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Matrix Flip-up QD Scope Lens / Sight Shield Protector (Color: Black / 2 Lens)

59 Customer Reviews

by Andrew M. on 04/23/2020
"Decent built quality, lens material is clear. It doesn't fold down very well but overall good.
by Sebastian J. on 12/26/2019
"Do exactly what they're supposed to. I have seen some reviews on sight protectors like these that complain that they break easy / do not last long. That's what they're designed to do, think of them as a fuse that breaks in place of your expensive sight! They sell replacement lenses on Evike too so you can swap out the lenses if they break. I've been through many of these and their lenses and they have always saved my sights from BBs every time!!
by Tyler S. on 12/02/2019
"This thing is well built, the body is strong and the plastic protectors work. Sometimes the screens will crack, sometimes not, kind of hit or miss, but when they do crack, they stay intact. Saved my sight a couple times, so overall a worthwhile purchase. The other review saying that the glass is cloudy neglected to take off the screen protector, its a bit difficult to remove but after that the plastic is crystal clear. Good product
by Cody S. on 10/29/2019
"Works great but required some modification out of the box. Did NOT want to flip up and down at first. Had to lube it and force it back and forth several times. This is after breaking one lens... Thankfully it came with two! Now that it's 'broken in', it works great.
by Jonah W. on 08/28/2018
"Nice and strong. saved my sight more then once. 5/5
by Jeffrey R. on 03/21/2018
"Beefy and well built. This should save my Red Dot with no problem.
by JAMES L. on 03/08/2018
"You're really buying this for the rail mount.
This will hold any polycarbonate lexan (or similar material) 1/8" or thinner.
I reversed the shield clamp so it wouldn't be too close to my sight/scope, used 1/8" polycarbonate lexan for a custom sized new shield (after rounding the corners and smoothing the edges), and am currently using this to protect my massive Phantom XL RD310 Machine Gun Reflex Sight.
You can finely adjust the distance of the shield from your sight by reversing the rail mount and/or the shield holder hinge.

Can fit almost any size sight scope as long as rail space permits.

You will need 2 open picatinny rail slots in front of your sight/scope for this. I like putting my sights as far forward on the rail as I can, but it's worth the protection.
by Collin F. on 01/05/2018
"This is an awesome attachment, and will save your sight.

Really, really sturdy
Comes with a replacement lens
You can buy replacement lenses if the originals ever get cracked
Saves your sight
Super clear, like it's not even there when looking through your sight
Flips up and down if you ever don't want it up.


Other Thoughts:
This thing is a life saver! I would much rather buy this than have an expensive sight shot out. A little tip: put it on backwards to help it get closer to the sight and better protect it.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Believe me, it's worth it.
by Johnson P. on 11/14/2017
"I bought this a while ago and have been testing it. It has performed great so far, it had multiple hits and saved my red dot. One bad thing is the protective material you have to peel off the lens. It left some sticky material on the lens but it came off easily
by Cameron N. on 10/04/2017
"These are pretty nice! I put it on backwards on the rail to better protect the sights, because it is closer that way :P nice product, decent quality, nice price
by Robbie B. on 04/15/2017
"It would be a shame if someone happened to shoot out that new scope of yours, wouldn't it? Makes this item a steal if I don't say so myself.
by CJ C. on 02/13/2017
"Good, there is nothing really special about this. But it held up through a lot of games and did its job 100% perfectly. It has a nice feature so you can flip it up and down and works on most guns.
by william s. on 12/04/2016
"It was a wise investment for me, as it should by all airsofters. the first shot of its first match would have shot out my scope if it werent for this protector. if your looking at one of these my advice to you is DO IT! it will definitely save you from having to replace an expensive scope!
by Eric C. on 03/13/2016
"These are good for the price but I recommend buying the Angel Custom lens to replace out the stock lens right away. THey are here:
by Sam W. on 07/06/2015
"For $13 its worth it to protect your $50-$100 sight. Ive had mine for half a year and it has not broken yet.