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Desert Tech SRS-A2 22" Covert Pull Bolt Action Bullpup Sniper Rifle by Silverback Airsoft (Color: OD Green / Left-Handed)

5 Customer Reviews

by PJ H. on 03/23/2018
by Brandon F. on 03/16/2018
"So far it seems like a great rifle. I purchased the gen2 as soon as it came out so i wasn't sure what to expect since there were no reviews on the internet. The externals are 1:1 to the real rifle. it looks great and is very sturdy. The price is high yes, but they do not cut corners. The internals are pre-upgraded except for the spring and the barrel is -14mm. Disassembly is very easy as well. it can handle up to m180 with ease, and anything higher there is no need.
by Rui M. on 06/20/2017
"Nice rifle, great quality.
But the mag has feed issue.
This one already upgrade the pull bolt and charging handle.
You do not have to purchase upgrade kit.
Even the PULL Bolt action is strange. I spend a hour to Practice how to charging it smoothly.
by Hiatt F. on 05/02/2017
"This is a great sniper. You can tell straight out of the box that this is a quality product. Every part feels solid and fits together near perfectly. It comes with the orange tip shown in the pictures attached, but they also include the .308 flash hider in the box. The included barrel is brass, but accurate and taped so as to not move. Out of the box mine shot around 420 with .25 bb's, and went down to about 410 after some breaking in. The two point hop-up is great, as is the included bucking. It does require a 1.5mm allen key to adjust, but can be precisely tuned and stays in place. The included rail segments are plastic and attached via bolts, but I have had no problems with them so far. Magazines fit tightly in the magwell, and get smoother over time. The trigger can be moved to your desired position, and the pull itself is light and smooth.

I would not however, recommend this to newer players. It comes mostly disassembled in the box, and while the instructions are very detailed in assembly it might be daunting to some. The bolt assembly must be put together and lubed. It also requires a lot of breaking in (several hundred cycles of the bolt) to be usable while shouldered. Regular cleaning and regreasing is definitely a must, as the bolt is exposed to the outside. The included grease has worked fine for me so far, and there is enough for several applications. Even when broken in, the tail end of the pull can be very difficult, so I would recommend experimenting with different ways to cycle to find one that works for you. Removing mags can be a bit awkward as well, but there are a few ways to do it.

The only issue I've had so far is with two small o-rings in the hop-up. They meshed too tightly with the air nozzle and were broken when I broke in the bolt. They also made it difficult to remove and insert the bolt during cycling. Since removing them, I have had no issues aside from an occasional bb falling backwards.

Overall, this is an amazing sniper built with high quality materials and an appreciation for detail. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a unique rifle to add to their collection.

To top it all off, IT'S NOT MAP CONTROLLED.
by Jordan W. on 04/24/2017
"I'm fortunate enough to live right here in SLC, UT where this rifle is made. I've shot the real SRS-A1 and I can tell you that this replica is completely identical to it's real steel counterpart. The lower and upper receivers are incredibly well made and the Desert Tech trademarks are spot on. The gun does need some assembly when you get it out of the box, but it is pretty simple to piece together. The bolt does indeed have the traditional bolt system in place as opposed to the previous SRS models where the spring would be compressed while pushing the bolt forward. The rifle comes with some grease, a magazine, a .308 styled flash hider, 3 attachable rails, and a monopod. My only complaint is the hop-up bucking was ripped before I shot it but that was probably due to a manufacturing defect. All in all, I would give this gun a 10/10. It's solid and it stands out with its good looks.

Extremely solid build
Bullpup design makes it compact w/ a long inner barrel
Free .308 flashider
Easy to strip apart and upgrade
Interchangeability with 16", 22", and 26" outer barrels
Light weight (At least I think it's light)

The Bolt is a bit stiff (I'm sure it ease up)
The buttplate could use a better locking mechanism