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JG Tokyo Marui Clone T3 SAS-G Shorty RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Full Stock

15 Customer Reviews

by Zach F. on 04/13/2021
"Amazing gun. Came with a battery. 10/10 Would Recommend .
by Phillip S. on 07/10/2016
"I've had this 2 years and I have no problems at all with it. Feeding is like any other high cap. Wish you could find mid caps in stock. Plenty of room for battery in stock. Durable and just fits nice.
by Lisa A. on 01/31/2015
"This is a new experience for me as I am a new airsoft player, I was looking for something that would hold up on the field but that was within my price range. However, what I got was well above my expectations. The gun is made out of metal and tough plastic and it holds up very well on the field. What surprised me the most was the accuracy on this beast. After adjusting the hop up a bit I got a stream of bbs hitting a tree 200 ft away. All in all, I am very satisfied with this purchase and I will be buying more from Evike soon.

Very Accurate
Looks nice especially with ACU fabric wrap
High ROF
Better fps than I was expecting
Very sturdy design
the butterfly pins comes out of the magazine easily and i already lost both of mine. (hardly a con)
by Juan carlos K. on 01/17/2011
"This gun is great it is extremely accuarate at 100ft the rof is amazing DO NOT hesitate to buy this gun!!
by Zachary N. on 03/21/2010
"I just played with this gun for the first time today, and it was great. I thought it would just be a bb hose with that piddly barrel, but I was pegging anything I put my red dot on, out to 150-175 ft. Don't get me wrong, it's no assault rifle for accuracy. I see it as a beafy MP5 (with a 500rd mag). Very versatile, short for CQB, and accurate for woods. I did have an issue with it getting stuck in full auto, but loosening the prongs that grab the fire connector fixed that.

500 rd Mag!

mine was only 320 fps (but who cares when I can get a bb 175 ft in the sights)
by randy a. on 03/16/2010
"this is a great gun. i got this a while back for christmas, the mag is a wind up (which i love because it makes it more accurate). it is very accurate and pretty powerfull, now im not gonna say that it is gonna make your arm sting for an hour and make you bleed... which sucks, but its still strong. the gun itself is made of plastic, but its strong. i busted the sight though, but its fine. the only thing i didnt like that much about the gun is where the battery is. its at the end of the gun in that box. its a little difficult to get the battery in and out, so i just taped it to the side. over all its a great gun, i love it, you will too. its a good buy.
by Chris F. on 01/09/2010
"Amazing. Great accuracy and power. charged for 5 hours been playing nonstop for 2 days and battery is still holding up. Dont use .12 bbs though jams up when used.
by matt b. on 12/19/2009
"i absolutely love this gun!!!!! i have had it for at least 3 months now and the only problem with it was charging the battery.
-very accurate
-omg!!! rof
-600 round mag
- it is a great gun
by cole r. on 09/30/2009
"i love this gun it was my first airsoft gun ever and it performes great i havnt had any problems yet and i have had it for like a year now its extremely acurate and looks really cool to
by matt b. on 09/08/2009
"great gun for the price. extremely accurate for length and rof is out of this world. fps is 342 and i havent had any problems yet. charge for 5 1/2 HOURS FOR BEST RESULT.
by Robert G. on 01/18/2021
"Fair gun fire rate is nice rather responsive trigger can reach with bbs feels like a rifle long rifle trying to be a smg build but stock can get in the way as it is a big stock overall great gun for beginners o ya rail space is limited for sure
by Brian W. on 03/12/2020
"This was my first gun that I've actually played with, and I started playing at an indoor field, so I needed to make sure that I had a gun with a moderate FPS. This does that perfectly well. I can't say exactly how fast it shoots, because I'm fairly sure the chrono at my field is off, but it's not over 350. The hop-up isn't the best, but it gets the job done in close quarters, just don't try and shoot at extreme ranges. The 500 round mag is also super nice in longer games. The battery on this particular model is in the stock, and uses a small type/brick NiMH, and comes with a test battery and charger (or at least mine did), and there's some foam in there that makes it a very snug fit, and you may want to shave it down a bit to make it easier to pull batteries out.. There are no *good* places to attach a sling. The stock has a place, but it's so close to the actual stock that it's very hard to access. Maybe a sling that has a loop for the stock, or an AK/M1 type sling would work?

Shoots under 350, so great for CQB
Small and maneuverable
500 rounds

Battery is very snugly fit, and may require some trimming to make it easier to pull out the battery
Not the greatest hop-up, shoots a bit low
Bad sling attachment points
Not great for realism, as the mag is a SUPER hi-cap, and the barrel is much shorter than even the real short-barreled G3 Rifle (also means the charging handle's pull is super short)

All in all, it's a great starter gun and an indoor gun.
by Alexander B. on 07/03/2016
"Played a full day using a 11.1 20c 1500mah lipo and nothing catastrophic happened. Probably caused a carbon build up on the trigger contacts but feel free to run it hard with a lipo!
This is the type of gun that you buy, break, take the usable parts off of and buy another one.
Doesn't beat my krytacs or tms but for $125 it's actually pretty solid feeling and accurate with .25s
Mine was shooting 305 using .25s.

Now I am having a huge issue with the threads and rail. On evike it says the the threads are 14mm..No. The threads are more like 12mm or smaller. All of my 14mm attachments can just be put over the threads with a gap meaning it's obviously not 14mm. So be wary.

None of my red dots fit the top rail..not a big deal because I don't use them anyways. Speed caugh soft.
by Andrew F. on 09/07/2015
"I've had this gun for almost five months now and i have to say its been a great piece for the price. I decided to go with this gun because I wanted something other than the traditional M4 platform for CQB and I have not been disappointed, the gun looks great and has a pretty sturdy feel to it despite being 90% polymer construction. A couple problems I do have are, the gun does tend to double feed/misfeed fairly frequently. This hasn't been a huge problem as long as i wind the mag regularly but It has caused me to get shot once or twice as i couldn't return fire due to a misfeed. My other issues are with the construction of the gun. First the charging handle broke within minutes out of the box. The charging handle will pull the bolt back but it seems the spring is broken as the bolt and charging handle will not push forward on its own after opening. Finally the last issue I have is that the battery compartment is very tight, once i get my butterfly battery in there its very difficult to remove it without using pliers.

-Great looking gun
-great capacity on the magazine
-sturdy build for a polymer gun
-great for CQB

-charging handle broke quickly
-frequently misfeeds/double feeds
-battery compartment is very tight and can be difficult to remove the battery

Despite the cons I've mentioned, this is still a great starter gun for the price and continues to serve me well for indoor CQB matches. Because of the cons I won't give it a full five stars but still four out of five isn't bad and I will continue to use this gun.
by Dominic D. on 02/09/2010
"This is an great gun for the price. extremely accurate and has some power. it fells good. I test fired the AEG when it arrived, about 30 rounds and It shot wonderfully very impressed. About a week later I arrived at an airsoft event. I was diplaying and demo the AEG to the group and they were very impressed, until the motor stop working dead cold after another 40 rounds. depressing... But I give this AEG 4 stars due to the fact if it didn't have a faulty motor or an electrical malfunction this AEG would be Awesome!