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Double Eagle M50 Master APS2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Package (Color: Black)

6 Customer Reviews

by Kristof G. on 01/07/2019
"Let me first say, this gun is amazing for its price. Its accurate, fast, and, overall, looks amazing. The gun also feels good in the user's hand. It is sturdy, the perfect weight, and a hardy piece of art. However, the scope that comes in the box is not very good at all. You can't move the dot, and it seems to fog up pretty easily. But, that's not what you paid for, you paid for the awesome, amazing, wonderful sniper rifle in the box. If you want a good scope, you will have to buy a better one. I highly recommend this gun to possible buyers. You will not be let down.
by Gavin M. on 01/20/2021
"Great beginning sniper! It was my first gun, and it has and continues to serve me well. Not many problems with the gun, but the scope is a big no. Don’t use it.
by Wade J. on 02/09/2018
"The rifle is awesome but the scope broke and so did the red dot sight you will I'm gonna buy a new scope but the red dot is not worth it.
by Brenner R. on 01/25/2014
"This rifle is great. I've had it for about 18 months, I don't use it all the time, but when I take it out, it's pretty effective. The red dot scope and laser that come with it are horrible, expect them to break pretty quick. But the gun does shoot at a decent fps (mine hits between 400 and 430 with .20 and .25 bb's) The price is great. I invested in a scope which helps. I would recommend investing in a new barrel and spring. I haven't yet, but depending on where you play, an upgraded spring could bring you closer to 500 fps (my local field limit for snipers). And a new barrel, perhaps a tightbore would maintain accuracy as the gun tends to shoot within about 8 inches of each shot, not entirely accurate, but it'll hit a person at 200 feet. Great gun, cheap, and good enough to get the job done. I definitely recommend this for first timers, because you don't have to get rid of it if you get more into the game, you've just gotta spend a little extra for upgrades and your gun is golden.
by Marguerite E. on 11/05/2010
"this rifle is awsome the red dot scope is terribe but the sniper in the best
great price
by Samuel S. on 07/24/2019
"I was very exited when the package arrived, and oh boy, was I not exited when I tested the weapon. The hop up was broken, meaning it was stuck to full hop, although I could move the slider. So, I decided to take the weapon apart. I couldn't fix it without a high risk of crippling all abilities of the weapon. I DO NOT RECCOMEND