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EMG / Daniel Defense Licensed SOPMOD Block II w/ GATE ASTER Programmable MOSFET (Model: Mk18 / Black)

13 Customer Reviews

by Austin R. on 04/11/2020
"This is probably the best airsoft AEG out there!!! I got in on sale last Christmas for $299 and I couldn't be happier. Shoots very accurately, built like a tank, easy to use, rate of fire is perfect. Just a beast of a gun. I would recommend this rifle to any level of airsoft!
by Gianni A. on 04/08/2020

So I opened my gear box up to replace the nozzle bc I have a maxx hope up and don’t change it bc it’s fine the way it was I learned it the hard way bc my gun did not shoot so I sent it back to evike sadly I Have to wait until Covid-19 blows away but I’m telling you if your gonna buy it. WAIT TILL THE USB LINK COMES OUT YOU NEEEEEDDD IT.
If you don’t. Have a samsung phone or anything else get the usb link bc it’s gonna be useful to this gun if you do any upgrades to the gear box.
by Gianni A. on 03/04/2020
"ok so this will be a detailed review. I will update this review every week

I have had the gun for 3 days now and it’s been very nice. I hate to use the word “ nice “ bc this gun goes beyond that. it’s. Very slick and works like a charm I say use a 11.1v battery a nunchuck battery would be best bc the stock has two lil things in the front of it that you can open and fit a nunchuck into ( I made the decision to use a stick bc the video says it doesn’t fit but it does) their are also open side things inside the stock to fit wires or nunchuck in it.
I use the titan power 11.1v 3000 mah battery with it and it’s shown very good response with it and the gun can handle it like a beast. I also recommend using .28 gram BBs bc they offer the best range and accuracy. My groupIng where very nice and this gun on semi has a crazy response time and on auto it sounds and feels like a hpa. ( THIS AEG WILL CHALLENGE HPA ) this aeg shows that even if you have a hpa does not mean it can’t be challenged. Now for mags.... oh no mags...

I tested this gun with the

Tippman mid caps
Metal high cap
Elite force mid cap
The mid cap that came with it.

The tippman seemed to have a rough time getting in bc it’s too THICC but it fits and it feeds good on semi and auto

The metal high cap feed on both semi and auto

Elite force worked as well

The mid cap it came with works with it as well

Don’t get the Krytac mags bc they don’t like any bbs above .25
I’d say get the G&P mid caps. Please if people who buy this gun have different mid caps write a bloody review bc it would help people. I will update every 1-2 weeks like I said. I have yet to try the different trigger guide stuff but when I do and work our everything I will write about it on here and reddit.

So basic this gun is the meme of “ YES “
Bc it’s just cracked. I think the only thing people won’t like is that it’s heavy but not for me. But for my friend he was like. “ bruh “
I side tracked myself.. another thing is that On the screws that are on the irs ( the screws in the back of the RIS ) had a small bit of rust but I like the feel bc it reminds me of the real M4A1 I shot. So if you like that stuff then that’s a plus but yea over all again this gun is amazing beyond what I expected for a $404 aeg.

Have a good day ! Or night or something..
by Austin R. on 02/13/2020
"I'm amazed! I happened to be the first to buy this rifle and it is amazing!! It is SUPER light, amazing finish, hopup works great, and more. I have 0 complaints and i definitely recommend this to experienced and beginner airsofters.
by River J. on 12/31/2019
"I’ve had this gun for about a month now and I absolutely love it! I’ve put about 1,000 bbs through it and it’s exceptionally accurate with a very responsive trigger. The only things I don’t like about it is the stock which is absolutely terrible for trying to get a battery into it, luckily I ordered a PTS stock with it to put on it (btw I highly recommend that stock). The other thing I don’t like about this gun is that the bolt can’t lock back due to the mosfet (happens with all guns because the Gate Aster forces the bolt catch to be removed) but that’s just me nitpicking at this point. I use PTS mags which fit loose in all my guns except this one where they fit tight, I still run them with this gun I just can’t reload fast.

•programmable trigger is confusing at first but if you follow the directions carefully you’ll be fine
•Very snappy trigger with a high rof
•very light (could be a con)
•very accurate
•loud (could be a con)
•comes with a black flash hider
•the mag it comes with looks like a Pmag
•come with a pvc gate aster patch, credit card sized programming chart and a card of authenticity which is a nice touch
•looks amazing in person, even better than the photos
•wired to deans (could be a con if you only have Tamiya batteries)

•tight mag well
•terrible stock (highly recommend the a PTS stock)
•doesn’t come with a vertical grip like it says
•bolt doesn’t lock back but that the trade off for having a gate aster
by Jacob H. on 11/28/2020
"Gun works as advertised. Haven't figured out the computer brain inside it yet, but it comes ready for shooting right out of the box (minus battery and charger). Figuring out how to install the battery was a little tough, since there isn't much rifle-specific instructions that came from EMG. It's a new gun, so no surprise there. FPS is high. The RIS Picatinny rail system is rock solid; dropped it on concrete on accident when testing for the first time. It's not gonna break. Takes all the accessories of my actual rifle. Operates reliably with the mag that comes with the gun. This is a great addition to the collection!

