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AIM / Element Silent Piston & Cylinder Set for V.2 Airsoft AEG Gearbox

8 Customer Reviews

by two c. on 03/29/2016
"To be honest I would probably would not have taken a chance on this item if I read the review below mine before buying it. Fortunately for me his review was posted after I had already purchased it. I will say that I've been in dozens of gear boxes and although I don't do any DSG builds or anything like that this is perfect for me. My local field cronos with .2 gram BB's at 400 FPS. I run mid caps so I'm not looking for insane rate of fire and usually run stock gears. That being said I dropped this into my krytac box since I was in there installing a warfet to replace the faulty Factory unit anyways. Coupled with an O ring type air nozzle and an m125 spring this boosted my FPS to 453 which is about the very best you could ever expect ftom that spring, it would take extremely good air seal in order to achieve this number.


Decent price for the pairing

Although not actually silent it definitely muffle the gun quite a bit

Did not require any angle of Engagement correction. I am very big on AOE and have corrected dozens of guns. This did not require any of that

Ridiculously good air seal when paired with an o ring type air nozzle


Cannot testify to its endurance or compatibility when coupled with a high-speed or high stress setup. It may do fine I just have no experience with this particular product in those type of fields

End result, first time buying this product and extremely pleased
by Chad L. on 11/01/2015
"Im not sure if the other guys got lemons but my o rings where prand new. Increased my fps by 20 quieted my gearbox to a thud instead of a bang. Great compression nit perfect but still great.
by jessica g. on 01/19/2011
"this works really well. I put it in my g3 and from 30 ft away all you can hear is a click. If you want your gun to be quieter GET THIS!
by Jordan M. on 04/29/2010
"I bought one of these sets and quite like it. I didnt do any tests to see if it increased my compression, and I installed a bigger motor and spring at the same time so its louder now than before, but I still think it was a good buy. It has a much thicker rubber buffer gasket than the stock cylinder heads, and when you push the piston head against the cylinder head there is 5-10 times the amount of give, meaning you are much less likely to break your gearbox, which Ive done before. That is the primary reason I bought this.
by richard w. on 03/03/2009
"great set just like the systema silent set and a good price to boot...great air flow and very quiet compression... well made to for element
by Chad L. on 02/16/2016
"It sorta works sorbo bad for 2$ works the same (to make the piston silent). The nylon or compression material on the front face of the piston head was flaking and pealing off when i got it. O ring seal had molding lines on it. Even whith all of that it still held decent compression, comparable to a dboys stock gearbox.

Sort of silent
Ok compression

Flaking piston head
Worn o ring

To help evike out i will say buy it in hopes you will get a product that was QC'd better than mine
by Andy K. on 05/18/2010
"They're not bad, but they're not good either.
The aluminum cylinder head is nice, however, it only has 1 o-ring to support seal. Nothing a little bit of electrical tape can't fix..
The pistonhead's o-ring is crap, replaced it with my stock o-ring.

It seems like they leak pretty hard, my FPS dropped at least by 20.

However, I do like how it gives a silent compression to it, more of a thud instead of a slap whenever it hits the head.
by Eric D. on 05/18/2010