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Matrix "Zero" Wire Mesh Adjustable Goggles (Color: Green)

22 Customer Reviews

by Levi B. on 05/20/2019
"very comfortable and easy to see through, kinda hard to see in the dark but you get use to it fast, took a 500 fps sniper from 75ft and it didn't even scratch or dent it
by Kyle G. on 12/10/2016
"I like them they are great
Pros: adjustable
- kinda rubbery plastic
- wont fog due to mesh
- low profile
- in cold wether they might snap
- you dont have them
- thats it and dont forget to say hi to your mom for me!
by kyle g. on 12/07/2016
"whats up guys! So I got these mesh goggles after going through about 5 pairs of non- mesh googles both cheap and expensive. I was sick of the fogging and then a team mate was wering some mesh googles ( a differant pair than these.) So I went to Evike after that day of airsoft and looked a mesh goggles I found these so I checked the reviews on all 3 ( OD green, tan, and black.) I read some reviews that said that they broke and wernt flexable puting all the negitive reviews aside I disited to buy these. when the evike stuff came (I also got other stuff) I unrapped them and put them on. I was impressed. A game was that weekend so I took them along with my other goggles and fielded them i took a bb to them and it didnt go though. they do have some flex to them
so if the plastic was cold they prob would snap under some presser:(
by Luke V. on 07/06/2016
"Disregard the disclaimer, these are great for field play because they are low profile and don't fog. I have these and a metal mesh insert for my revision googles and both have successfully stopped volleys of bb's. They are a bit uncomfortable but that is just due to the size of some peoples faces
by Jonny R. on 08/16/2015
"I am definitely glad I bought these. I was getting ready to buy some crappy ones on Amazon for like $2 but thought better of it and bought these. Now let's talk about pros and cons


Very solid polymer type framing

Mentalish wiring that feels and looks invisible

Elastic strap to wear you can adjust sizing

Very cool colors

by Cameron C. on 01/16/2015
"These are so far my favorite goggles to use on the field.

Though it is not intended for field play, they perform quite well in airsoft firefight situations. Last week during a game, I took a shot straight to the goggles from about 15 feet away and didn't feel anything get through. Was a little shaken up because they had holes and I thought something would go through. Not even a dent on them. 10/10 BUY THEM!!!!
by ian g. on 12/16/2014
"I've been using these for a little over a year now, and it's an awesome pair of goggles. Seems to be some rubbery material used for the frame, which allows it to flex a fair bit, and the mesh is very sturdy. The elastic band has not frayed at all, and is fully and easily adjustable. I wear it over an old PASGT helmet and the band's elastic is still nice and stretchy.
I originally bought 2 pairs; one for game use, and one for testing the strength of the goggles. Using an A&K Drag clocking at 530 w/ .2g bb, there was no visable flexing or damage to the mesh, nor the frame. Then, I further stress tested the goggles by firing a freshly loaded WG CO2 revolver 6 times into the same spot with .2s, which clocked about 420 fps. Minor denting on the mesh was visible, but the mesh was still solid enough to safely be used. Both tests were conducted from a distance of around 3 inches between the goggles and muzzles of the guns.
Overall, these goggles are a fantastic buy, and I am very, very pleased with them. While I'd highly recommend these to almost anyone, they do have their own minor issues.

Fairly decent FOV
Zero fog (obviously)
Excellent price!
Great overall quality

Very hard to use scopes
Close up objects are very fuzzy looking, such as sights or electronic sights.
Laser dots can be hard to see
Can glare badly with the sun in your face (Florida's sun totally sucks, but my view was great up in VA)
Not full seal!; there is an open gap between the end of the goggles and your face!!!!!

OVERALL these are great goggles! Highly recommend for field use, but due to not being completely full seal, it can be dangerous to use in CQB settings.
by Victor V. on 07/06/2013
"Very comfortable goggles. You can't even tell its mesh when you put it on.
by dillon p. on 06/23/2013
"these are the best mesh goggles out there for the price and they dont fog which is why they are a must have they dont get in the way of scopes like most do and you should get a shemahg to wear as most fields require unless u are 18+, i give them a 11 out of 10 haha
by dillon p. on 06/23/2013
"these are the best mesh goggles out there for the price and they dont fog which is why they are a must have they dont get in the way of scopes like most do and you should get a shemahg to wear as most fields require unless u are 18+, i give them a 11 out of 10 haha
by Aiden M. on 01/31/2013
"These Goggles are great! I use them at every game I go to. As for the "Don't use these in a game" thing, I had a friend shoot mine with his 500 FPS M249 literately holding them to the muzzle. They didn't dent, or even lose paint!! These things are awesome! Do not shoot Bio BBs at these though, I don't even let people use Bio BBs at my field, because if these get hit with Bio BBs, the BB will shatter, and send powder into your eyes. Other than that, these things work like a dream! the Holes are a little bit awkward to look through when you put them on, but over time, your eyes forget that you're looking through holes. BUY THESE NOW!
by Justin B. on 04/02/2012
"Great goggles.
These really solve the fogging and overheating problems.

As far as safety goes, these stop at least a 600 fps shot at point blank range with no deformation or loss of paint.

These goggles look REALLY cool and give quite a tacticool feel.

(unfortunately for me, I have a thin head and these goggles are a bit wide, so they don't hug around my eyes as well as I'd like them to. Warping/ bending the goggles/mesh/frame kinda solves the issue, but isn't ideal.)
by Bradley F. on 12/30/2011
"I love these google's they are vary nice and the mesh is metal feeling, all around a good pair of goggles and the OD green i think looks sorta tan but still looks cool

Over all for 15$ its the best pair out there
by Jason S. on 12/08/2011
"The perfect solution to fogged eye wear. No lenses, no moisture build up! Never play blind or have to wipe at your eye wear!

I've tried dozens of goggles and glasses that advertise themselves as "fog resistant" and all of them have been disappointments. When I discovered that mesh goggles existed, I had to jump on them. These goggles are attractive, light weight, and durable. The mesh is very strong and will easily stop at BB at point blank range.

Great buy and affordable! Wish I had found them before spending hundreds of dollars on alleged "fog proof" eye wear.
by shaun w. on 11/06/2011
"ok ive had these for like 2 years and i love em they taken f.p.s. up to 460 at a range no foggin issue just great and cheap