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EMG M1919 Gen 2 Automatic Squad Support Airsoft AEG (Package: Gun and Pintle)

11 Customer Reviews

by scott w. on 12/16/2021
"Very high quality gun, shoots amazingly, but you must remember it's weight. I recommend buying it for Mil-Sim and not as a normal primary. Nonetheless, awesome replica.

You may also add 3/8 PEX, Plastic pipe, tapped for a millimeter of your tracer units adapter to make it work with a tracer unit. The price was 100% worth it for the realism
by Sarah C. on 12/08/2017
"This a BEAST!!
It is amazing realistic, perfect in finish, and a TON of fun to shoot.

You only live it once, live it full! Get it!
by Thomas M. on 09/13/2016
"The M1919A4, currently made by EMG, is an interesting weapon which will have a limited, but devoted fan base. I purchased mine from Evike and it arrived about a year later, after numerous production delays. That is to be expected with unusual guns, especially larger guns like this one. The wait was worth it.

The gun arrived in a nice, well packaged box. All the parts were secured and totally intact, as opposed to the Viva Arms M1919 I bought from AirsoftGI, a few years ago. The construction of the gun appears to be identical to the Viva Arms gun with the exception of the EMG using a Matrix M249 gearbox and having a easily removable barrel jacket and muzzle.

The gun, judging by the tags and labels, appeared to be assembled by Evike. There were odd bits of paper with "Evike" written on them, inside various assemblies of the gun. There was also a tag stating the test fire results, FPS and ROF. I gave the gun a look over and set it up on a tripod. The ammo box is similar to the Viva Arms gun, but it slaves off the trigger for feed signaling. It also uses a collar with set screws to attach the feed tube to the hopup chamber. Both are definite improvements over the Viva Arms gun. The box tray, which mounts to the side of the gun isn't really proper unless the gun was vehicle mounted. It is needed to keep the feed system effective, but it limits the traverse of the gun.

Well, the gun was ready to go. I fired .20g BBs through it. They spit out the muzzle, going about 20 feet before falling to the ground. There was no hopup to adjust, so it was time to open the gun up and find the problem. Upon disassembly, I found the air nozzle was split in two pieces. I also found the fixed hopup was not aligned properly with the barrel.

I did two things to make the gun work. I opened up the gearbox and replaced the nozzle and made sure the gears were shimmed. The next step was to take the plastic hopup chamber and drill a small hole above where the hopup hole is located on the barrel. I threaded the hole and installed a 6-32 set screw, which gave me an adjustable hopup with the set screw acting as the hopup nub. I installed a Promethius tight bore barrel, which was a bit longer than the original barrel by about 30mm. This brought the inner barrel clear up to the base of the muzzle, giving it stablization. I reassembled the gun, set it up and gave it a shot. The BBs now fired out at least 150 with great accuracy. Problems solved.

The traverse and elevation unit, which must be purchased seperately, is a quality bit of machining which makes the VA version look homemade. The gun does come with a pintle, which is also well machined. It seems the pintle offered seperately by Evike, does not fit. The main bolt seems to have been copied from a tripod used for a .50 cal M2, as it is too large to fit through the pintle ears of the M1919. I used a replica tripod from another source, so I cannot comment on the EMG product.

While these special production guns usually need some attention when they arrive in the hands of the end user, the EMG gun was a good improvement over the VA gun. The adjustable hopup was an easy modification. The stock parts will work fine but you may wish to upgrade as they fail. The M249 gearbox seems like a stout unit and easily upgradable. The finish on the gun is good. The barrel jacket may look better in a grey parkerized color instead of the glossy black it comes with. The sights are fine. The rear sight is adjustable but the peep hole was not cast in the sight block. It was easy to disassemble and drill a hole in the sight block, to get a more realistic sight arrangement.

All in all a good gun. Some minor mods and upgrades with make it excellent.
by Micah M. on 07/08/2016
"After almost a year of waiting, IT HAS ARRIVED! The box in came in was bland, but I'm fine with that. I have had the 14lb tripod for a while and am finally able to have its counterpart on it. This beast of a ~25lb gun is just pretty as the pictures, even more so in person. I was going to do some modification of the trigger so I could fire it whilst moving, but the distance between the trigger and handle is A LOT smaller than the pictures show.

-Fantastic feel
-Great features
-Satisfying to hold
-Great FPS
-Mine is fairly accurate
-Love the box mag
-Comes with a VERY nice certificate of authenticity

-No spare mags
-My charging handle seems to get stuck about half way
-HUGE orange tip, but that is not really a HUGE issue
-I Pre-Ordered mine last August, got it on July 8th 2016

All in all this is going on my list of guns that no one else but me, gets to use. The only "problem" is no extra mags, but it is not gonna hinder my perfect 5 rating on this magnificent piece of art.
by Woodrow C. on 07/07/2016
"I have not fielded the weapon yet, so this is a fresh out of the box backyard review.

