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Matrix Special Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest w/ Built In Holster & Mag Pouches (Color: OD Green)

216 Customer Reviews

by Devon T. on 10/24/2015
"10/10 would buy a different color too. The holster sucks don't use it, the mag pouches are very tight but stretch out easily. admin pouch is a-ok same with pistol mags. there are 2 on the belt and 3 on the front. Got a pull tab so when you are out people can drag the F**k outa you. little small for someone as fat as me.
by shane h. on 08/22/2015
"This is a very good buy for your money, it has plenty of pockets and comes with a piston holster which I have yet to figure it out because it was buckled to the back of the vest. Me being 105 and and 5ft 5in it is a a bit loose but I will do nothing but grow into it

-Fits nice
-lots of pockets
-you can take the pockets of for patches
-comes with a belt (I don't think you can take off)
-looks great and tacitical

-the magazine pockets are a little tight but will stretch
-pistol holster is kinda difficult to find space fore

I give 4.5/5 stars
by matthew L. on 05/20/2015
"This vest is awesome!
can fit m4, ak, aug, mp5, and most other mags that are about as high as those
couldn't think of any
by Peter V. on 09/28/2014
"Matches perfectly with authentic Crye Precision multicam.

Tons of pockets to fit just about every mag & accessory you need to carry. Add a hydration pack and dump pouch and you're completely set.

A great value for all the carrying capacity. Putting together a chest rig or plate carrier with the same amount of storage would cost 4x as much.
by Sam B. on 08/20/2014
"Vest camo is SPOT ON for matching my marpat camo. Looks amazing in person. Not such a great photo on here, but amazing in person. Mine came with the shotgun shell holder, which works perfectly for holding CO2's.

Lots of pouches
A few removable/exchangable velcro patches
Cross-draw pistol holster is awesome
Perfect fit (can tighten/loosen as necessary)

Velcro sewing coming apart in one place (easily resewn)
Standard pocket/pouches
Velcro holding pistol in place (and two straps) aren't perfect for holding a heavy pistol and running. You can sew it down if you don't want to exchange it for the double pouch that goes there otherwise.

Overall, I love this vest. It's perfect for me. I roll with some hi-cap AK47 mags, 3 pistol mags, pistol, radio, & a few misc. items. I removed anything else I didn't need.
by Chase P. on 04/25/2014
"Honestly i can say I'm a experenced enough to say this vest is good for any skill level from backyard players to military sim player. Black over gear (mask,wraps.gloves, ext) always creates a great look for you rig.

-Sturdy Construction
-high grade mesh
-lots of mag pouches and storage
-mesh keeps it relitivly light
-double stack mag pouches
-low profile
- customizable

-pouches can be a little tight at first till broken in
by Ryder D. on 11/25/2013
"I'm a big guy that likes to play support or assault and this vest is the best for any role on the field.
by justin s. on 11/25/2013
"Believe it or not, this vest actually looks LESS good in the pictures, rather than in person. I got this vest, and it actually came with 2 extra mag pouches (that I attach on my back for friendlies) as well as a couple more little compartments on the back that make it look less blank. The chest rig has 5 shotgun shell slots, not 4. And the pistol holster is removable. It came a bit loose, but I tightened it right up and it feels great. I love this rig more than any other vest/molle I have ever came in contact with. 10/10
by Christian S. on 08/31/2013
"Best vest ever!!!!
Everything is amazing perfect
Size everything
What it says you will get
It fits anyone!!
by Skyler G. on 08/15/2013
"Great vest for the price. The mag pouches do hold sr25 mags, though they are a very tight fit. It looks fantastic and performs admirably on the field of battle. Get it. You won't be disappointed.
by Elizabeth M. on 07/01/2013
"great vest. recommended for anyone

fits great
can hold a lot of stuff
easy to switch things around
pretty lightweight

if you have a heavy pistol the pistol holster will fall off
(it's easy to improvise though)
by Dustin S. on 05/25/2013
"Amazing vest. Fits awesome, can't believe the low price, I just love it. I actually have two. One digital and one woodland.

-Fits really good with no wobble
-Pouches don't get to much in the way
-AMAZING price, I think it's a little too cheap for it's quality.
-QUALITY. Don't let the small price fool you, It competes easily with 70$+ vests.

-The vest is really deceiving. You really don't know which one you're gonna get. I seen some with 2 extra mag pouches where the holster goes, And some that don't come with the 2 mag pouches. Mine come with the 2 pouches AND the holster so i can switch between the two since its Velcro. Wish they'd give a definite answer on what you're gonna get instead of playing the surprise game.

Besides that its an amazing vest. Only one con if you would even consider that one.
by Eitan K. on 04/22/2013
"This vest is a very good vest. But in the picture and in the info it says "3 M4 mag pouches"
But it came with 6! But becuase of the 6 pouches theres no room for the included holster.

Lots of pouches
Looks nice
Nice color
nice material
easy handeling
can be used for mulitple loadouts (shotgun, assualt, sniper)
molle on the back side


Velcro can be noisy
no room for holster.

All in all this is really good vest. I recommend it.
by Louis P. on 04/11/2013
"This was my first vest, and it worked great. It's vary durable, and comfortable. There is plenty of space for anything you need. This is a fantastic vest for beginners. If you just started Airsoft and you need a vest that is affordable and will last a long time. This is the one to get.
by Joe S. on 03/29/2013
"I've had this for about four years now, and it hasn't let me down once. Amazing vest for the money!

-Holds everything I need easily and conveniently (12 M4 mags, 11 1911 GBB magazines, a speedloader, grenade, about 20 shotgun shells, and has MOLLE webbing on the back)
-Easy adjustments (belt, straps in the back, shoulder velcro straps)
-Keeps the weight centered at your waist and more towards the sides
-Camo is great
-Comes with extra M4 pouches (use these instead of the holster, I suggest buying a tornado holster instead)
-Extra pistol pouches that attach to your belt
-Looks awesome

-Awkward to crawl with
-Can be bulky - not good for CQB
-MOLLE webbing is weird; not standard size
-Belt is annoying to adjust

I'll never understand why people spend more than $50 on a vest. Idiots. I got this for $36 because of the coupon and my performance hasn't been hindered at all. Awesome vest man. Get it! It's just common sense!