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Matrix Special Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest w/ Built In Holster & Mag Pouches (Color: OD Green)

216 Customer Reviews

by Tyler L. on 06/20/2020
"Just got my order in on the 3 tan vest. It is actually Darker vest then the light one shown. Its alot nicer. Quality is good and feels good. I will be testing it out hopefully next month. First time Getting into airsoft. So will see how it holds up. Doing a 3 tan setup rig for airsoft games.
by Aaron M. on 05/22/2018
"Fantastic vest! This literally came with a more mag pouches than I knew what to do with. I recommend a separate holster because the one it comes with is not to great but hey, what do you expect? Overall, very much worth the money.
by Ariel S. on 03/09/2018
by Rexman N. on 03/06/2018
"i got a lot of compliments for the looks, comes with tighteners to fit your body, if you're smaller than an american large, this might start to get a little big for you.

very good quality material, has everything i need and more. love this vest! comes in great patterns too
by Christian M. on 10/04/2017
"Great vest especially for beginners, has everything you need and more. Although the picture makes it seem a lot brighter of a color when it's not which is a good thing I like a darker woodland but even the right shoulder on the vest is black in really life but in the picture it's tan. Overall great vest definitly buy
by Jackson M. on 08/30/2017
"a VERY good starter rig, but if you KNOW your going to be playing for a while, go ahead and spend the extra money on a MOLE harness and build onto that. otherwise this is an amazing buy for the beginner airsofters.
by Nathan T. on 05/29/2017
"I bought this vest before my big trip to Berget and I never regretted it. The vest works great and is very durable. It is light weight and is easy to move in I love how many ammo pouches there are, not only that the holster on the vest can hold many types of pistols. The only problem I had is the pouches are very unreliable for sniper mags like mine.
by James F. on 02/13/2017
"I got this in the mail and I just want to give a heads up to some people that this is for people that are under 5 feet tall, I'm 5' 5" and it doesn't fit me very well. It's REALLY small. Other than that, it's good quality and has a lot of pouches for practically anything
by Mike M. on 01/12/2017
"I really enjoy this vest. It fits me very well and is lightweight and comfortable. One feature I really like is that the magazine pouches are extremely to remove but thy won't fall off while running. One little problem I had was that the holster was in the back and I had to rearrange it to the front, which was very simple. All in all I really enjoy this vest
by Chandler H. on 12/06/2016
"Great vest if you are looking for a cheep beginner vest. It fits mags very well. The pistol holster and mag pouches are nice and easy to use.
by Chris F. on 08/03/2016
"This is a very good vest for people who are looking for reliable vests that can hold any type of magazine.
by Ethan K. on 03/01/2016
"I got mine earlier today, it can be adjusted to suit you. Most things can be taken off and moved around.

Feels nice
Lots of pouches
Straps easy
Strong velcro
Easy to adjust
Comes with extra pouches inside of vest

Pistol holster can be a tad wobbly

Not many bad things about it, i got it today and had no trouble with it what so ever. I do recommend it. It is worth the $40
by moises v. on 11/16/2015
"I just got this today and it's amazing for the price. Mine came with the holster on the back but I was able to adjust it so it can go on the front. Also two single pistol mag pouches came on the back but I was able to put them on the belt. The material is nice, seems like it last for a long time. One thing I really like is that it came with two pouches on the inside one on each side which is convenient to hold your phone, bbs or pretty much anything because they are roomy. I totally recommend it for a beginner.
by Jake S. on 11/08/2015
"Great product! Has lasted me several years and is comfortable. It is also easy to customize and I recommend this to anyone interested in airsoft!
by Max C. on 11/08/2015
"Had this for about a year now, played a couple cqb games with it and one milslim game with it and it looks identical too when I got it, It is adjustable and when I got it it was very baggy, I am 6'2 170 moderately skinny, a adjusted it all the way and it now fits nice and snug, it doesn't bounce at all like before, I recommend it to beginner and intermediate, even advanced on a budget! 10/10