It was well packed and arrived undamaged. It is really heavy and solid feeling! The only plastic I can find is on the pistol grip. The ammo box mount has to be attached with two allen screws you will find attached to the weapon on the left side. Unscrew them, and then attach the mount with those screws. One very welcome surprise is that the ammo box has been wired to load bb's when the trigger is pulled, like on my A&K M60! No red button to push with one hand while you aim and fire with the other! I was VERY happy to see that modification. The ammo box uses 4 AA batteries. I only wish the whole ammo box system had been better engineered to allow dummy rounds to be placed in the top of the ammo box and feed into the weapon for that authentic look. The box is placed too far aft and the bb feed tube is right where the rounds would go. I will have to try to figure out some way to fix this because dummy rounds are just a must have for a weapon like this. The good news is that the system fed bb's just fine, so you can't fault that.

The charging handle feels a bit funny in that is doesn't want to slide back very easily. Also, there is the potential to damage the wires for the weapon's battery and the wire that connects the trigger to the ammo box feed motor when actuating the charging handle. Caution is advised.

I appreciate the tag that came with the weapon showing that it had been test fired, with an FPS of 380-390. However, my XCORTECH X3200 only showed 260 FPS with .20's. A bit disappointing. Not sure who to believe now. If my chrono is reading that low, then all my other guns are shooting way hotter than I thought! The rate of fire was 9.6 rounds per second with a 7.4v lipo.

So, I still really like this weapon despite the minor gripes. I've been wanting one for a long time, and it's finally here! It was obviously engineered to be a reliable, real-world, no kidding, take it into battle weapon for honest airsoft use, not just as a pretty display piece.

Pros: Realistic weight and look.
Almost no plastic.
Auto winding ammo box operates with trigger.
Feeds reliably.
Lots of STEEL!

Cons: Ammo box placement could be better to allow dummy rounds.
Feed tube interferes with dummy round placement as well.
FPS appears to be low. (could just be my chrono, but I doubt it)
Charging handle feels sloppy and proximity to wires inside is a concern.

So there is my preliminary review. Hope this helps you guys.

Carry on, and be careful out there.
by Liam H. on 03/29/2012
"I have had this gun for a while and I think it's one of the most intense airsoft guns I have ever owned. I mounted it on a dune buggy and me and my friend drive around in it all day in a war just shooting them and shooting them. Get this gun.
by Nathan W. on 05/19/2020
"Okay for Airsoft but needs work for a Display Gun.

I bought this ON SALE last year (2019) as a project gun - basis for an M1917A1 "Water Cooled" Browning. I finally finished it, what with the COVID Stay-At-Home, and all. Too bad I can't post pics, because it turned out great! At the sale price, it was the best option for the foundation of a dummy/display M1917A1 (that can't be found anywhere for less than $2000). That it's a shooter is a great bonus!

As far as the gun goes:
PLUS (+): It is a reasonably accurate representation of the air-cooled M1919A4. Compared to the real M1919A4 (I have two), it is shorter by a couple of inches and lighter by a good number of pounds. It lacks the fine details on the front and rear sights and has too many rivets/hex-head screws in the receiver (I can live with that). But it does represent well and has more heft than the Airsoft M60 Pig or the M249 SAW.

PLUS (+): Heavy Duty. Well constructed. I don't know what the barrel jacket is made of, but I couldn't drill into it with cobalt or titanium bits to modify for my M1917A1 build, so you know it'll stand up to in-the-field abuse - no wobbly barrels/barrel liners here! The Booster is also very well made - heft almost like the real thing and "cleans up well" if you know what I mean about the "Blaze Orange Tip."

PLUS (+): Although the Pintle and Pintle Pin are proprietary (the Pin is thinner than USGI), it still fit both my original USGI Tripod and T&E and my Aim Sports Tripod and T&E.

MINUS (-): It came with manufacturing stickers all over. They were well-glued and quite difficult to remove, even with Goop Off and Acetone. I ended up having to manually scrape them off.

MINUS (-): The Color is WRONG. Actual guns were parkerized GREY (or a greenish grey), not Shiny Black.

MINUS (-): The Ammo Box and Bracket are TOTALLY FARBY! The Ammo Box (Can) Bracket is needed to be transportable, since Airsofting is more about maneuver (fire and movement) and doesn't lend itself well to emplaced firing positions. But a lot could have been done to at least make the ammo box look like an M1 or M1A1 Ammo Can (without a fabric carry handle!) and the Bracket should have been much lower on the side, so the Ammo Can presents like the real thing.

