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Matrix 1x30 Illuminated Red / Green Dot Sight Scope w/ QD Weaver Base (Color: Black)

68 Customer Reviews

by Raul S. on 01/02/2022
"Worked really well it’s good for the price I never regretted this purchase
by Gabe B. on 12/26/2020
"Been using this scope for 3 years. It has seen everything from rain to snow to dirt, dont forget to purchase extra batteries along with this scope
by job b. on 09/13/2020
"the dot is small (what you want in a red dot) very visible in direct sunlight works well with both eyes open... out of 5 other style red dot scopes i have tried this one works best for me...
by Luke N. on 05/17/2020
"This was the first red dot I had gotten for my rifle and I think I made a good choice. It is a good price and totally worth it. Red and green dots to choose from. The battery last for a very long time. I use it indoors and outdoors. It is big so I suggest getting a protector. But overall it is a very nice red dot sight.
by Austin S. on 03/13/2019
"I purchased this red dot sight 3-4 years ago. I put in batteries, sighted it in quickly, threw it and the gun it was on into my trunk and drove off to play Airsoft. I played all day, transported it loose in a trunk home, placed it under my bed and didn’t bring it out until 3 months later. I repeated this for 4 years. It still works, I’m still on the original batteries, and I could not think of a better sight for this price. I’m sure there are better sights for higher prices, but the differences will be minor. Buy this red dot.
by Sam S. on 08/15/2018
"I absolutely love the scope, good protected, but it only came with one locking nut. So I couldn't attach it to my gun with out the other nut. but I still totally recommend this to any one who wants a scope that can be used at a close range and still handle itself with a little more range
by nic v. on 04/15/2017
"Mounted it as a canted scope on my aug, flawless for cqb
by Eleanor D. on 01/04/2017
"I bought this back in 2014 , This thing is actually pretty tough! I Banged it , droped it, and it still going strong. I have since then upgraded but i put it on my rifle so to not mess up my reel steel scope. I have left this scope on numerous times and it took a few months for the batterrie to completly die! Great scope on a budget.
by Joseph L. on 01/02/2016
"Cheap, simple, does the job, relatively easy to cut pieces to protect the lens.
To protect the lens, I got a sheet of lexan and got a 29mm hole saw. You can get a block of wood and drill a hole in that first to act as a guide since you dont want a hole in the lexan piece you make. clamp down the wood guide to the lexan and drill away. fits right in the flip up caps. As for the loose caps, just wrap one piece of electric tape around the ends of the sight and it is snug.
by Braden H. on 07/30/2015
"This is a great red dot for somebody looking to get into the world of sights. This was my first red dot sight but not the first I have used. I think $30 is a very low price for a sight of this quality. For that low price you get full metal construction, red AND GREEN dot options, and multiple levels of brightness for both. This thing currently sits on top of my Echo1 AR57 and fits perfectly and works great with it. You can also move the reticle up and down, left and right, something you don't see on similarly priced sights. Would recommend this to anybody looking for a red dot to put on their AEG or even pistol.
by shant d. on 12/12/2014
"If your looking for a high end red/green dot and for an affordable price, this optic is for you. it looks absolutely badass especially on an m4. It also preforms very well. I did not have to adjust my sight once.
by Bradley B. on 12/03/2014
"A very nice sight, especially given the price tag. Has a decently bright dot and has good battery life (if you actually remember to turn it off after use...) This sight served me well for two years without a problem, until both forward lenses were blown out by enemy BBs. Highly recommended.
by Nathan T. on 11/21/2014
"Excellent little sight, made of metal tubing, and has a red/green setting.
[I know it doesnt show that in the picture but its what I got...and I know this is the one.]
Comes with caps, and I also bought some of the batteries.
The light is good, with 5 levels of adjustment for red/green.
Smaller then what you would think, but looks sexy ontop of my G&G M4, i bought a rail for the carrying handle and mounted it on there.
Little bit reflective, but not to bad.
Over all excellent sight, well worth the money.
by Nathan A. on 11/21/2014
"Great scope. I got it for my P90, and it works perfectly. All you need to adjust it is a quarter, which makes adjusting it in the field a breeze. Its also only 30 dollars so ya can't beat that. It has five settings for both Green and Red dots, so your not stuck with red. Mine even came with batteries which i wasn't expecting.
by Nathan T. on 11/21/2014
"Another good deed done by Evike.
This is an excellent scope, full metal, and green and red adjustability, [ I don't understand why it doesn't mention this.] But it has 5 levels of brightness for green and red optics, and a very nice dot it creates.
It can really take a beating, and even though the paint will come off here and there its an excellent gun well worth the 30 dollars you pay.
Adjustability comes from unscrewing the windage and elevation nobs, and using a screw driver to sight it in, this can be a downer, but if you mount this to your weapon, you should always sight it in before going to war with it correct?
Over all excellent weapon created for airsofters.
And to the people that ask if it will fit this gun or that gun, yes it will if it has 20mm rails, which almost ALL airsoft guns that are equipped with rails, have...
Great buy, excellent price.
Nuff said.