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EMG TTI Licensed JW3 2011 Combat Master Airsoft Training Pistol w/ Custom Island Barrel (Model: Green Gas)

8 Customer Reviews

by Joseph F. on 12/13/2020
"Great pistol accurate and beautiful. Functions flawlessly.
by Evan M. on 08/02/2020
"This gun is amazing got mine a week ago and it just shoots great.
by Daniel S. on 04/13/2021
"Set screw backed out holding spring back! Tightened and spring fully extended... works fine now 👍
by Benjamjn B. on 04/10/2021
"First impressions are great the gun has very smooth action and
is solid without much play so its a solid build for the most part. It's all metal except for some internals and the grip. It is heavy handed but I like that in my airsoft guns so I'm ok with that its a good weight.
This is where I have the problem (atleast for the co2 version) with the spring rod guide being plastic. It did not stand up to the power or was already broke around the rim of the base of the spring rod guide so when I went to shoot it for the fist time I didn't even get threw the first mag. In the end I had to go to a local field and by one that was metal.
Other than that after I replaced the spring rod guide it runs flawlessly. And the other problem is the grip safety mine fires without my hand on the grip saftey.
P.s. I have the cowcow spring rod guide currently in the gun it is a very tight fit so fair warning because the one that comes with the gun is very thin and fragile.
by Michael C. on 12/28/2020
"Very nice and accurate. I've used it 3 times and the mag button fell off and the bottom plastic on the magazine fell off. It does shoot good but so far it's not holding up on the field. I hope I can replace the button.
by Farzad T. on 12/04/2020
"The sticker on it left marks and the gun and removing orange tip was really hard.but it is great pistol
by Joshua t. on 12/24/2020
"Got this in the box of awesomeness, Nice gun for the most part but feels a little cheap in hand compared to the tm hi capas. As the years go by it seems the aluminum on pistols gets thinner and lighter but the material doesn't seem to be better quality.
Anyway, it was fun to test for 2 1/2 mags. Fps was pretty stout, good hard kick as well, pretty accurate. A downfall I've noticed of the hi capas is the hop up unit, this one after 5-8 shots the hop would back off.
After the second mag, the spring guide plug base snapped off and that was the end of that.
If you buy this, just buy an upgraded plug in advance and you'll be good. woulda gave it 4 stars but it broke right outa the box and thats pretty bad on a $200 price tag.
by Jason B. on 02/04/2021
"I was super excited to get this pistol, but am a little disappointed with a few things right out of the box. Supposedly someone put a lot of effort into making this as close to the real-steel as possible in every detail. That's the main reason why I jumped for this one. Granted this one just over $200 instead of $4500 for the real one but if they say it is the same then I would expect it to be the same. Anyway... on to the issues.

1. The extended mag bumper doesn't have an inlet shape the will work with many (most?) fill nozzles. . . at least the propane adapter nozzles. The fill hole is very small and recessed WAY down inside the bumper. The fill nozzles have a flare which works fine with most mags. I picked up a couple of EMG/SA 30rd mags when I bought the gun and they work fine. The first time I tried to fill the mag, I didn't notice that the bumper was blocking the fill nozzle on the one that comes with the gun because it slides down and looks like it should work. Pressing down to start the fill blows gas and silcone spray all over because the tip doesn't actually reach the mag. I'll have to look for an extended fill adapter to be able to use this mag.

2. General QC comments. There are some scratches on the barrel and a few tiny dings along the end. It looks like maybe the barrel was bulk shipped to the assembly location without any protection. There is also some oil/dust on the barrel, particularly in the corners and grooves. Looks like it wasn't cleaned well after manufacturing. Not the biggest deal, just a little disappointing for a new gun.

3. There is a small amount of side to side play in the slide. Probably good enough for general airsoft, but tighter tolerances would be nice.

4. The beavertail. They dropped the ball on this one. If you pull up the picture of the gun facing barrel west and then google a picture of a real one you will see that the bottom of the beavertail is not a nice smooth arc. I noticed it because it sticks out and pokes into the web of your thumb when gripping on this airsoft model. Holding real-steel is much more comfortable - it is super smooth all the way up and rests very comfortably in your hand.

5. The rear site mount is fake. This probably won't come as a surprise for a lot of you and won't matter for anyone who is going to keep the site that came with the gun, but I bought it for training and picked up a Vortex red dot and a mounting plate to attach it so things would be as similar as possible to my real firearms. Removing the rear site revealed that they have packed some extra stuff high up in the slide (which looks to be normal) and consequently had to fake the site on by cutting out from underneath it. It works for what it is, but I have no way to mount a red dot now. I sent evike a message to see if there is another adapter that will work, but FYI to anyone who wants to mount a site - you can't.

Other thoughts. . . it looks nice. The grip is very aggressive feeling. The mag release is very sensitive. I have accidentally bumped it a number of times already and you can't set the pistol down using only your right hand because it bumps the release and ejects the mag when you pick it back up off the table. Only put a few rounds through it so far but it seems to work fine otherwise. Should be fine for general airsoft play.