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WE-Tech 16rd Magazine for WE 1911 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols (Color: Black)

15 Customer Reviews

by erik m. on 03/04/2017
"Got two, so far about 3000 rounds through each. These are WAY better than the stock mag that came with my we 1911 SOCOM. Big beefy bottom plates that don't snap off. A little more power (bigger valve?), and they provide gas to the last shot up here in currently frozen NY. Go ahead, click "buy".
by Sherri P. on 08/17/2015
"I got the full metal WE Tech 1911, and decided on two extra magazines for it. The magazines are great, however I find that propane works better than Green Gas on these particular magazines.

Nice weight
Love the full metal
Get what you pay for

Plastic follower
Sometimes has feeding issues when fully topped off (Probably an operator error)
by Ian B. on 02/11/2014
"BEFORE YOU BUY THIS BUY A GAS EXTENDER FOR YOUR GAS. The valve is located high up in the mag because the mag is just extended down to hold an extra BB and look cooler I guess. Just spend the 1.6$ to get a extender and you will be fine.
by George L. T. on 04/03/2013
"the mags are good and I need to order some more because my friend spilled soda in them (somehow)

work just as good
pad on bottom gives better feel

may require extension (I did)
"rubber" pad on bottom is actually metal

get these
by Raymond D. on 12/07/2011
"Great magazine for Tokyo Marui, KJW or WE 1911 single stack series. If you are looking for a magazine that has a slightly tighter fit for your 1911 magazine well, the black finish on this magazine makes the magazine fit more tightly in the magazine well than the chrome/brushed steel colored magazine. The fact that it is milled from a single piece of metal is also a huge plus to reliability.

Pros: light, black, tighter fit for mag well, very reliable (need to lubricate it)
Cons: none

When you fill the mags with gas, make sure you insert the needle straight into the valve, not at the angle of the baseplate. Your fill will be less noisy and you'll get more than 15 shots out of your 1911 like those who fill it incorrectly!
by Paul E. on 01/22/2011
"These mags work great. I have a SOCOM Gear 1911 and a 1911 A1 WE, and they work great for both. The "rubber pad" feels more like plastic, but it works just the same. If you need some extra mags for your single stack 1911, these are the ones to get. Thanks again Evike. Also, the spring won't shoot back if you fill it up right and know what you're doing.
by Jared W. on 09/25/2010
"all of these mags are good as long as they are lubricated and you dont let the spring snap up while loading the bbs. no misfeeds at all and nice clean finished peaces of work
by Margie L. on 11/06/2017
"I ordered 2 because the one that was shipped with my gun was leaking. I dropped both of them twice on accident and they still work with no leaks or problems.

Good quality control
Can get through 2 and a half mags on 13 seconds of gas without regassing
Easy to load with a cut out for a speed loader
Easy to take apart

Single stack
Can't rapid fire very well don't try mag dumping the thing
Plastic spring guide
Kinda hard to release gas but that not big
by carter p. on 03/08/2015
"this is a great mag, I got one used and it looked pretty beat up, still performed great. Just keep in mind that the fill valve is really deep in the mag so normal green gas cans can't reach down there, but propane adapters can so use propane. The reason for that is cause the base plate of the mag, I also have the normal 1911 mag for my gun and green gas works fine.
by Michael S. on 09/19/2014
"I just got two of these and found that they are very good quality build.
There is no evidence of wobble in the mag well, the mags seem very stable and well constructed and have a nice dark finish on them that doesn't look like it scratches too easy.
I bought two of them to replace the original one that broke (the BB follower snapped off as a result of mixing poor handling and quality of the product). The simple way to prevent this is to make sure the BB follower is locked back when loading and the gently releasing it when loaded/unloaded.
I have tested them repeatedly and found that in an outdoor environment, it does not seem to be able to fire the full 15 rounds and maintain fps. It gasses out and may not lock back.( You may have to count your shots and then check to make sure they all fired).
This is a bit of a nuisance, but I live in Canada and it was 22C (about 72F) out side. however, I doubt that in a battle scenario, an opponent would even feel the last few rounds hitting them. I stuck with ten for my final test and found that I maintained pressure, FPS and had a complete functioning magazine w/ lock back.
Overall, they function great and have little issue that I can find.

