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CYMA Platinum SR-25 QBS Airsoft AEG Designated Marksman Rifle (Model: SR-25 SPR)

9 Customer Reviews

by Zander N. on 10/28/2021
"Good Gun buy some BCM Rail panels and a BCM vertical grip and you'll b good to go.
by John N. on 10/11/2020
"Excellent piece. Worked on a few of these and the other m4 platinum line guns from CYMA; thoroughly impressed by its performance and quality. Internals on the SR25 are great: rotary hop up, metal rack piston, neo motor. I upgraded mine with better barrel and bucking, new spring, some external bits to make a m110k1 build, o ring air nozzle (SHS G36 one is the right length). Shoots excellent and only came out to ~$500 with some extra mags and the external extras.
by Hanseol S. on 12/13/2019
"You don't need to shell out $800 for a full DMR build with fancy bells and whistles. If you're on a budget, this is the best out of the box budget DMR you can buy. I got the 14.5" MLOK version when it was on sale and it's quite possibly the best $200 I've spent so far. I'm just surprised at how many features CYMA has packed into this thing. 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel, H-mound hop up bucking with rotary adjustment, reinforced V2.5 gearbox with steel 19-tooth rack polycarb piston with aluminum bearing piston head, aluminum double O-ring cylinder head, CNC steel 18:1 gearset, 8mm steel bearings, neodyminum high torque motor, in-line trigger mosfet, and quick-change spring with ball bearing spring guide.

Externally it sports an aluminum handguard, smooth matte black aluminum alloy billet-style receiver, metal ambidextrous selector with the right side selector shaved by 1/2 to make space for your trigger finger, metal magazine release, metal trigger, metal flat top rail, and polymer stock/grip. The charging handle is also metal and locks open the mock bolt, which can be released with the left side bolt release. The magazine is a high-capacity 470 round wind-up PMAG style magazine. The gun should be compatible with most non-ARES SR-25 magazines. The finish on the gun is supposedly weather-resistant, but it does feel like it can scratch easily so be warned.

The performance is spectacular to say the least. The first thing you notice is how light the trigger is and how responsive it is. The trigger response on an 11.1v lipo is better than most VFC AEG's and on par with Krytacs and SSG builds. There is a decent amount of uptake on the travel but the last 1mm or so has an almost imperceptible microswitch-like "click" that actually causes the gun to fire. The response should be even better with a lower FPS spring. Speaking of FPS, this gun is shooting quite hot, at around 450+ FPS out of the box owing to the longer inner barrel and high cylinder volume which is inherent to most SR25 gearboxes. The airseal is alright and shimming appears to be good. The piston has 1/2 of the last tooth shaved down to assist with AOE. FPS consistency is pretty alright for a stock gun with deviations of about /-3 FPS. I believe the piston head seal could be better inside the cylinder but for $210 I'm not complaining. Barrel was surprisingly clean out of the box and needed only two swabs to remove all gunk. The crowning was not the best but I can't complain. Range is approx. 60 meters accurately on a torso sized target with some flyers, but that's most likely the bucking breaking in. Replacing your hop up bucking with an R-Hop and a flat bucking with flat mound will increase your range to approx. 80 meters with heavy bb's.

I have only two gripes with this gun. Firstly, the quick-change spring knob inside the buffer tube doesn't exist for me. There is only a flat screw cap that accepts very, very wide flathead screwdrivers or a thin metal bar like a hex key. Not a big issue. It still has a screw hole inside to allow mounting of other buffer tubes and stock assemblies. I attached a UBR stock on mine to give it a nice DMR look. Second, the flash hider is stupidly hard to get off as it is retained by a grub screw that is locked in so securely that it may break your hex key (like it broke mine). That's what dremels are for though. These cons are minor and I'm having a very, very hard time finding any fault with this gun that would otherwise ruin my airsofting experience.

One thing to note is that it does have full-auto function, even though there is no visible selector marking for that. You will have to find a way to semi-lock it if you plan on running this in a Milsim game.

