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G&P 170RD Full Metal Mid-cap no winding magazine for SR-25 Series Airsoft AEG (Black)

8 Customer Reviews

by Cameron P. on 04/27/2018
"I've bought 3 different types of mags for my Sr-25 and so far this is the only one that fits, I'll definitely be buying more
by Andrew P. on 04/10/2016
"Bought this with my purchase of the A+K SR25K works like a charm. Just have to break them in like others have said! Mine slide in with ease and I will be purchasing more.
by Andrew G. on 02/08/2015
"Nice mag for SR-25! Sometimes you just wanna play with no winding, if you have an SR-25 get some of these mag's.
by Matthew B. on 01/19/2015
"Bought three of these for my A&K SR-25. They had to be broken in at first (as with any other mag), but after that they worked like a charm. They still require that I give a firm tap on the bottom of the mag to make sure they seat properly. Haven't had any trouble with them at all. Excellent product.
by Andrew O. on 06/09/2011
"This mag actually has a dark grey finish, which i think looks better then just black. No scratches or anything on it. But you do have to break it in before using in a game, i just did the quick way and shaved a little off the spring loaded arm keeping the bb's in the mag and it works flawlessly

dark grey finish
doesn't scratch
holds tons of bb's, more then my speedloader holds even!
fits great, no wobble at all

have to break it in, but thats expected for any mag
by Trevor R. on 01/03/2015
"Purchased these for a G&G GR-25.

In stock format, these mags do not fit. However, I was able to make them work flawlessly with slight modification.
The catch on the magazine needs to be simply extended right/backwards about 1-2cm. I did this with a simple drill bit and can easily be figured it out yourself by simply comparing the mags with the weapon's magwell.

On a review note:
+Cheap Price compared to other G&G SR compatible Mid Caps.
+Mags feed perfectly (even with my high rof P* build).

-Plastic internals dont sit perfectly in the metal body. Leading to a flimsy, rattly cheap feel.
-Although the mags feed well, they're spring's strength worries me. I feel that it will need to be replaced sometime farther down the road.
-The screws that connect internals and body WILL fall out if not tightened before play, I suggest lock tight.

Overall, I give the mags 4 stars for their cheap price and flawless feeding capabilities.
by Justin V. on 11/13/2014
"Purchased for use with an Echo-1 Er-25k.

The mags Did not fit.

HOWEVER. Filing down the alightment bars, and slightly widening the magazine rear spine in the magwell, they lock in, slide out, and feed without any issues.

3/5. because they said they'd fit a JG or Echo-1 But.... we all know how that goes.

Aside from that. the product itself is 5/5 like any other G&P product
by Zach Z. on 06/18/2019
"These are NOT full metal, and do NOT work with a Classic Army SR-25. Buyer beware, these WILL NOT FUNCTION with your CA-25. They do not seat correctly, will jam up into your receiver and be problematic to remove. Very disappointed in this purchase. The hunt for a working mid-cap continues.