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SRC SM8 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Two Hi-Cap Mags (Color: Grey)

35 Customer Reviews

by Adam C. on 02/13/2018
"Bought mine here. I love it.
Did alot of upgrading. Loose stock problems are from a bottom seam that opens and just needs some epoxy. Careful not to glue stock in place. The optic while authentic has bad eye relief so i put a elcan specter dr 1-4x with mini red dot.
The optic rail can be loose so i put teflon tape and eliminated the looseness of the carry handle and optic rail. Same with barrel wobble.

Found the upgrade piston was tight in the gear box so it might require some measuring for upgrade pistons. The stock piston is .805 from top to bottom of the teeth. My upgrade piston was .825 which bound with the sector gear. After modding it works beautifully. Fits an 11.1v lipo in the handguard. Many users have broken hinges in the handguard. Be careful with it and it will last. I have a harris bipod mounted via keymod adapter drilled in the front of handguard.

May not be a best beginner gun but a head turner for tech savvy players. Once you fix up the defects it can be an amazing rifle for a player that doesnt abuse thier gun. Highly recommend it.
by Nancy M. on 03/08/2017
"I have had this gun for about 3 months now and played with it every weekend and thought I could finally write review.
First off unboxing it, it looked awesome especially with the two tone gray and black. Picking it up it was surprisingly heavy for a mainly plastic gun, its metal where it counts though. The charging handle was a bit sticky (might have been me) and the hop-up is kinda hard to adjust and doesn't shoot very flat still quite accurate. The scope is a bit weird and hard to use with the stock especially with a mask. I'm not sure if you can adjust it (I'm pretty sure you can) but its zero was a little to the right of the left of the bb's. The magwell is a little weird but the mags fit fine. The mags though I would definitely replace they don't feel well and you only get like 3 shots per wind they also don't feed well. The fire selector is very wiggly and often times if it isn't on perfectly it will go on safe (GOTTEN ME KILLED SO MUCH!) The battery compartment is very tight and fragile the hinge that folds the cover broke very fast but was fixed with tape.

Now for some pro's and cons

Super cool looking
Nice scope
Weighty but not too heavy
Fast ROF
Cool G36 reticle on the scope
Ambie fire selector

Scope kinda off
Hard to adjust hopup
Sticky selector
Fragile battery compartment
Mags feed poorly
Stock feels wiggly and fragile
Sticky Charging handle

Well that's all I would definitely recommend for someone who wants to turn some heads at your field or if you can pull off some miracles as a tech. This gun is a lot of fun especially in CQB.
by chris s. on 07/01/2013
"Love this gun. Maybe a bit biased but I find almost nothing wrong with it.

The 2 magazines work great. Zero misfires. Scope needs sighting but I never use it. Shoots about 340 fps. I play cqb so its perfect for me.

Only thing is I don't like the green paint. Easily fixed.

Great gun and as an added bonus, I'm the only one that has it. Many compliments.

Highly recommended.
by Joshua L. on 12/24/2012
"I received this gun, and the 1st thing i noticed was the box, it looked awesome! When I opened it, it was in standard packaging of foam nothing was damaged. Since the day I opened it i have used it in 3 skirmish's and team training scrimages, I haven't had a single problem with the gun except getting the correct Eye Relief on the scope other wise it is sighted in perfectly. I have used .20's and .25's in it i recommend .25's. I have my hop up completely turned up and with .25's it goes perfectly straight, and i mean perfectly. The battery is a tight fit but that's a good thing no movement, but the battery will run out in 2-4 hours depending on how you are using it.

-Amazing Accuracy
-Comes with a built in scope
-Made of highly durable ABS (I have a SRC M4 that the ABS isn't that durable on)
-Battery tight fit
-Only thing it doesn't come with is a battery
-Awesome Colors

-The High Cap mags, yes they do carry 400+ rounds but the gears strip easy so i am recommending mid cap mags for every gun.
-Eye Relief

This is currently the best AEG I own, and I own a SRC SM8(This Gun), SRC M4, MK36K Civilian (G36C with a longer barrel and handguard), CYMA AK47, DBOYS M4 S-System Mod 2, and this AEG Tears the living crap out of all of them. I recommend this gun to anyone, and after my 1st scrim one of my Team mates wanted to buy it out right from me.
by eric s. on 11/24/2012
"I got this gun about four months ago and all i have to say is wow. I was extremely please when i first open the box, it looks and feel like the real thing and was very satisfied with the purchase.


high rof
nice fps


wobbley mag (easy fix)
wobbley barrel
no attachment rails

In conclusion this is great buy for beginers and experts alike.
by michael o. on 10/15/2012
"I just received this gun this week and I can say I am already in love with it.

