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B&T USW A1 Airsoft GBB Pistol by ASG

7 Customer Reviews

by Kobe H. on 03/27/2021
"I would say not worth it if you do not own magazines already.

This is probably the funnest airsoft gun I have. It takes CZ mags that I have, it shoots low FPS, perfect for CQB, but has a robust enough hop up to still reach 100 feet decently. I have it set up with a tracer unit, Aimpoint micro clone red dot on a raiser mount, and the pic rail extension with a X300 flashlight and vert grip.

Poor mans MP7.

Its a really fun gun, but ultimately the magazines are rather expensive and if you dont have 10 of them lying around like I did, it might not be worth the money.

If you're looking for a new pistol as well, this shares magas with ASG CZ's, such as the shadow 1, shadow 2, and CZ-75B. I recommend the Shadow 1.
by Michael A. on 03/09/2021
"I'll keep It Simple. GREAT PISTOL! I Brought a HPA Mag Adapter (I run a Electric M4 Drum Mag), Threw a Tracer, Laser, Flash Light, and Fore Grip. The BEST BLOW BACK SMG I EVER OWNED..

by John H. on 02/02/2021
"TLDR: Buy it now.

Amazing pistol can not be happier! This thing preforms so well and will even hop up .3s which I have permanently switched to. The co2 lasts for two full mags and about another half mag so I swap it after 2 and release the pressure to change cartridges. Everything thing on this gun feels high quality and is unmatched by any other handgun I’ve looked at. The brace when deployed feels very solid and works well. I use this as a sidearm and if I need to go around a tight corner will use it as a normal pistol and it does great, if I’m going to be in close quarters for a little bit I’ll deploy the stock and shoulder it. Makes a great all around cqb weapon, with .3s the pistol will engage targets at a long range and still have enough umph for the other players to feel and call hits. Everyone that sees this weapon always asks questions and asks to see it, so be prepared to have some attention. I will say the only drawback is nobody makes an affordable kydex holster for this yet, but the cloth drop leg holster works great and holds it securely.
by Richard R. on 11/11/2020
"I absolutely love this pistol. Great for CQB and performs well on outdoor fields.

Mags are pricey, but the stock and 1 I got perform well. I can get 2 mags of 26 off on each before the co2 tries to bottom out, which seem worth their value.

Only con in holster availability is pretty bad, so you have to be real careful what you pick so you dont lose a mag for the large mag release button
by Derrick M. on 11/01/2020
"Mine came in a few days ago, and it's an overall great pistol. Semi auto only, so keep that in mind if you buy this gun.

Build quality is great. quality metal and plastics throughout. The stock is plastic, and well made. Absolutely no wiggle or play in the stock. The outer barrel does have some wiggle, but it doesn't affect much of anything. (might annoy some people but, I'm fine with it.)

Blowback is nice and smooth.

Overall feel in the hand is 10/10. having all the excess that hangs off the rear of the gun where the sight and stock attach dose a great job in balancing it. Not front or back heavy.
The grip has a semi-rubberized plastic that's smooth and provides plenty of friction and grip W/O having an aggressive pattern. The button to release the stock is easily accessed by the right hand, you can just easily move your index finger up from the trigger and push forward. The trigger is heavy and has a long travel. Safety is garbage, It does not lock the trigger and can be easily overridden. The sock is a little short and awkward. It would be nice if the shoulder rest was a little longer.

Easy to disassemble. remove mag, push the slide release out on the right, and then pull out from the left. pull slide forward and it'll come right apart. You'll need to know this if you're going to want to adjust hop up.

I do have a few gripes. If you do add anything to the lower front rail, chances are you won't be able to fold the stock completely closed. You Might want to look into an ultra-thin foregrip or just a handstop of some kind if that bothers you.

