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Pro-Goggle Airsoft Full Face Mask w/ Integrated Fan (Color: Black)

30 Customer Reviews

by Tanner H. on 05/27/2022
"Let's get around the obvious. It's a cheaply made mask with a cheap fan. Now to my opinion. This thing is amazing. It feels like crap but honestly I prefer it over my 55 dollar Empire Helix mask because it vents air so well. I'm a decently sized dude built like a brick wall who sweats like a pig and the helix fogged so terribly. This cheapo has done amazingly. It fit my rather large framed glasses with ease, doesn't pinch my watermelon head (23.5 inches), the lower part comes removed so you can wear a mesh lower and is more comfortable to wear than the Helix. Only thing is I wouldn't wear these to paintball. The lower would provide zero protection and the painballs could destroy the battery covers.

Overall amazing buy if you're a sweaty, 5'11, 250 lb guy who runs frequently, koolaid mans through walls and revives friendlies.
by Gabriel C. on 09/17/2020
"I have been using this mask for a couple years and they still don’t fog up on me. I use them in a Florida beach town, so probably the worst case scenario for humidity. They are pretty low profile on the lower half and even fit glasses which is a great plus. Overall very great product and I will buy again if I need another set.
by Isaac G. on 05/17/2018
"This is a very nice mask. I have not experienced any scratches as people say. Just keep it in a soft case. My first time I tried it out I got shot in the face about 10 times and it deflected all of them. Very nice mask suggest to buy.
by Anthony L. on 01/10/2018
"You get what you pay for with this mask but the fact it has a fan real value i live in upstate ny and its always humid so for an all in one its a great by as well as it fits over even the biggest fraim glasses
by Langley W. on 04/13/2016
"The pro-goggle face mask is a great starter option for budget airsofters. It offers the protection of a paintball mask while offering customization and an anti-fog system.

Can take off lower face mask
Fits with Striker lower face masks
Little to no blur
Hard lower face mask that can bend
Has an anti-fog system
Goggle strap can fit over the back (bill side) of hats as seen in picture

Lower face mask is very hard to take off and is harder to put back on
Hats can not be worn bill-forward
A bit big
by Kenny R. on 02/24/2015
rarely fogs
it is flexible so it is super easy to sight in
works with glasses

scratches easily
it sits too low on your nose, but you get used to it
by kevin l. on 06/02/2012
"This mask is amazing, and i HIGHLY recommend it. As every airsofter knows, aiming down sights with a paintball mask is nearly impossible without risers. Save Phace, while a step forward from paintball masks, are still rather difficult to aim down sights with. These masks provides unrestricted view of sights. The soft, flexible plastic/rubber (i really don't know) provides a VERY comfortable surface to put your cheek on, unlike the plastic save phace. However, it does leave your ears exposed, so you need something to cover them

I don't recommend using the fan. While it does do its job by keeping fog out, the constant air flow does irritate the eyes. However, if you don't mind that, than by all means use it. The electronics that operate the fan is very fragile, which is a con. mine broke already, but i don't mind since i use revision anti fog anyways.

Aim down sights is extremely easy
VERY comfortable to use
Comes with a fan

fragile electronics
ear is not protected

I would still give it a 5/5, simply because i bought this mask for its ADS abilities. For 30 dollars, it is an amazing mask, and i fully recommend it.
by Sydney W. on 03/14/2011
"Anti-fog system works very well, prevents almost all fog when on high. its not fog proof but it is very hard to fog up. mask does not conture to your face, soft rubbery feel and bends wherever, easy to sight in.

cons: battery compartment covers pop off very easily, and the lens is a milky white tint, but thats better than fog. the fan is not loud, but its loud enough to prevent you from hearing people crunching around in the brush, i turn mine off to listen. lenses scratch easily, and construction of the mask itself is only adequate, probably will not last more than 10 games before repair.