The weight and feel of it are perfect

the adjustable stock came out once (friend being a little rough with it) but went right back in with no negative effects

the scope is great (not as perfectly tuned as some people say, but easy enough to adjust)

accurate as hell (100+ feet out still hitting every shot)

consistent even at full auto (see above)

hop-up easy to access

selector snaps nicely to firing modes (i haven't seen any of the problem other people have with it falling off yet)

a friend of mine has had a spring SM8 (i don't know what company exactly) and for as long as I've known him, the handle on top (where the iron sights are) has been snapped, so i was worried that might happen to mine. after a few days of handling mine, i don't see that being a problem any time soon. the whole gun is made of a very durable plastic. Overall, if you are looking at this gun now and wondering if you should get it, the answer is YES!
by jimmy s. on 09/18/2012
"This is by far the best gun replica of the M8 I have used. Since I can't shoot my friends with the real thing I decided to get this. The battery space is VERY limited I got the matrix 9.6 butterfly config and it fits with ease. This gun has a high rate of fire and the only thing off is the scope in which you will need tools to fix or tune up a bit no worries. I just got mine today and when I opened the box I only got the gun, one mag, cleaning rod, and 10 bbs. I don't know what happened but I don't mind. Evike had some awesome service.

The feel
Weight (almost like real)
Durability against pesky dogs (LOL)

Scope adjustment
One magazine(I only got one I'm nut sure for the rest)
No sample BBs(same I didn't get any in a bag. The were in the magazine already)
by Josh S. on 11/28/2011
"I've had this gun for a couple months now, but am just now reviewing it since I finally used it in a game. Externally, the gun is very tough, even with a plastic body. Has a very solid feel and a nice heavy weight to it. The adjustable stock is a nice feature, but is pretty wobbly. (I keep it fully retracted anyways) Scope works nicely but also is very wobbly on the railing. It has fake knobs but is adjusted by using an allen wrench on the top and side of the scope. Battery space is a little tricky, but you get used to it. I use a G&P small 8.4 and it fits snug. Also thought I'd mention the safety switches are kind of loose on the gun. One has already came off and needs to be reattached. Internally, the gun is VERY nice with full metal hop-up and steel internals. As for performance, mine chronoed right around at 350 fps with .25g. With the hop-up properly adjusted, I was easily hitting targets at 100-150ft. I could hit farther, but accuracy does suffer. Now pros and cons list.

Solid build
Realistic weight
Functional scope
Exceptional internals

Wobbly stock
Wobbly scope
ENORMOUS flash hider (requires very small allen wrench to remove)
Loose safety switches
Limited battery space

In conclusion, I was very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this gun!
by Bill D. on 12/29/2010
"I just got this gun and I love it! First it comes with two great high-cap mags, it also has a great deal of space for a small stick type battery, I got my 9.6 butterfly to fit in very snugly. Things that are very convenient that are not mentioned as much is the all metal flash hider, and a very easy to adjust hop-up system, it can be done in under ten seconds in the heat of battle! The scope is great if you adjust it correctly it is tough and looks great. It is also would seem very easy to take off, just two hex bolts, but one of my bolts stripped.
Things that are not so great are not very significant, the gun has not tactical rails besides the one the scope fits on, and that one is sunk below the carrying handle. The mag release is a little annoying and usually must be operated with the trigger finger, instead of the thumb.
In the end I still love this gun and would suggest it to someone who is a designated marksmen, or a support provider
by Tien N. on 11/04/2010
"I have this gun and it rocks... I did replace the scope with a Element zISM-V Integrated Red Dot w/ Visible Laser Sighting Module and now it looks wicked. Shoots hard and fast especially if you put in a Li-Po... Buy it and go "fishing"....:)
by brandon d. on 09/23/2010
"just got my sm8 in the mail and the 9.6 battery i ordered with it doesn't fit at all in the battery compartment , but luckily i had a 8.4 battery laying around so i tryed that and it fit nicely so if your going to get an sm8 get an 8.4 battery so you aren't stuck with something that doesn't fit
by Patrick a. on 12/03/2008
"At the end of the description, it says: "Oh yea, and it looks like a fish, if you like fishes, you should get one today!!" lol...
by Victor H. on 11/26/2008
"There a very unique thing about this gun that i guarantee is overlooked
The fact that the XM8 has a PDW variant in real life, which you can convert this into. (with a shorter barrel but that wouldn't be worth the work)

The stock isn't all that difficult to remove so you could just take it off and put on a rubber butt pad (there is no airsoft xm8 butt pad so just buy a M4 butt pad and cut it up some) and you have an epic CQB weapon without giving up fps and range, which is what I plan on doing

Alot of people say this gun is not customizable, that is entirely NOT TRUE

If you remove the scope, which is as simple as unscrewing, the gun actually has 20mm rails
You might want to get a hi-profile scope though just to be safe with the carrying handle getting in the way

You can also drill a short rail on each side where the "side ways oval" shape is

Also you can drill a short/long rail onto the handgaurd just don't cover up more than 1 battery vent
by Robert B. on 11/08/2008
"this is a great gun its very heavy for being made of mosty plastic. when I got it it shot 350-365 out of the box. what I dont like is how hard it is just to remove the gearbox. I almost broke it getting it out. but overall is was a good buy in my opinion not to expensive. but for people who like being able to get to there internals easy I would recomend a g36.
by Burton K. on 11/04/2008
"From what i have heard sounds like a great gun. i know this isn't a q and a but i was just wondering if anyone would say get this or the src tsd g36k new gen aeg? plz an answer would be great i don't have a lot of money so i have to get it right the first time.