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Tactical 4X Magnifier w/ Flip Up Cap & Twist Off QD Weaver Mount for Airsoft Red dot scopes

7 Customer Reviews

by Nicholas C. on 02/18/2016
"Haven't used this at a game yet. Only backyard shooting but I'm impressed so far great quality for the price
For this price I was expecting the vision to be blurry but it is actually very clear
The magnifier seems pretty durable. Not aftaid of it taking some decent dings to it
Flip mount is pretty solid with minimal wobble when locked in.
Looks great behind lots of different sights.

The flip mount seems to be made of a lesser quality metal. When moving the magnifier to the side make sure you pull it backwards before you push it to the side because the pins that lock it can grind away at the metal which will eventually make the mount useless and will need to be replaced. I don't see that being a problem soon but just watch out for it. It will last if you take decent care of it

Lens cap would not stay on the magnifier on its own. Had to be glued on. Only a minimal con though

Eye relief may be a problem for those with large goggles that stick out. I pretty much have to press it against my goggles to see through it. So obviously not made for a real gun.

Overall a great addition to my rifle that is sort of an assault/ dmr rifle
Would recommend to anybody who wants a magnifier
by Aaron B. on 03/16/2010
"This magnifier is perfect when paired with my AP style scope. For those of you thinking of mounting both on a G36C and still being able to utilize lens covers, modification and/or removal of either the front rear iron sights will be required (I reccommend further back as you will need to get your eye fairly close in order to see the full sight picture).
by Paul B. on 09/21/2009
"I have an EoTech 552 replica, the important thing about it though is that it has the thumb screw type mount, not the lever QD mount. The 3x magnifier works perfectly with the eotech, even though the magnifier sits a good quarter of an inch below the glass of the 552, you can adjust the lenses on the magnifier to put the crosshairs nearly in the center, thus working perfectly. I love this magnifier, it took all of 5 minutes to unpackage and set up on my gun. The only thing that surprised me about it was the flip to side or twist off feature. I have had the privilege to handle an AR-15 with a real EoTech and a real magnifier, when you push the lever on the mount of the real magnifier, the magnifier simply moves laterally (to the right) and out of the line of site. On this magnifier, when you push the tab, it releases the magnifier to swing counterclockwise until it can be pulled upward and off of the mount. THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT THIS MAGNIFIER CANNOT JUST BE MOVED TO THE SIDE YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT ALL THE WAY OFF. However I think that the overall quality of the device accounts for this, it is simply perfect for EoTechs and if you have the dough, you MUST get one.

-Works with my EoTech 552 replica
-Can adjust lenses in magnifier to account for the height difference
-Very easy to set up on the gun
-The tab on the mount releases the ENTIRE magnifier, and comes all the way off the gun
-High quality
by JESSE L. on 01/06/2009
"put this with g&p red dot on my WA M4. it definitely gives it a unique look and easy to put on and take off. The really the price isn't all the bad if u ask me.
by JOSHUA C. on 06/02/2020
"This optic lined up with all my red dot sights and holographic sights. The ability to switch back and forth in magnification is useful for all gameplay environments. HOWEVER: if you shoot left handed like I do, you will find when the magnifier is set to the side. Your field of view with your right eye is almost completely blocked.
by Alfonso B. on 09/09/2008
"These things help alot. I shot a moded ar 15 with one of these on it and It magnefied perfectly. Plus the rifle had a reflex sight, it was pretty cool! These things help alot, but I gave it 4 stars because it's too pricy for just a magnefier with no reticles.
by Kevin D. on 07/10/2019
"Did work nice until the locking system for the flip-to-side broke and it just flops around loosely now.