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Krytac Alpha CRB Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Tan / Gun + Red Dot + 3 Extra Mags + 9.6v Battery Set)

38 Customer Reviews

by tom b. on 03/23/2021
"This gun is AWESOME. I have had it for 2 years now and it has never once let me down. The only reason it took me so long to write a review is I forgot and when I was looking back to find it in my history (to by 1 for my son) I saw the lin. THIS IS A MUST HAVE if you just want to shoot and have fun. about 10000 rounds through it and i only swapped out he spring for more fps.
by Calvin W. on 03/11/2021
"Really good gun,got it today shoots a good distance for the motor it has and I appreciate the full metal.
by carterperry P. on 10/25/2020
"I got this from a local field so may be different for you

-good grip
-came with rail [ could be different]
-comes with mag
-adjustable stock

-[ I have 20/20 vision] site hard to see through
by Vasilios D. on 10/06/2020
"10/10 would recommend for anyone, easy to maintain, plus the gun functions very well. It is very lightweight
by Cristian C. on 09/11/2020
"Holy **** this thing was awesome it was absolutely god tier

by cole s. on 09/10/2020
"Its good 10/10 would recommend
by cole s. on 09/10/2020
"Its good 10/10 would recommend
by Daniel S. on 05/18/2020
"Shoots excellently out of the box, with minor hop up adjustment, this thing shoots lasers up to 100-125 feet. Great starter gun if you're willing to dish out the extra cash, full metal internals and the only polymer is the stock I believe, and this thing has got some weight to it.
- Shoots really well
- Uses most keymod/m-lok attachments on "Alpha" rail segments, I'm currently running the Strike industries curved hanguard, went on to the gun almost instantly with minimal adjustments
-Ambidextrous fire selector is useful, but the right side is a little stiff, so I was just suggest using the left side
- Function bolt catch for easy access to rotary-style hop up that is numbered and clicks in to place for easy adjustment.
-Comes with small rail segment, if you prefer to use picatinny attachments, you can just screw that guy on to any area that there are alpha rails on the gun
- Batteries fit nicely in the stock (9.6v Butterfly)
-Doesn't take all mags, Elite Force MId Caps feed and fit beautifully, I would highly suggest picking up some of those, if not, the hi-cap it comes with does its job.
-Stock is a little wobbly
- Bolt Catch feels weak.
All in all, this gun is very good at doing what it was designed to do, which is a medium-range sort of starter gun. I would highly recommend if you're either looking to upgrade a gun you already have that is lower performing, or if you're looking to get into airsoft, this gun is fantastic.
by Daniel P. on 01/16/2020
"It's a really good gun for under what Krytac usually charges. Its light weight (5.6 lbs) combined with how snappy it sounds makes it even better.
by Ryan S. on 12/02/2019
"I have had this gun for a few months now, the only problems with this gun are the threadlock on all the screws and the cheap pistol grip. I stripped the forward screw on the receiver because it was so tightly locked up. Beside the threadlock, the cheap pistol grip and the sort of wobbly hi cap it comes with, this gun is amazing for the price there is not a better sub $300 M4 style AEG. The performance of it is unmatched by any other comparable rifle. I changed my connector to a deans plug so I could use my 11.1v LiPo (continuous 20c discharge) and it is working just fine, it shoots about 20-22 rps with an occasional misfeed on full auto. I have put about 7,000-8,000 rounds through it since then and it is working great. I do plan on stepping the motor up to the krytac 30k and putting an m120 spring to get the fps to about 400 as well as handle the power output better. However when I bought the gun it chronoed at 370-360 fps which was very strange considering the gun is advertised at 320-290 fps. I have not gotten the chance to chrono it since then so I am not too sure what the fps is now. I have not heard of anyone else having this happen. I am not too worried, but it makes me wonder if I need to change the motor and the spring or just the spring or just the motor. I would really love to have someone take a look and see why it shot 370-360 but getting that stripped screw out is going to be a pain and I can't do any internal work until I get it out.
by LL D. on 11/27/2019
"It's a good rifle. I used it a tac city and although I did have to get the spring cut to shoot sub 350 fps it did well. I bought the black version when it was the only choice but damn do I wish that tan was an option because it looks so much better
by levi b. on 10/15/2019
"Bought 2 of these for my son and I last year for Christmas. We’ve been running them in CBQ and outdoor for about a year now and they’re flawless!! Would strongly recommend them! The guys at Evike are always very professional and helpful too.
by tom b. on 09/11/2019
"AWESOME!!! i run a 3s lipo and this gun has been flawless for over 1 year. it has become my goto and used more than anything else. i did put the stronger spring in it and im shooting .25 and .30 bbs and the range is still awesome. in full auto on 3s it shoots like a laser beam.
by Benjamin G. on 06/14/2019
"I’ve had this rifle for about a year now, and it is awesome! It’s consistent, reliable, and accurate. I broke it myself, no fault due to the rifle, as it fell from about 5 1/2 feet and the buffer tube slightly bent. My only complaint is I wish I could run an 11.1 on it without the motor over spinning.
by Wen R. on 04/28/2019
"It's Good really good. You can get this thing to perform better then the mk2 crb for about the same price.
Let's do the math
Krytac crb mk2 is $345
For that price you can get this gun $255
A asg motor that's better then the mk2 motor for $39.45
A asg spring to upgrade the fps for $9.95
and a 6.03 Prometheus tight bore for $42.88
That comes to a total of about $347, just two dollars more then the crb mk 2.