Well built (the BB follower might be an issue if you aren't careful)
No feeding issues with the gun (WE M.E.U. 1911)
No wobble in the mag well
functions great.

BB follower is plastic and could break if the slide slammed against it or if handled poorly.
Possible gas issue, but most likely cold weather made it function poorly on last few rounds.
Gas reservoir is a bit small and requires refilling after you fire every round (refer to previois problem for possible reason)
Last few rounds suffered FPS drop, but again due to weather this could be a non-issue.
by Matthew S. on 08/09/2013
"The follower on mine broke so basically my mag is busted after the 2nd day :/
Nice weight
Drop pad feels nice in hands
Great feeding

Plastic follower (like I said made my mag break)

This mag is great just be careful loading your mag that you don't let that plastic thing snap to the top, there is a good chance it will break your mag.
by Alexandre S. on 06/14/2013
"Good magazine, but has many fatal flaws. I ordered about three at a time (to make four, with my pistol order)

The "rubber pad" on the bottom is a big chunk of metal, Which is actually good since i've somehow been plagued by bending the base plate on the normal OEM version. This version has a big, thick chunk there, so it's much easier to not break.
The mag is sturdy and should not break

The magazine followers, like always, are complete trash. If you accidentally let it flick up to the top, it's about a 1/5 chance it will break. I always cringe whenever i do it, and i've resorted to filling from the top JUST to make sure it wouldnt have the chance to flick back up. Come one WE, Replace that thing with an ALUMINUM follower!

The fill valves on two out of three of these either came bent, or came clogged, since they both are skewed a bit to either side and leak gas whenever i try to fill them. It's a rare sight for me to actually get one of these magazines to hold enough gas for the full 12 shots. I also live somewhere quite hot, so temp isnt the issue. I have to jam my propane+adapter into the fill valve at a certain angle at more pressure than should be neccesary just to make sure i'm not icing my fingers with the compressed gas. I'm really upset about that, but i'll order some replacement valves and hope for the best.

Other Thoughts:
Like above reviews say, These (on a good charge, not crap like my mags) can hold about a full mag and a half worth of gas.

I'm really upset with evike / WE for sending me faulty mags, and i'm upset that WE does not have a bit more quality with their magazines. It's strange to say that because their actual guns are pretty much top notch.
Step it up, guys!
by nick c. on 05/10/2013
"This mag is not that heavy. It doesn't brake that easily. And get a propane adaptor i have tried to get my green gas in but its tip is not long. But over all its great.
by Charlie T. on 11/25/2011
"Even though this magazine is compatible with a lot of the 1911's models, they are a little cheap
-compatible with many 1911 models
-holds fifteen rounds
-full medal
-too expensive for quality
-easily breakable if dropped

this magazine is definitely not worth 20-$25s wait until the price decreases and then buy several of them, but dont be too rough with it on the field if u want it to last
by Andie F. on 11/27/2016
Mine broke after inserting it and taking it out of my gun 7 times. Do not like where WE Tech is going. Almost certain it is not an operator issue, as the chrome one it came with also broke. The chrome one had the follower break, with everything else intact. So that's that. The black one of mine, the ENTIRE bottom of the magazine fell apart. The flat plate fell off, and upon closer examination, the notches that were supposed to hold it to the gas chamber or whatever, were plastic and ALL FOUR broke. The spring also broke away from the plastic follower, which adds another factor of rendering it useless to that magazine.

One thing that is good about this magazine over my other 1911's is that the gas efficiency is somewhat very decent.
2/10 would not recommend the Marine Expeditionary Unit style 1911 magazines. The MEU 1911 NG3 I will recommend.