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CYMA Metal 100rd Mid-Cap Mag for MP5 / Mod5 Series Airsoft AEG (Package: Single Magazine)

19 Customer Reviews

by Whit M. on 10/14/2020
"These are the only mags that feed my mp5 dsg in semi AND full auto, little wobble compared to others and they actually work so 5/5
by Dominic M. on 04/02/2020
"These things rock! They fed flawlessly right out of the box and they have excellent steel bodies. These are the best mags I've ever owned. They work in my CYMA MP5K, but are too tight to fit in my ICS MP5. With regards to capacity, they hold 120-130 rounds so better than advertised.
by Anthony B. on 07/09/2019
"Ordered 5 and they all fit nicely in my magwell with very little play. Fed perfectly all day. Great build. These are THE mags to get. I use them on my elite force mp5a5
by Jeff S. on 07/30/2017
"It's a metal midcap that at least feels sturdy and durable. Loads 100 rounds with room for a few extra and it fits into my mag-well fairly easily. No complaints for this customer.
by Thien N. on 08/08/2016
"Feed flawlessly on my Echo 1 MP5A5 (polymer body), very very old gun. Bought the MP5 off of a friend barely used even though its 5 years old, and upgraded high speed motor, extended barrel (300mm which is maximum for my bore up kit), bore up kit (cylinder, used m90 spring, piston / piston head, cylinder head etc, just didnt use the spring guide, it actually stopped my piston from releasing).

That aside, they do indeed hold around 100. Anywhere from 90-110. They are also indeed metal. Hi Caps have an awkward winding wheel, it hurts my finger because its so skinny and hard to wind, and mid caps will feed better anyway.

Make sure to spray just a tiny bit of silicone oil inside and "break in the mag" by feeding it bbs and releasing a a couple of times to ensure that it feeds smoothly.

I do believe that MP5 mags cannot handle past 30 rps since they wont feed. Mine is around 25 rps but I remember Evike Matt on the Not So Round Table comparing MP5 vs AK vs M4 for a viewer.

Do not buy the Elite Force/H&K/Umarex mags for Echo 1, they do not fit, I went to some local stores and asked before I purchased these mags.
by Kevin K. on 08/22/2015
"Bought these for my Echo1 Vector Arms MP5A4. They fit perfectly (better than the mag that came with it). I've used them through 3 games so far, I've dropped several of them. They still feed well and have held up to all I've put them through.

These are quality mags. The metal is nice and the weight is realistic. I prefer midcaps because I hate winding, and these are probably the best for the price for MP5s.
by Jeffrey C. on 04/01/2015
"I purchased these mags over two years ago now, and boy do they perform. I run them in my G&G MP5, and they are the best fitting, best feeding, and best feeling magazines I have ever had the pleasure of using in an MP5. Well done, CYMA. Can't wait for more to come back in stock, so I can fully stock up and use these mags exclusively.
by Kristin F. on 06/13/2013
"I purchased these, and when i tested them on my gun I just held down the trigger until the mag was empty, and I have to say, that they didn't misfeed once. The actual manufacturer of these mags are CYMA, and they work great with my CYMA CM.041b.
by Ricky S. on 11/15/2012
"These mags are Excellent, perfect fit for anyone with a JG MP5.
Full Metal, great Mid-Caps. Extremly happy about this purchase.
by Brandon S. on 10/19/2012
"This mag feeds Great in my Echo1. The spring is strong, like it literally forces the BBs back into your speedloader if you dont put some in then pull the speedloader away. Otherwise it is great and I highly recommend it.
by Dylan H. on 06/28/2012
"These mags are great. they feed perfectly and are very sturdy. I use them on my Echo1 mp5. they fit perfect and have great weight to them.
by Samuel G. on 04/13/2009
"Great Mags Fits even better than the stock HiCap that comes with the JG Matrix MP5. All metal. Feeds very nice.
Does not have the button to release loaded BB's if you don't use the mag.
by Wallace W. on 01/12/2009
"Great magazine. Fits my Classic Army, G&G and Marui MP5. I like these over the STAR mid-cap because they are metal and feeds great.
by Wallace W. on 01/12/2009
"Great magazine. Fits my Classic Army, G&G and Marui MP5. I like these over the STAR mid-cap because they are metal and feeds great.
by Andrew B. on 07/25/2019
"Needed a bit of sanding before fitting my G&G/Umarex MP5, and some are still a little too big to fit without serious fiddling, but other than that work well.