-Great build quality, both internally and externally - minimal to no upgrades necessary
-Good accuracy and range out of the box
-Excellent, lightweight trigger with great response
-Rotary hop up unit for easy hop adjustment
-Charging handle locks bolt back, bolt catch actually works
-Ambidextrous selector with right side shaved by 1/2 for comfortable shooting
-Metal flip-up sights
-Comfortable pistol grip
-Retractable stock with decent space for batteries
-In-line MOSFET which can run 7.4 or 11.1v lipo's
-Good weight (about 7 pounds unloaded, balanced around the trigger)
-Quick change spring system
-Minimal upgrades needed
-Compatible with most SR25 mags

-Bucking could use replacement
-Flash hider nearly impossible to get off
-Quick change spring guide knob non-existent, need some sort of tool
-Stock wobbles a bit
-Paint may scratch easily
-HUGE magazines, need dedicated .308 pouches
-Need semi-lock function for Milsim events
by Andrew B. on 04/27/2022
"Battery compartment is huge but the opening the battery goes through is very narrow (get the flattest battery you can find). Unless you want to fish for the wires and risk ripping them out some disassembly is required to remove the battery.

Trigger response is phenomenal with 11.1.

The mid caps suggested did not fit I am still waiting to hear from Evike if they were defective or if something else is going on.

Out of the box consistent range of 175’ with .32 bbs, will get out to 200’ but not with enough power to do any good.

Rotary hop up is a major plus.
by James-Earl C. on 06/19/2021

Not much else good I can say that hasn't been said.

But be aware, the flash hider(threaded 14mm CCW) is metal, and it comes with the single lug that locks it into the threading. Its impossible to take off by practical means.

The stock it comes with is made well, and fits the overall aesthetic.
I tried putting a MAGPUL fixed stock onto it, and it was an uncomfortably tight fit, and I decided against breaking the gun to try and fit it on.
I'd recommend not buying an aftermarket stock for this gun until You've held it in person and inspected the product first hand.

That being said the buffer tube fits a Titan Power 7.4v 3000 mAh battery perfectly.

The handguard is slim, and will fit most real spec MLOK products.
Although the paint scratches easily.

Trigger response for an SR25 is really snappy. Sadly there are 0 youtube videos that do the performance of this product justice.
Right now as the gun preforms out of the box, with .32s, and micro adjustments, you're going to be hitting targets out to 125ft if not more.
The bolt catch functions upon pulling the bolt back, and the hop up is TIGHT. Like TIGHT TIGHT. So use a tool when adjusting.

Overall the best toy pew I've ever purchased, and it out classes 99% of the SR25s on the market.

Knocking it a star down for the STEAL flash hider being deadlocked in, and for the fact that manufacturers still dont make SR25s SEMI AUTO only.
by Bill S. on 04/03/2021
"this is a good rifle. grabbed it on sale around black friday. i got the SPR model. full metal aluminum body. free floating rail with no wobble. orange tip removal is annoying, had to drill around the pin and remove it with vise grips. orange can come off after that, there is some glue under the plastic. a typo on this model is the inner barrel is 455mm. not 510. the full rifle one has a 510mm. compatible with a&k sr25 mags. one complaint i have is the stock. its very hard to connect your battery and get it out without taking of the entire rear plate. incase you're wondering, the bolt does lock back. you need a very long phillips head screw driver to unscrew the screw inside the stock in place. with the stock off you now have access to your quick change spring system. this is where the included large allen wrench comes in. both ambi switches have a bearing under so no wobbly selectors. uses a v2.5 elongated. comes with a standard cyma motor. good torque and decent magnets. the grip has lots of room in it for wiring and is comfortable in the hand. hopup is a plastic rotary unit. takes m4 hop units btw. 455mm (sbr model) inner brass barrel, nothing special. the gearbox comes with 8mm bearings. the gears are standard cyma gears not cnc. sector gear has 19 teeth instead of the standard 16 due to the elongated gearbox. any gearset labeled sr25 will work. piston is plastic with 19 steel rack. tappet plate seems like same material as piston, again its longer than a standard v2. cylinder is aluminum and for some reason has a port. elongated cylinder as well, i bought the a&k sr25 compression kit here it has a full cylinder. piston head is aluminum mushroom style. cylinder head is aluminum double o ring. air nozzle plastic no o ring, g36 length works with this. this comes with a trigger board mosfet, it has a small micro switch and this unit allows you to spam on semi without the cycle locking up. it has some sort of sensor on it that i believe sees the cutoff lever movement. this unit broke on me a couple months after, the switch wouldnt push back after i push it in. i wish it didnt break cuz i loved using it. overall excellent gun. only issues i found was putting back the ambi selectors they felt stiff. this definitely hits the spot for a .308 style rifle. great dmr
by Fred M. on 01/20/2021
"I decided to buy the SPR variant instead of the standard SR25 model, though besides the slightly different iron sights, included magazine, and barrel tips, I couldn't notice a difference between the two. Also note that despite the SPR specs saying it comes with a mock suppressor, this was not the case (with mine, at least). What I'd recommend doing is buying a $7 aluminum/pvc 1'x 12' pipe, paint it whatever color you want, and carefully screw/wedge it over the existing barrel. I managed to do so with a bit of elbow grease, with the only notable 'damage' being some scratched paint where the pipe successfully gripped against three different parts of the barrel.

