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Matrix "Never Forget 911" Hook and Loop Patch (Color: Tan)

16 Customer Reviews

by Cody S. on 10/25/2019
"Match is nice quality but heads up it is tiny. Good patch for the price.
by Adam N. on 06/05/2014
"so true! I LOVE America and that's why I picked this patch to complete my multicam outfit. BUY THE PATCH!!!
by Keo V. on 05/13/2013
"Smaller than it should be for the price, but very well worth it. Very patriotic and nice looking. LOVE IT
by Robert W. on 04/25/2012
"God Bless! This is truly an amazing patch. Any American should be more than happy to wear this!
by mike t. on 02/01/2012
"this is a must have for anyone who loves this country. i just got it and cant wait to show everyone my new patch.
by Noah T. on 06/10/2011
"I WILL buy one of these! We all should never forget what happend on that fatefull day, and this is just a simple, but effective reminder of the horrors that were committed that day. Every Airsoft player who has a piece of apperal that is compatable with this patch should have one. History has a tendancy to repeat itself, and if we all buy one of these, maybe it'll help avoid anything like 9/11 from ever happening again. We must remember those who lost their lives, we must never forget.
by Larry R. on 12/25/2010
"9-11 Never Forget.It works well and fits good on my jacket, however it is small compared to most other patches. 5 stars
by sheri r. on 10/24/2010
"one of the best patches you can get we will never forget 9/11 and it shows good support of that
by Mavrick M. on 10/10/2010
"Amen! God bless America, our amazing country! Never forget 9-11-01!
by Tim P. on 09/23/2009
"I love this patch I have it my vest, only thing I don't like about it is that it is a little small, I just wish it was bigger so everyone can see and never forget
by Jared S. on 09/13/2009
"i just ordered this and im proud that people will NEVER forget this day so tht the terrorists can get what they deserve, on every loadout i ever own i will include this patch. God bless AMERICA
by Colton M. on 09/01/2009
"God Bless the greatest country in the world! God Bless America!
by sheridan r. on 03/22/2009
"i bought one of these to put on my jacket because its true well never forget that dreded day
by Ian M. on 10/11/2008
"In my next load I'm going to include this patch. Damn right we should never forget. My uncle saw the buildings fall :/
by Chris M. on 06/13/2011
"i love this patch. any american would love it. its just so much smaller thani thought i would be. its like 1"x1.5". god bless america!