal the pistol, underneath some bubble wrap. It also comes with a small hex tool (this is used to adjust the hop up) and some instructions. The instructions dont tell you how to adjust the hop up, but its simple... There is a small hole on the top of the firearm underneath the slide. Pull the slide back to reveal this hole, use the hex tool to adjust the hop up, lefty lowers, righty raises.

The co2 goes into the textured hand grip of the gun. Remove the magazine, open hand grip, insert co2 and twist! My gun shot just a little high to begin with, I adjusted the hop up and it is now shooting accurately at 50 feet.

What I love most about this gun are its mechanics. The slide moves like butter, and locks back without fail the instant you are out of ammo. Pulling the slide back moves the hammer back, which cocks the gun readying it for use. You can decock the hammer by holding it with your thumb, pulling the trigger, and slowly lowering the hammer, just like a real firearm! This means that as long as the hammer is down, there is no way of firing the gun, making it safer to transport (in case you forget to put the safety on)

-Compact, Heavy Duty, and High quality (no wobble at all)
-Fluid, authentic mechanics
-Accurate and Precise
-I got 120 shots off before the co2 ran low and it stopped firing in semi auto
-Threading for a silencer, and a picatinny weaver rail mount
-Under 350 fps with .20g bbs for CQB play
-The rear sight is this cool U shape
-Stick mag doesn't drop out bbs when you release the magazine
-Fits snug in my UTG ambidextrous holster
-Adjustable hop up
-Many say this gun is loud, I say the sound is perfect. its crisp and unique.
-Only $74.95

-Orange tip seems difficult to take off
-stick mag is a little hard to reload
-They tell you this is the instructions... pulling the trigger back (halfway) loads the bbs into the chamber. So, if you pull back halfway, release, then pull back again to fire, you will load 2 bbs into the barrel.

I've done a lot of research searching for the perfect side arm. If you're criteria is like mine, search no further! You won't be disappointed!
by Marty L. on 03/03/2015
Well built
Excellent weight
Feels good in your hand

Stick Mag
FPS is not 330-390!!!! More like 330-350
by Elijah L. on 05/12/2013
"Great gun. Shoots fine, works fine, I recommend this gun to any airsoft players beginners or pros.
by Dakota M. on 07/10/2017
"After owning this gun for a month and used for multiple games i can say this gun is AMAZING shooting at a crisp 350fps, 375 with fresh c02. The ONLY downfall of the gun is that the part that covers the c02 is only held in by an easy to press button to be very cautious because i finally lost my cover after a few drops by accidently pressing it. I now cannot find a new back which sucks, Also the only place i found spare mags was through another website.
by Bennet E. on 03/12/2017
"So, the front sight.....yeah that. Fell out first game I ever fielded with this thing. That aside, this thing is freaking awesome. Nice crisp blowback, feels absolutely solid in the hand. Stick mags aren't all that great to look at, but they work just as well as normal CO2 mags.
by Brian C. on 01/13/2015
"Pros: Good feel
Sturdy construction
FPS is acceptable
Cons: Stick mag is a bit of a let down
Front sight post either fell off of mine, or it wasn't on the gun to begin with
I'll give it a 4/5