Mags are pricey at 30 dollars, and this thing just devours Co2. Each mag holds 26 rounds, and that's about as much as you'll get from one canister. Bought 4 mags, all do the same thing. Mags were not leaking. I do not know anything about the green gas versions of the mags, maybe they'll be more gas efficient, or they might have the same issue.

Overall, I'd recommend. throw some attachments on and go have a ball with this funky looking pistol.
by Stephen S. on 10/11/2020
"I was able to snag one of these from a local shop in my area a few days ago on 10-10-2020.

Items used in my testing: Elite force .32g BBs. Elite force Green Gas.

Magazines: I got green gas mags with my gun but I will be buying CO2 mags also to give them a try as the recoil/kick feels weak on Green Gas. I can easily get 1.5 to 2 mags worth of BBs on one fill of green gas. Temperature at the time of my testing was 72° Fahrenheit.

Accuracy/hopup: I was able to hit a man size IDPA target at 125ft easily. Can not give any input on the range or accuracy past that point as I did not have any farther range to test with. The stock hopup is easily capable of over hopping .32g bbs and Would likely be able to lift much heavier BBs which would improve accuracy and range even more.

Trigger pull: like 90% of all airsoft replicas the trigger is gritty and spongy. The double action pull is very gritty and heavy while the single action pull is super spongy.

Safety: the one grip I have with this replica is the safety. The example of the real USW A1 I handled had a decocker while this replica has a safety. This is not a negative point against the gun, but rather a point of personal preference.

Build quality: The build is outstanding and feels very nice even when compared directly to the real B&T USW A1. The stock has little to no play when it is extended and is relatively comfortable to shoulder and has a length of pull of 14 inches. The rail is notched down its center and functions as a crude rear sight while the slide has a low profile front sight.

Overall I am very happy with this gun and look forward to using it in games.
by Dylan B. on 05/02/2021
"ill get straight down to the pros and cons of this then personal input afterwards.

+ very respectable range and accuracy

+ consistent fps output through 3 reloads with one cartridge and drops on the last 4-5 rounds, very good.

+ tight groupings even after 125 feet (or more, indoor range aint big at my field) out of 33 shots all but 2 were in the first 3 rings.

+ recoil is snappy but well balanced, making target reacquisition fast and allowing quick follow up shots .

+ tool-free takedown makes maintenance easy

+ durable paint can take a beating

+hopup wont travel after its set, adjustment screw is very stiff.

+ mag release is very prominent and sticks out a good bit. though its a bit stiff. still not a con tho.

+ missing lanyard loop. the real usw has one, this one has the slot on the rear cut out for one but they didnt even try to include it. combining that with the apparent lack of compatible holsters you could easily lose this mid game if you dont have anything to retain it.

+ optics rail should be longer to accommodate an optics protector (for obvious reasons)

+ a good bit of play in the barrel assembly, doesnt effect accuracy (somehow) but is noisy.

+have to do a takedown to adjust hopup

+ sharp mold lines. its the easiest thing in the world to remove asg, just have some of the bastards on your assembly line use the burr on a razor to remove them, i fucking cut my finger on the grip. (my not be the same for every one of them)

+ real usw has fiber front sight, it could have easily been implemented on this but asg chose to save a few cents.


With its prominent features, agressive design and loudness, this takes 1st place for the "wtf is than can i try it out" award at my local field. its recoil is snappy as hell but very linear. the overall weight of the full metal frame, stock assembly and slide keep its nose down so theres negligible barrel rise between shots. this usw is an allround monster, accurate even at long ranges, loud as hell, controllable, and versatile.
Looking bast ASG's obvious neglect to faithfully replicate a few of its most important features for the sake of saving a buck, id say it still deserved its 'Universal Service Weapon' Anagram. if you value versatility and accuracy over having the current pistol fad (umarex's new glocks and tm's hicapa 5.1 release), this is for you. it was an absolute blast using this monstrosity and for the price theres no reasont to not get one while theyre still in stock.

intl post: 05-02-2021