MINUS (-): Since we're talking about portability, the gun is missing the Traverse and Elevation (T&E) Stock Spring or "Clip" in the bottom of the grip which allows the gunner to latch the T&E to the grip while being carried. (No big deal because the M1917 didn't have this but both the M1919A4 and A6 did) NOTE: Every real Machine Gunner worth his salt knows the value of a Tripod and T&E. Rambo be damned!

Now I just have to finish the M1917A1 Tripod and fit the Ammo Box and feed tube (maybe even the battery) into a real M1917A1 Wooden Ammo Box before final test firing!
by Ed A. on 06/11/2019
"What a blast. Just got it a couple weeks ago.
Range great
Looks are awesome.

Ammo box does not secure to the plate can move around without a strap.
Right out of the box several screws where loose had to go over gun tightened this up.
Does not come with instructions.
by Thomas M. on 08/28/2016
"Basically, when buying this machine gun, you are paying for the unique metal work that makes up the appearance of the the gun. In other words, it looks great, but don't expect much in the way of performance. A notable exception is the inclusion of the A&K M249 Gearbox. It is a stout gearbox with plenty of upgrading available. The well boxed gun arrived with the gun, ammo box magazine and pintle, all neatly and securely packaged from the factory.

It appeared to had been test fired. I set up the gun and readied it for firing. When I did fire the gun, the .20g BBs just spit out the front about twenty feet...going no where. Like mentioned in other reviews about this gun, there is not an adjustable hop up. It is a fixed bucking, part of the sleeve.

I started an autopsy on the gun. It came apart nicely, held together with many machine screws. Upon removing the gearbox, I found the air nozzle on the tappet plate, was split in half. It fell out as I examined the gearbox. The next problem was found when I removed the internal barrel and hopup/feed unit. The hopup was not installed properly. The fixed bucking was not aligned with the hole in the barrel, so basically, the gun had no working hopup in that condition. Simply rotating the hopup would bring the bucking back into alignment. An easy fix.

The broken nozzle will require a gearbox disassembly. I plan on up grading at that time and installing a slightly longer barrel, as the stock barrel ends about two inches inside the outer barrel. If left stock, it would need some sort of stablization (fixed alignment) at the muzzle end as the inner barrel is obstructed by the outer barrel.

Again, I emphasize that your money is going to get you a good looking gun that is very well built. If you are lucky, your internals will be good and the gun will shoot well. The feed/hopup chamber appears to be a plastic M-16 style unit with the mounts and top machined off. You could drill a small hole and thread in a small set screw on top of the fixed hopup bucking and make it adjustable, like Viva Arms did on their version. I plan on experimenting with proper, adjustable feed and hopup chambers, seeing what will fit inside the sheet metal innards of this gun.

The ammo box magazine is good. It has a hard wire feed drive that is connected to the trigger switch. Other than that, it is a copy of the Viva Arms version. I plan on experimenting with lengthened feed tubes, so the ammo box and mount do not have to be attached to the side of the gun. I bought a repro tripod and purchased the 6MM Proshop T&E which I have not seen yet, as the shipping box contained a pintle instead. Evike is taking care of that problem now.

Not sure who actually made or imported the gun. When I paid for it last year, it was marketed as a 6MM Proshop product. The box the gun arrived in, and the current listing on Evike, list it as a EMG product. Product support from the manufactured is non existent. I am sure Evike could help if you choose to go that route with any problem or questions.

Again, a nice, well built shell of a gun with cheap internals, except for the A&K gearbox. A good gun to buy if you like to tinker and improve things....
by Kenneth H. on 07/28/2016
by Dawson H. on 06/28/2021
"Fun gun, expect a lot of problems.

-Build quality is very solid
-Very rare, this will draw a lot of attention
-Orange tip is only painted on, is very easy to sand off
-Standard A&K M249 Gearbox, maintenance and parts are easy

-ALL of the allen screws along the sides of the gun came very loose
-Rear baseplate was already slightly rusted
-Gun did not work out of the box, had to open it up and realign the mech box and barrel
-Hopup direction is not labeled
-Disassembly is a pain
-Does not shoot it's listed FPS (listed 400, shoots around 360)
-Comes standard with a Tamiya connector
-No instructions included. Included QR code just leads to a manual that shows the blown-out view
-Rear handle is very wobbly, cannot find a way to tighten it

Prepare to work on this gun if you buy it. There is not a great way to carry it either, since it lacks a carry handle, and is heavier than what Evike lists. Fully loaded and with the box mag strapped onto the side, it weighs closer to 25lbs.