This review is also being typed by someone who doesn't work on internals. I buy and use airsoft guns bone-stock out of the box, which this one didn't fail to impress.


--Mostly metal, except for the stock and grip, as stated.
--Nice weight distribution (without a suppressor).
--With .25g bbs, clocked in at about 370ish fps.
--Bolt catch works.
--Flip iron sights are easy to use, though for a DMR, you'd probably prefer a scope anyways.
--Mosfet included.
--Can be used on full auto if needed, though I prefer not to use it.
--Doesn't just fit small Lipo batteries, managed to snuggly fit a 9.6v nunchuck pair into it.
--No wobble with the receivers or the butt-stock.


--Getting to the Tamiya wire in the stock was a hassle, compared to an ICS M16A4 I own. The M16 has a little lever latch, with the Tamiya wire conveniently close to the latch. This SPR requires to unscrew 2 screws, remove the butt plate, the butt plate adjuster screw, then the entire butt plate adjuster mechanism to get to the Tamiya wire (this last step was not described in the manual at all).
--No mock suppressor included, which I was really hoping for, though DIY methods exist.

Despite always having the urge to own an airsoft SR25-SD (and wanting to give it a 5/5 out of sheer excitement of owning one from Cyma), I'd have to give it a 4.5/5 for battery compartment hassles. Still a nice looking piece from Cyma that gets the job done for the roll it's intended to fill, right out of the box.
by Joey K. on 10/19/2020
"Hello all,

Bought this gun for outdoors, and must say that this weapon is amazing out of the box. The fps out of the box is around 325 with .32 gram bb's. I put a m140 spring in and was getting around 350 fps consistently.

The range is pretty good. Being pretty accurate to around 125-150 feet, once sighted in properly. With the accuracy being within 6 inches at 125 feet, and 9 inches at 150 feet. Which is super awesome out of the box.

I would recommend if you want more range: a higher torque engine, a new Barrell, bucking, and maxx pro hop up.

For higher fps: a new cylinder nozzle, cylinder, and m180 spring.

Other than that it is an amazing gun. Only one downfall is, when I purchased mine. The inner barrell, bucking, and hop up were all glued together. That's the only reason why I'm giving this gun a 4 star rating.
by Henry A. on 12/05/2019
"Amazing gun! It’s got weight (10lbs), it’s long, hopup unit is nice and tight. Was shooting in the dark at wood and metal (so the sights were inoperable) and it was on point. Haven’t had the chance to Chrono at the field will update once I play with it more.

Pro: All metal (except grip, mag, and stock)
Long, this dude come up to my waist fully collapsed, I’m 6 foot.
Has a very nice sound, a thud if you will, when shot.
Quick change spring system

Cons: some polymer (grip, stock, mag)
The grip is thin, so it’s a thin type motor.
Price went up since Black Friday