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Systema Non-Linear Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG Upgrade Spring (Power: M120)

18 Customer Reviews

by Thomas S. on 07/08/2022
"Review for "Systema Non-Linear Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG Upgrade Spring (Power: M130)"

No hop: 350 FPS with a 0.32g bb, 430 FPS with a 0.20g bb. Roughly 1.75 joule.

Easy to install, but my stock gun came with the wrong spring which caused me to buy a spring too powerful. I should have gotten an M120 to hit right around 1.5 joule. This is now perfect for DMR limits at most fields (1.9 joule and under) so a bit of a happy accident there.
by Madison M. on 03/10/2022
"Hard to argue with Systema. Got an M100 to drop my ICS L85 to indoor field standards (still needed to use the lowest FPS postion on the adjustable spring guide for what it's worth, hangs right around 345 348 now).
by Vlasto S. on 08/06/2020
"Did exactly what I needed it to do. Great spring especially when paired with a nice high torque motor. 10/10

Big thanks Evike!!
by tom b. on 11/06/2019
"holy cow, this spring really made my gun insane. but probably illegal at most fields. easily bumping over 500fps now. it goes straight through at card board box at 20" away. LOVE IT in my DMR.
by Richard H. on 04/09/2019
"For an m130 spring, it packs a punch! Using a jg m4 stubby with stock motor and 300:100 matrix gear set... From 360fps, it shoots a max 500fps... Worth it! Thank you!
by Nick K. on 01/17/2018
"405 fps
407mm 6.03 barrel
great compression
anticipating 400 fps after break in
great spring. right on the money.
by Fernando N. on 09/30/2017
"I got 526 fps with my G3 using that spring. Very satisfied.
by Matthew H. on 03/13/2017
"Great spring I just installed and have almost a perfect air seal and got 390-395 out of my g&g predator.
by Clay E. on 04/03/2015
"This spring is exactly what it is advertised as. Boosted by fps (coming from a dense m120) by about 20, and when paired with better compression, I got up about 30-40 fps from stock. This was just what I was looking for. The spring's width (the wire width, not the coil width) is slightly thinner than my stock springs, yet is much heavier. This means it is more flexible sideways, so expect some resistance when trying to line it up in your gearbox. In my case my spring guide does not allow a screwdriver to go into the gearbox, so I have to put the spring in by hand, and MY WAS THIS HARD. I have figured out a method to get it in safely now (after 12+ times of disassembly and reassembly), but earlier it could very easily wreak havoc on my gearbox every time it bent around itself when compressed.
All in all there is not much to say, other than it is a true heavy irregular pitch spring of good quality.
by Caleb S. on 02/05/2015
"So... This is a good spring. That said... Story: I have a DMR build and originally had put a m140 spring in at the time i built the gun. Did some test shooting after it was all put together and it seemed as though the gun was shooting over 450 (D14 DMR Field Limit) just by observation. So i order this spring as a downgrade. Slapped it in there and said there. That should be good, without testing it. Went to an event the upcoming weekend and walked up to the chrono. First shot 500 FPS exactly. Second shot 497. Third shot 500. Puzzled i told the chrono man it had a m130 spring in it. He was puzzled as well so he put a different fresh mag in. pew 500. Shot again. 490. So in disbelief i stripped my gun down on the bed of a truck, opened the gearbox and slapped a m120 in. Chrono 350 FPS steadily +/- 4 FPS. Took my gun apart again and put my m140 spring in and chronoed. 410-420 FPS Steady. I have no idea why this spring is shooting so hot in my gun but definitely does the pew pew more than advertised. I understand it was a new spring so it would be shooting hot before it settled but thats a little extreme for a m130.
by Leif E. on 10/26/2011
"Great spring if you want to downgrade for an Indoor CQB setup or if you are converting to a high speed setup.

I've got this in my MP5 (with too many mods to list) and it chrono'd at 330 fps. If you combine this spring with a high speed motor (I've got the G&P M120 HS motor) you can expect a ROF from 20 to 50 bbs/sec depending upon your gearset and other internal components.

Great value upgrade!
by Mathew D. on 12/30/2008
"***-Experienced users only.*** Definitely but awesome spring for upgraded guns.
by David H. on 11/24/2008
"ya it may look slow but you need to crono it before you dis it its systema you probly didnt install it right it dos do 450-500 475 is the middel ground that most people get
by Matt B. on 05/29/2008
"With this spring, a Tight bore barrel and the gasket mod I have seen this spring shooting 380 with .20's in my M16. Before these mods it was only putting out 315, couple that with a 9.6v battery and a high speed motor and you can expect 22 rounds a second
by Vlasto S. on 08/07/2020
"Got this for my G&G TR16 MBR 556. I chronod my gun before the spring and it was shooting 305fps average.Then with the systema M150 I am getting a consistent 398 to 400fps. Did not get anywhere near 500 to 550. Which is what I'm looking for.

I ran it with a 11.1V lipo and my motor was pulling it without a sweat and was getting 16 RPM

Gave me 100fps more

Not as stiff as I was expecting