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Cybergun Licensed Kalashnikov AK Beta Spetsnaz Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Lipo Ready Gearbox by CYMA

29 Customer Reviews

by Michael M. on 02/29/2020
"If your new to airsoft and dont want to spend a ton of money i can honestly say with 5 years of experiance that this ak will not dissapoint. I have had mine for over 5 years and i have never had 1 major issue with this rifle. The ak is so old tyat the only notocible signs of age ais the peeling of the rubber material on the front grip and lower stock. Never has this gun jammed, missfired, or low battery locked. The only complaint that i have is that they should make the but stock cap tighter and lock somehow. I cant speak for the change in quality control from 5 years ago but mine is still shooting like a champ and weeding out the cheaters that dont call when they have been hit.

Dont ever dissasemble this weapon to modify if its not broken.
by Kristian H. on 03/08/2019
"It is very good seems good quality so far at least. The gun comes with a sling and 2 magazines with the battery and the charger overall 9/10.
by Timothy M. on 05/16/2018
"This gun is great. To be honest I was a bit skeptical when I saw the outside was a polymer body but it feels very sturdy. The gun shoots pretty well and is a great cross of CQB and normal play. I do highly recommend a 9.6v battery as it boosts the rate of fire by alot.
by Timothy M. on 05/16/2018
"This gun is great. To be honest I was a bit skeptical when I saw the outside was a polymer body but it feels very sturdy. The gun shoots pretty well and is a great cross of CQB and normal play. I do highly recommend a 9.6v battery as it boosts the rate of fire by alot.
by evan C. on 04/27/2017
"this gun is amazing! it has extremely good accuracy and comes with 2 mags!! (or at least mine did ) it comes with a carry strap and amazing build quality its almost full metal but the parts that arnt metal are really high quality ploymer the only problem i have with this gun is its battery comportment its in the stock witch is good but there is so little room to fit all the wires and the battery barely fits the only thing i could recommend is carefully cutting the Styrofoam sides off or just duct taping the stock cover to the stock but other than that i would very much recommend this gun.
by Walter S. on 05/28/2014
"I have skirmished this gun in a few games and I have to say that this gun is good for the price. Using the included 8.4v battery, I was able to stand up pretty well against KWA cqrs. Though, at about 130-150 feet the bbs start to fly off target.

Includes decent battery
ROF is decent with the 8.4
Good, thick polymer receiver
Rubberized grips and stock

Some top cover wobble
Mags can be expensive if you want metal ones
May not be the best gearbox, motors, etc.

Conclusion: Get this gun! It is great for the price and it will make you very happy as a skirmish or "plinking" gun.
by jaden f. on 09/29/2013
"Its a great gun I have had it for 2 years now and its still working like a charm. Its kinda heavy but it not that bad. Its full mettle and durable. It would be great if it had a top rail but hey im not complaining. overall great gun I give it 5 stars

*realistic feel
*full mettle

*heavy (not to big of a deal)
*no top rail
*double feeds sometimes
*mags are expensive
by Bruce B. on 07/06/2013
"This gun is my first good AEG. I got it used form my cousin, and she said it worked very smooth. I recently finished upgrading it with a Matrix m130 spring, a short Matrix Magnum Motor, and a Matrix 12v 4500mah battery, and it shoots FAST!!! This thing can probably hit something from 200ft with these upgrades, and the
ROF is around 20 ish.

-Shoots great even without upgrades


Over all this is a great gun. I would never trade it!
by seth t. on 05/01/2013
"I have had this gun for a year and its the best gun i have ever bought it has a high rep with my friends and i must say i would never trade it for a another ak i had it tested and
it shoots 380 fps with .20 and it only failed me once and that was falt.
It shoots about 60 to 50 yards before it gets out of range for dead on hits over all great gun would
never trade.

Pros:good range good fps awesomeness

by Gavin O. on 04/24/2013
Realy easy to use
adjustable hop up
nice weight
big mag
decent fps


I Have never had to buy a replacement mag nor fix anything in the gun. Works great and have had it fo2 years.
by alex a. on 03/04/2013
"this is a very good gun, it has a decent rate of fire and it has good range.DONT listen to what they say about the range it has about 180 feet not 100 feet of range and the fps with .20s is about 390 to 400

metal body
fully upgradeable
full metal gearbox

cant handle lipo batteries
by Jake n. on 01/10/2013
"This is an awesome gun! I strongly recommend to buy this gun for you CQB people. This gun can also be used in a field war too because it has great FPS.

Shoots hard
Full metal build
Great rubber grips
Small and compact
Huge mag!!!

Magazine is cheap and plastic. I would recommend to buy a metal AK magazine...
by Geoffrey T. on 01/05/2013
"this gun is the perfect starter gun. this gun is perfect for CQB missions.

light weight
all metal
good fps for price
comes with a cleaning rod
hop-up works great


great gun
by samuel m. on 09/22/2012
"This is a great starter gun. It is small and compact and even good for outdoor skirmishes(not to mention cqbs) I got it a few months ago and i love it!
Great accuracy
Compact and small
Adjustable hop-up
Fits standard ak mags

Ak mags can be a bit wobbly
Small front rail for accesories
Mag can get in the way if you have a front grip

Overall this is a great gun and i would highly recommend it to anyone starting airsoft or wanting something cheap but great quality. :)
by Angela B. on 08/29/2012
"This gun is amazing!!! A must buy
Good weight
Good rof with 8.4 v but I recommend a 9.4
Good weight
No wobble
Full metal
This is the cheapest website I found it on

Exactly 360 fps with .2