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6mmProShop "Pilot" Face Mask w/ Steel Mesh Lower Face Protection (Color: OD Green)

17 Customer Reviews

by Mason B. on 11/04/2023
"I've been using the mask for a while now and it works great, it has very good ventilation and field of view, and I have never had it fog up on me, getting it set up is a little annoying, be careful not to strip the screws that hold on the helmet rail connectors.
by Wallace C. on 09/19/2023
"Great mask, love the color and fitting!

The mask itself is quite comfortable. Foam is nice and the compact lower face allow me to sight and aim without being in the way while providing enough protection for the lower face. Haven't had a fogging issue yet. The lens is clear with very little distortion at the edges. This thing BREATHS. So much air flow for this price range, I am very impressed by this. Most cheaper masks under $50 don't breath very worries with this one, it feels great. Will be purchasing more of these.
by jacob b. on 07/11/2022
"This mask made for the best airsoft experience I’ve had yet. Little to no fog, no pains from having straps tight on your head either. I used it mounted on a helmet I had also got from evike. Very comfortable and durable. It got quite a few hits directly to the visor only some small scratches I had expected it to crack from how hard some of the shots were. Also it’s very easy to put the helmet mounts on and take off the strap took me like 3 minutes.
Pros: very comfortable with helmet mount
Strong and protective both the metal face cover and lense
Not much fog
Very easy to put on a helmet
Cons: might be too small for some(if you know you have a real big head ) ? It fit me perfect though and I could still ads with my sniper scope just not with my low profile rds on my stubby m4. I’ll need to get a T1 optic with riser.
by Brian N. on 03/04/2022
"This face mask is great overall. I'll keep it simple with the pros and cons.

-Sturdy for multiple headshots.
-Feels nice and light.
-Looks cool.
-Comes with 3 lens (clear, yellow tint, and dark tint).
-Good vision.

-Instructions are in terrible Chinese-English translation. It took me a YouTube video and almost an hour or two to just get the dang mask to attach to my helmet.
-Changing the circle pins for the helmet mount is a pain. Broke the screwdriver trying to take it out. You need a lot of pressure to push it out.
-The mask will fog up if you are getting sweaty and hot.
by Tony L. on 02/15/2022
"I have a rebranded version of this mask. Here's a quick tip for removing the plastic pieces when disassembling the mask for lens swaps/helmet adapters:

After unscrewing the screws, instead of pressing on the plastic tab where it tells you to, use a flathead screwdriver to poke through and pry the SIDES of the tab. Doing it the way they tell you to is nearly impossible and very frustrating, but the method I used made it trivially easy. Hope this helps.
by roberta m. on 07/28/2021
"Got one of these in a mystery box and didnt expect this to work with helmets so well. Feels nice and light, and fits on my helmet really good. Honestly it was the product i didnt know i needed lmao. It makes putting on helmet gear a breeze.
by Jessie W. on 02/14/2023
"pretty good, only con i found was that they didnt work with any active ear pro i own, that being a set of earmor mod 3s, also for someone who is 6'0 230lb the mask didnt fit flush on the helmet, but thats cuz im large
by angelea i. on 09/20/2022
"This mask was perfect for me quite literally it fit my face perfect, and is very comfortable. It works great with my m4 and the optic riser IDK if it would work on optic without optic riser but overall good. Reason why not 5 star is becasue of the hassle to change visors or helmet mount since the instructions are not the best. Overall 4 star
by Andrew T. on 10/12/2021
"It's great, looks cool, easy to install. Been shot in the face plenty of times with it and it holds up. Just not 5 stars because I notice it can fog up easier than a standalone goggle.
by Patrick P. on 07/20/2021
"The mask is pretty good but changing the lens is trouble. I can’t figure out how to change them without breaking the mask. The instructions doesn’t give enough info to change it so I just left it.
by David D. on 02/24/2021
"I've been looking for a new mask for a while and I gotta say this one was EXACTLY what I needed. The only problem is when you're attaching the helmet mounts they're close to impossible to swap out I looked at the manual several times and I don't know if it's a design flaw or a defect but the mounts that are on it DO NOT want to come off. But you really don't need to mount this thing to a helmet it works fine without the mounts. Highly recommended only problem is while I'm writing this review evikes out of stock hopefully they get more cuz with or without a helmet it's a great starter mask.
by Elliot P. on 05/18/2022
"Got this mask because it looked great aesthetically, and wasn’t super pricey. When I got the mask, the build quality was great, the packaging was awesome, and the accessories you get (extra lenses, helmet mounts, etc) we’re fantastic. I however had to return this mask because it is quite small. Even with the band adjusted to the max width, it was still small on my face. I am a bigger person, and I wear glasses. I couldn’t wear my glasses under the mask due to the small opening of the goggles, and the mask barely covered my face. If you don’t have a fat face like myself, I’m sure this mask would be perfect for you. If they made a bigger footprint mask, I would definitely rebuy this product.
by Andy H. on 04/08/2022
"The worst part of this is the way it attaches to the helmet. Whatever plastic is being used for the helmet mount is too soft to hold up for more than a few times putting them on and off. The indention system that holds the helmet rail to the helmet are so flimsy that the buttons you use to move the helmet back and fourth are always going to press them back in the rail and off of the helmet. This product is like 80% of the way to being really great. If the helmet attachment was made out of a stronger plastic, there was a metal insert in the temple for the mask attach screw, and the steel mesh was a little bit longer (like 1/2 inch) I would recommend this to anyone. Unfortunately the price point is too cheap for what this really needs. I would gladly pay $60 for exactly this with slightly better materials and care in design.
by Max C. on 03/05/2022
"Very small compared to a dye i4, just feels all around tighter in every way. Really only wanted this so I could solid mount it to my helmet so I can run exfog tubes through my helmet for my glasses more then the mask. I can say Don’t buy this mask if you wear glasses they just won’t fit out of the box took about a hour with a dermal to clearance enough to be comfortable fielding the mask. Defiantly only for people with smaller faces/heads.
by robert a. on 07/11/2021
"I have been waiting for this mask in the color I wanted for a while. It finally came in. It's very cool I love the way it attaches the only thing is. You can't comfortably wear any kind of ear protection. If that is something you are not concerned about its a great mask and set up if you want a solid helmet and mask combo.