this mask does what it says, its cheap, and i like it. fans are great and prevent 99% of fog, and the mask allows you to sight in. i prefer this mask to the growingly popular steel mesh, because they can shatter bb's into your eyes and blind you. i know, i have tested it, and don't use them. the mask's colors are pretty bland and ugly, so camo it brah, thats what i did. goodluck.
by Moises B. on 02/12/2011
"This is a great clone mask for the price. The mask itself is not right up on your cheeks but is extremely flexible and when it comes down to aiming down sights or optics, the flexible plastic molds to your cheek and the stock of the weapon, furthermore making aiming down sights as easy as if you had no mask on. If you are a sniper or like your optics or sights don't bother buying those hard plastic paintball masks. This is affordable, versatile, offers ventilation (big plus), and is only 30 bucks! Get this mask and you will not be dissapointed. Note: if you're not very careful with the mask and step on it or over-bend it, the mask can break but otherwise can withstand 400-500 fps bbs.

GREAT for aiming down sights (feels as if you had no mask on!)
offers defogging ventilation system
comfortable (has buckle)

can break easier than other hard plastic masks
by Jason W. on 05/03/2010
"Great mask. So worth the money it's not even funny.

1. Almost no fogging even with the fan off. This is most likely due the fact that the goggles are very wide and don't seal.
2. Any fog that did form was quickly gone when the fan was turned on low. Never had to use the high setting even though I was sweating quite a bit.
3. The flexible mask allows me to look through iron sights or sniper scope with no problem.

1. As mentioned before, the goggles are very wide. Unless you have a very wide face, they will not seal on the sides and bottom. Thankfully this does not prove to be a safety issue since the mask blocks incomming BBs.
2. Trying to listen for people sneaking up on you with the fan on high is damn near impossible. They can't hear it, but you will with the fan right on your head.
by Noel G. on 10/07/2009
"I got this tan mask and I have to say that it looks pretty good. Works real well with multicam. I just wished they had a smoked lens version. Like what Jeff said, it does come very wide. Makes you look like a block head..but i found out all you had to do was bend the each lower corner to the shape of your face and the mask will take the counture of your face and stay in that form. Which is really cool! its different from other mask and looks kick ass with a hat.
by Joshua A. on 09/28/2009
"I haven't yet had a problem with the batteries dying. It was used on "high" for about 4-5 hours one day and about 6 hours another day. Still alive and kickin'.

Mask is *very* flexible, so you can use optics VERY easily
nice wide range of view
obviously doesn't fog up cause of the fans
mask is detachable if you wish
very inexpensive

battery compartments pop open sometimes, especially if you have it decently tight around your head
I received mine with the lenses scratched and the wires inside the battery compartment were disconnected. I had to solder the wires back in.

I gave it 5 stars because hopefully the problems I had with mine was just a fluke. However, if you need to solder the wires back in, don't worry. Soldering irons are only like 2 bucks at walmart. 2 minute fix.
by Tien N. on 09/14/2009
"I have the black version of this and I think it is great only one issue and that is that the glue that holds the cheek pads in breaks down fast with sweat but 3M spray glue and no more issues. Get new batteries as the OEM die fast.
by jason n. on 04/18/2009
"best mask everrrrrr!!!!!!!! never fogs even if you are in the hot sun or in a humid place. fits any type of glasses big or small and will not bend the frame at all. perfect for people who sweat a lot. also the most comfortable mask ever, very easy to use. lower part of the face mask has medium flexibility so a fracture is not possible. looks super cool. very rare in all other stores and websites only con is that all the instructions are in Japanese but the good out weighs the bad by far. evike trumps every body else when is comes to airsoft gear. A MUST HAVE MASK for the serious airsofter. you get what you pay for by far worth every cent GET THIS MASK!!!!!!!!!!
by Chris S. on 12/28/2008
"this mask is awesome, i saw it and wore it in person, you can look through a 6x scope without having to have raised sight rings, works just as well as a set of goggles without face mask yet you still get face protection. its AWESOME, also the fan isnt needed this mask doesnt have fog issues.