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G&P Intellect 9.6v 1600mAh Mini Type Battery (Ni-MH)

9 Customer Reviews

by John N. on 03/03/2013
"Good battery

It's a battery
Holds charge very efficiently.
Consistent voltage

Doesn't fit some guns, but there are other battery types for that.

Not very good in cold whether, but so is every other battery ever.
by phil k. on 08/16/2012
"This battery is great, when i received it in the mail, i immediately charged it, and after waiting, i plugged it into my stock dboys scar l. this battery made my gun shoot at 17 rps. After i installed the AMP high torque motor, it bumped it up to about 23 rps.

its an intellect


I would convert the battery and the gun that you would use it in over to dean connectors for less resistance.
by Ross H. on 03/12/2012
"All around a great battery that lasts surprisingly long for its size. I use this in my KWA 2gx G36c and it rips!
It lasted me all day without showing any signs of slowing down and I shot almost 2,500 rounds through my KWA. The next day I was shooting some more to see how long the battery would last. After 800 more rounds the ROF began to drop and less than 100 rounds later it died completely. so It lasts about 3,500 rounds in a stock KWA G36c. one last thing to note is that if you plan on using this for a KWA or JG g36c you will have to modify the inside of the handgaurd slightly before it will fit. Its not hard, just a little filing and your good to go. Once you can get it to fit it does not rattle at all (my 9.6 1600mah nunchuck rattles and it drives me crazy) Buy this battery and use it with a smart charger and it will be nothing but reliable as are all Intellect batteries.

Happy hunting! :)
by Chris O. on 05/05/2011
"This is a great battery...
Really the title speaks for its self.I am using this for the 2009 JG m4 s-system enhanced version and that thing is a beast on full auto... 1200 rpm Plus!!!(with this battery) Alot better than a standerd 8.4... very durible and a very compact battery but note: if your rifle had a tight battery storage space like the jg m4 s-system(maybe if you have to store the battery into the handguard) i would highly recomend getting a mock PEQ box or just use like tape or a zip tie or somthing.
But if you rifle has a full stock and it takes a small type,PLENTY of room...
by Benjamin B. on 03/16/2011
"Good battery! Got it the other day and put it into my M4. Increased my ROF and lasts pretty long. I recommend this battery to anyone who is looking for an upgrade to their stock battery.
by Colton S. on 01/14/2011
"This battery works great for my PPSh-41 airsoft blowback rifle!! The ROF is absolutly AMAZING!! Get this battery!
by anna d. on 04/03/2010
"This is a great small type battery. I use it for my AK and I havnt encountered any problems. You cant go wrong with a low costing battery.
by Ben G. on 04/01/2013
"Great battery, holds a charge for multiple games, but it will not fit in my g&g mp5 a5. To make it fit i cut off the cover to the battery and taped it in and it seems to work fine.

-Good battery life
-Small enough for most guns
-Good battery for the price

-wont fit in some guns but if you cut the casing off it should fit.
by Jonah K. on 04/02/2012
"First I gotta say that Evike's shipping was VERY fast!! I was expecting it in a week, but I got it in 3 days! when I first got the battery, I was impressed, it was way smaller then I expected! but when I tried hooking it up to my JG MP5, and I quickly realized that it wouldn't fit my gun. Great battery, just make sure that it fits!