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Echo1 M28 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Bipod (Color: Black)

48 Customer Reviews

by Andrew G. on 06/14/2020
*Very Accurate, with proper hop adjustment to bb weight. (Tested with .32g bbs @ 425FPS and an effective range of 250ft with factory internals maintaining a 3ft. group at range)

*Sturdy, very well constructed. Materials are very well selected and provide longevity insurance.

*Strong factory internals, with lots of upgrade ability.

*Mock receiver in front of trigger guard can get loose if messed with a bunch, does not impede replica performance but can get annoying if bumped open.

*Heavier than more inexpensive bolt actions, younger players may struggle with pulling the bolt due to spring resistance or holding the replica properly due to overall weight.

*Bolt in closed position can be bumped "out of battery" as the replica gains wear and tear, promptly pressing down on lever resolves issue. Replica will not fire if the lever is not in proper location.

Conclusion: Extremely dependable bolt action replica that delivers.
by Lindsay B. on 01/24/2020
"does it come with a threaded adapter??
by Clayton C. on 06/07/2018
"This rifle is probably one of the best out on the market. It shoots great, has a smooth pull back with the bolt, and the internals that came with mine are all metal. It I still not heavy at all and is a super durable gun. I would recommend this gun to anybody.

Shoots far
Fully metal barrel assamebly and trigger
Smooth bolt pull back

Hop up is a little funky and hard to mess with
Other than that, not a lot of bad things about this gun
by Shawn M. on 10/28/2017
"there is nothing bad to say about this gun, rite out of the box was shooting over 450fps with .25s an still is after about a year! put some .4s in this gun put the hopup up a lil an this thing shoots like an arrow!!! hitting people around 150 to 200ft on the first pull rite on the cross!! great sniper for the price! if your looking for out the box sniper without breaking the bank this is it!! will be posting vids on youtube great gun!!!!!!
by Mike G. on 03/31/2017
"I bought this sniper near the end of summer and I got to say its really good! just feels so nice and its really powerful!

Hits hard ( Really no needs for upgrades )
On point every time
Made out of a Very nice plastic and the barrel is Amazing

Little heavy ( Can be a pro )
I don't know if its just me and I need to put more lube on the slide but the slide sometimes gives me trouble and gets hard to pull back.. May just be me though!
by Charlie P. on 09/27/2016
"Holy moly. First off, this gun is beast. If you want to shoot this, you better have some muscle on yo. This bolt is difficult to pull back, but when it shoots you will understand why. It shoots very fast, and very far staying fairly accurate. If I had previous knowledge like I do now, I would still buy the gun. It is also very sturdy. One thing wrong though; it does not come with a scope.
by Mike Y. on 07/05/2015
"i bought this gun about 3 years ago. preformed wonderfully throughout its use. recently died. rest in peace sweet prince.
by atticus b. on 04/11/2015
"This gun is probably the best sniper you can get other than the kjw m700. I ordered all new internals such as a tight bore, spring, spring guide, and piston. The gun works and looks like a charm. I have had some problems with it but I am an inexperienced airsoft tech and did not know what to do when opening it up. I finally figured it out but I suggest getting a professional to upgrade it. Also I did no receive a threaded barrel adapter and speed loader but I didn't care. With low wind I can targets up to 300ft. It is accurate and hard hitting. I also suggest .30 gram bbs when using this. Also this gun is notorious for slam firing so get a new piston and maybe sear set and you should be good. Another thing, the magazines are faulty meaning whenever I pull the Bolt back I must push up on the magazine to feed a bb. Other than that amazing gun

Hard hitting
Magazine says it hold 18 rounds but I can fit 26 :)
Great hop up
Great tech videos on YouTube
Looks awesome
Easy to paint

Notorious for slam firing (not mine)
Magazines don't feed well
Hard to put hopup back together

