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Matrix Hook and Loop U.S. IFF Flag Patch (Color: Full Color / Regular)

25 Customer Reviews

by Christine P. on 02/22/2018
"A very well made patch, and the colors on it look good. Not really much else to say.
by Russell B. on 09/11/2017
"It's a good quality US flag patch, not much to say about it.
by Andy A. on 04/10/2017
"Perfect full color US Flag. Non-reverse.

Pros: Full color, regular Old Glory, low price means very affordable.

Cons: Because it is full color it won't help you hide, if you need reverse this isn't it.
by shengfu w. on 08/15/2015
"Great guy. Put this on my JPC, dead center on the Velcro, and I'm probably never going to take it off. There is a bunch of stuff that might not be worth it, but this is worth every penny.
by Josh K. on 08/31/2012
"Good patch! Love the tan color.
Its tan so its like ketchup. Goes good with anything.

5/5 stars! Get it!
by Gayle R. on 06/17/2012
"No the reason why they put the American Flag in reverse is because when its on the uniform the flag is on the right shoulder. Since its on the right shoulder the stars and strips are facing forward pointing towards the enemy, because America never runs away from a battle, only towards them. Just like the first person on the field in the revolutionary war, even before the generals, was the flag boy. And the first one in the fight was the flag boy, Charging forward with the colors. Not because of mirror reversal but because of braver.
by Daniel K. on 06/07/2012
"awsome patch it matches with multi cam and od.
thanks and team!
by Taylor D. on 04/14/2012
"Nice looking patch with velcro on the back, just throw it in your cart if you have a tan/any camo style loadout to put either on your plate carrier or your BDU. Can't really go wrong with it at all.
by richard w. on 01/02/2012
"The reason they put the american flag reversed is so if a vehicle drives by then if they look in their rear view mirror, they will then see the american flag as the right side...for example "the word ambulance is spelled backwards on the front of an ambulance "
by John C. on 12/11/2011
"Great patch. Looks nice and has precise stitching. Great buy for the price!
by ian w. on 10/20/2011
"please disregard the idiotic comment below mine that talks about having to burn the patch,

This patch is made to a high standard, with beautiful colors! And It also comes with a patch of velcro that you could sew onto the arm of your BDU rather than being limited to a vest.

If you want a high quality US flag patch, this is the one!
by Lyman M. on 10/01/2010
"great patch comes with velcro back to sew on to uniform in needed
by Liam M. on 03/10/2010
"This thing is rly sweet. it may seem a bit unnecessary, but when u put it on you vest/ uniform it increases the look and seriousness of your outfit. great buy.
by Christopher M. on 02/09/2010
"Reversed flags are awesome.

In case anybody doesn't know while in a time of war you are authorized to wear this. We will forever be fighting a war on terror unless the world magically becomes a perfect place.

Also the reversed flag started because back in the days and still now while running with the flag the flag will obviously look reversed.

Now you know!!!

Oh and yes the quality is perfect! I found some places selling these for 8.00!!! Buy it now here for half the price with the same or if not better quality.
by Nick R. on 09/19/2009
"It does not look exactly like what is shown in the product picture, but I was not disappointed and you won't be either!