Pro's: Tough, High FPS, Realistic Fire Controls

Con's: Little initial product-specific support (will improve with time), Crane stock battery assembly difficult with recommended battery
by Kevin E. on 03/25/2020
"awesome gun so far, very picky on mag selection and be aware this is a 14mm negative!!! I wasted $20 on an adapter only to find out it was negative. otherwise, no instructions at all how to set up the mosfet.
by jackson m. on 03/12/2020
"The gun itself is amazing. Programming the mosfet was very easy. The binary trigger is so fun to use. There Is only one problem I have had so far with the gun. The information that was provided on evikes website about the gun said it was positive thread. I purchased a positive thread suppressor and flash hider only to find out that mine is negative thread. I’m not blaming evike. I should have checked the threads first before buying accessories. You might want to keep this in mind if you buy this.
by Robert Y. on 12/26/2019
"This gun is a great licenced replica. You have you DD rail, upper and lower receiver. It comes with the Aster installed in a good gearbox for most builds. I use the word build because of the condition in which the gun came. The gun shot right at 370 fps with .20s and 330 with 25s. Built perfect for cqb; however, I bought the gun for outdoor play. I had to change the spring and I went with the asg 125 spring. I changed the piston to a shs piston with a lonex cylinder head since the gearbox was open. The box comes with 8mm bearings which is a plus, and the gears are standard 18:1s. The motor is a g&p 140 which easily pulled the old and new spring. The motor connector came off easily from the gate wiring, and there is not a lot forgiveness in the motor connector wiring as it is a tight fit. After install, the gun shoots 360 with .25s.

The hop up is unable and inconsistent, and the bucking was soaked in oil. Bbs would fall 50 feet and would be all over the place making it impossible to use. I replaced the hop up with a Maxx model with and used a zci 275mm barrel.. the barrel extends out so a 270 mm barrel is probably the correct size. The Maxx has fitment issues in this gun and I tried multiple magazines. Dytac hexmags are too big, PTS mags did not feed well, Ares mags were too loose, Lonex flash mags would feed, and the one which came with the gun feeds well but it was very tight. Settled with the Evike high rps mags by G&P. First 10 or do shots would have issues if fully filled, but the rest of the bbs fed flawlessly. If you use these mags just fill up then take about 10 bbs out.

The bolt catch has a plastic plastic plate glued to the upper which makes comparability issues with a lot of hop ups. I removed the plate and the bolt catch works flawlessly now with any hop.

The battery compartment can fit 2600 11.1 lioin but the placement is difficult based on the design of the buttstock. Wired can get easily pinched if you are not careful. It appears to be a g&p stock. I ordered a PTS EPS stock to replace it.

This gun is overall a great gun for intermediate to advanced techs. This gun is not usable out of the box, but any of the mk18s are outperformed out of the box but cheaper aegs. This gun was bought based on the externals. If I was looking a great gun right out of the box for the price I would have got the Cyma with the quick spring change or a Spetna Edge, but neither will come close to the external excellence of this gun.

Since airsoft is half looks, this gun does a great job and it gets a 10 for that. If you are looking a gun to take right to the field then this is not it. If you buy with the understanding that you are going to have to upgrade it or use for cqb then you will enjoy this gun. For performance bout of the box I woul give it 1. If you replace the hop up with another unit then it would be a 5, and if you are willing to put the time into this masterpiece with these externals then I would rate it a 10.
by Aaron N. on 07/01/2020
"I am only giving this a 3 star review because of the Daniel Defense licensing and realistic feel. However the rest of the gun is a 1 star. I originally bought the gun on a Thursday for an op on Saturday. after opening the box i was stoked to fire it and break it in before the op but little to my surprise the gun did not work. I immediately called customer service and they were super nice and said bring it back to the store and they will evaluate it. That was great but it is a 75 mile drive for me one way and 150 round trip. So I went back Friday and they took care of me, they needed to update the software for the Aster. all seemed amazing and drove back home and started breaking the gun by firing at some boxes in the back yard. On Saturday I played for 5 hours but on the last op the gun decided not to work. Thinking it was a jam I pulled my self form the op and went to un-jam the gun, however it was not jammed. The gun was still making a winding sound and nothing was happening. I looked at the set screw for the motor and it was still in the same place. So I pulled the motor and noticed the Pinion gear screw was backed out and the pinion was moving on the shaft. I tightened the pinion gear down figuring this was the issue and unfortunately it did not solve the problem.

I sit here with a $400++ dollar gun that does not work after one opp and extremely disappointed!!! The store did say they will fix it if I bring it back or exchange it for something else as they did not have another DD replica. This means I need to drive another 75 miles each way to get this fixed.

Also I forgot to mention after initial try to break in the hop up and then 5 hours of play this gun is not accurate at all and no matter how much hop there was it would not shoot consistent groupings! A customized gun should always outperform a stock factory shipped gun and this one is not that gun right off the shelf!

I do want to say that EVIKE customer service has been great, and this review is about the lack of consistency, quality, and craftsmanship of this product.
by Tony H. on 03/20/2020
"Gun has great externals, but internet are pretty basic as is expected from a standard g&p gearbox. The aster has been a pain I've had 2 die on me. The first one was cracked, and the other die after 1000bbs.

Would not buy again
by Kerry P. on 03/17/2020
"Great gun, easy to program, nice packaging, the bucking is SUPER lubed and unusable. Also, it has 14mm- threads so the 14mm+ flash hider I bought for it doesn’t fit. Piston strips fast as it doesn’t have a full metal rack. Good base plate form for someone who wants a fully licensed, attractive rifle that is a solid UPGRADE PLATFORM.
by David V. on 12/17/2019
"When I first got this gun I had many problems with it.
First is that a lot of mags won’t fit into this gun especially the PTS Mags which is a HUGE BUMMER. Second is that my hop up is completely not working doesn’t shoot accurately and the bbs drop bad. The motor gets really hot really fast. Overall I’ll give it a 3 star just for how terrible it is out of the box when I got it. First of I don’t even wanna sent it back and wait for like another week and a half just to get this gun working...