All and all amazing gun
by Sara W. on 03/30/2015
"First off let me say this gun is amazing. I know people will say this is the worst gun ever, or it sucks. That's plainly not true, they say it sucks because it slam fires or the mags break. Be careful with the mags (your a sniper role hopefully so your not in a huge rush) then they don't break, i know shocker, if your careful it WON'T break. If you encounter slam firing its either the piston (which i will say is pretty bad but evike sells new or better ones) or sear set. You can buy a new trigger set for the m28 and it should work, or you could just buy a new sear set and replace it yourself. And bam, you got an amazing nearly stock gun. Another thing, this thing shoots 500fps STOCK, that's incredible, plus its super accurate and will shoot far and hard. Let this be the review that silences all the rumors and tells you what u need to know, just in case i'll include a pros/cons list

comes with a good reliable bi-pod
shoots far and hard (i got 100 yards bulls eye no problem)
Heavy (could be a con)

Heavy (could be a pro)
may come with a bad sear set, mine didnt but its an easy fix
NOthing else

PS: if you get the suggested suppressor its extremly heavy, its one big metal tube, it WILL make your m28 front heavy

Thank you evike. I love my sniper and i personally cant find any flaws (the ones above are what others have said)

Thanks for reading
by Robert Z. on 03/20/2015
"Just bought this gun. Out of the box looks good but won't even take into the field until I do some very necessary upgrades. Did a lot of homework & found almost all have experienced slam firing within a short time. So I'll give pros, upgrades then cons.

Nice platform to build on
Very affordable base price for what you get
Great bipod
All metal barrel & internals
Well made polymer stock(took paint well)
Looks like a beast

Installed custom made piston (high quality replacements did not fit or were not available)
Installed high quality sear set
Installed high quality bolt handle
Installed custom bolt washers

Top rail was made with slots that were too narrow to allow scope mount to properly mount. Had to widen slots with a dremel.
Fake magazine door rattles & opens??? Completely unneeded option. Used Jb weld to glue magazine door closed
Parts were hard to find & very little were compatable with other guns even though description says they were.
Plastic mags aren't good, & metal ones are impossible to find
Color was not very earth-tone.

Overall I like this gun but expect to put in another $150-200 in upgrades to get something that will hold up. I knew that before I bought it so I feel I got what I paid for. Counting upgrades you get a solid sniper gun for the price. Good hunting
by Curt L. on 12/28/2013
I had to shave down the mold by the bolt because it wouldn't go down after you pull it back
overall you should get it
by Felipe F. on 09/27/2013
-Nice and accurate
-Metal and polymer
-2 mags and bipod

by nghia l. on 07/30/2013
"Got this gun last year and it still hasn't failed me yet. Hits hard, accurate and shoots pretty far. Really high FPS for most places, mine was about 530 fps with .2

-Sturdy Body
-Shoots Far

-High FPS (Could be Pro)
-Can be heavy in the front with bipod (Could be Pro)

Overall, I can't really say much but it's still holding strong.
by Isaac S. on 11/19/2012
"Ok 'want to start of with i saying i'm renewing my review because i've had the gun for a while now and well lets start.
1.Right out of the box with no upgrades it shoot very very reliably and accurately.

2.Comes with 2 mags and a very very high grade bi-pod spring loaded all the stuff that makes it good ]

3.The feel of the gun is so realistic when it got here it felt like it was almost real that includes the weight and
the texture

-full metal and solid polymer stock
-amazing hop-up system
-nothing wobbles or moves
-2 mags and a bi-pod
-no matter the scope you get it is amazing
-great price (175 compared to 500-700$ for the same fps and quality in another gun)

-mags are a little crappy
-the adjustable stock wobbles when extended
that's it and if you keep the stock all the way in it doesn't move at all

Over all this gun is amazing and will out perform any gun on the field.This gun is great for the beginning sniper or the veteran look for a upgrade now the color is amazing and the metal is high quality.

Thanks Echo 1 for such a great gun and such a reasonable price.
by Isaac S. on 11/05/2012
*good FPS out of the box
*very surprising how good the range is
*looks amazing
*Fluted barrel both for looks and strength
*easy to open for maintenance (but never will have to do that)
*Polymer stock for that extra realistic feel _=metal barrel
*Low price
*mags are just a little crappy
*really that's all

i think this is great gun and is a great investment because normally you might have to spend up to 500$ to get a 500fps gun right out of the box.Also this outperforms a lot of gun that price up to 700$!. So over all this gun is good for both the vet and n00b.