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Airsoft Shark Muzzle Flashhider for Airsoft AEG (Thread: 14mm Positive)

38 Customer Reviews

by Darrin S. on 04/05/2019
"I love the look of this I just wish it was more black instead of a dark grey but I am going to have it cericoted red I run this on my krytac spr build and looks awesome on any gun really deff one of my favorites just a heads up the tips are very sharp so if your running this on a pistol or any gun keep in mind it can catch on cloth pretty easy when putting barrel cover on or even putting in holster other then that very solid peace
by Jesse B. on 11/14/2018
"although i like these alot, i had bought different ones before that were black, this current batch as of 11/14/18 (dmy) are very grey.

great Flash hiders though
by Geoff D. on 10/17/2018
"Very nice looking flash hider with good weight to it. Slightly smaller then then I expected but that's a non-issue.

The colour fits perfectly with my ARP 9 in battleship grey, so if you're looking for a replacement for the cheap hider the gun comes with, this is a great choice.

Also, its not nearly as pointy as the picture makes it look to be, which is great because I was a little worried it would be too dangerous.
by Vincent M. on 06/27/2018
"Beautiful and intimidating Muzzle attachment. I painted mines black and it fits my Kriss vector amazing. Jist be careful the tips are very sharp!
by David L. on 02/03/2017
"All i can say is do NOT test this on any thing you plan on having for a while cuz just so happened to shatter my friends window. Would give 500 out of 2 if possible
by Garrett B. on 08/17/2016
"This is awesome. Fully metal.

Some notes:
- Its not black, its a really dark grey
- 2 & 3/16 inches long
- 1 Inch wide
by Tyler H. on 03/23/2015
"Got this for my kwa sr7 and it looks amazing! Had no trouble getting it on, though the washers it came with confused me some.Basically there is one washerwith alif that contains about 5 paper thin other washers. I tried those but I couldnt get the muzzel brake (labeled here as a flash hider but in reality it is a muzzle brake) to tighten in the proper position (with the 2 small holes at the top or 12:00). I used the old washer that was already on my gun as well as all the paper thin washers which allowed me to tighten the muzzle brake enough for it to stay in its proper position. I could tighten it more but I dont think it is going any where. I try bumb it with my hand to see if it'd spin and it doesn't. Also I keep the orange tip in my gun case just in case I go to travel to a game or if for some reason you were going to fly to a game. I imagine they would let you fly your gun.
by Nolan C. on 03/18/2015
"It's a great flash hider but be carful with transitions it will stab in to your leg and it will hurt but it is worth the pain
by Kyle W. on 03/10/2015
"Very intimidating flash hider, It is about 1.75 in long, comes with shims and a barrel washer. With that you are able to line up the flash hider with the rail system to have a clean look to the gun. Will be getting more of these for different guns.
by Joseph K. on 11/16/2014
"Best flash hider I could find. I wouldn't have anything else. Mine is on my KWA G36C. It looks flat out freakin awesome! It is built super durable & is very heavy. It's solid metal for sure. It has a blue steel or dark grey color but looks perfect on my KWA G36C. It actually matches the color of polymer perfectly. And the spikes are most definitely sharp. You could barely bump someone & they would bleed. Just be careful with it. I have never even touched anyone with mine. Overall you can't beat this flash hider! It's the best out there, hands down in my opinion!
by Joshua C. on 09/20/2014
"This thing is sick looking! I put this on my G&G GR16. It screws on nice and smooth. I highly recommend this flash hider! Just be careful running around corners! ; )
by gary scrivner s. on 02/24/2014
"This flash hider is great, if you are going for an aggressive flash hider and scar the crap out of a guy who is looking down the barrel of your gun then BUY THIS FLASH HIDER. this flash hider is made out of a strong metal and has kind of a black grey finish. But the big beauty about this flash hider are the teeth they are AWESOME the teeth are super sharp and look bad ass. If you want to look bad ass or like and operator running in the field then get this flash hider!!!!!!!
by brandon S. on 02/04/2014
"This thing is awsome. Put it on my kwa cqr mod1 and it makes a very distinctive sound when fireing instead of the normal tap it makes a very sharp pop. If your playing in a building like let's say at an operation lion claws event it boron Cali it will scare the enemy inside that said building
by jake a. on 12/27/2013
"a nice flashhider. good metal. nice size. but for those who do safty kills by poking people with the end of there gun or just poke people don't buy this because it is very sharp.
by Nancy M. on 09/01/2013
"This is an amazing muzzle break!!!
I've had it one day and my friend already cut himself on it (you may want to file it down a bit)
Really strong, won't break or chip
Comes with thread spacers so it I'd guaranteed to have the correct up/down orientation
Is a bit more grey than black but it still looks great
Overall great muzzle break, if you are even considering it then buy this, well worth the money