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KWA AEG 3.0 Ronin Tactical T10-SBR w/ Kinetic Feedback System

8 Customer Reviews

by Dith C. on 02/10/2021
"Had a great time with this gun. Consistent FPS with adjustable hop up thats fairly easy to adjust.
by Joseph L. on 12/02/2020
"I received my Ronin T10 2 weeks ago. I love it! Took it to Gamepod, out of the box it was at 430 fps which was too hot. I opened the stock, used a Phillips screw driver and lowered the fps to 402. The simulated recoil is awesome too. During my second game, I missed a step off a platform and fell on the concrete with all my gear and landed on top of my Ronin. I am 6' and 310, the Ronin is built solid, the only damage was a scuff mark on the stock and the clamp for the my foregrip broke off. It was well worth the cost.
by Matias G. on 06/19/2020
"Just received my T-10 in the mail from evike and I am blown away. The gun itself looks extremely nice and the recoil system is super nice. Can not wait to take it out on the field this weekend.
by Johnny N. on 06/04/2020
"Great gun, it has a nice kick and it shoots straight using .28g bbs. It is very sturdy and it feels like it can take a beating.
by Brian T. on 05/18/2020
"Wow!! If you're a fan of the Ronin T6 you'll love this rifle.Right out of the box this rifle is SOLID! Strong build and shooting lasers. Will take a second to get used to the kenetic feedback recoil...but it's awesome! It does have a long tigger pull that takes getting used to. I will be putting a Gate Titan in it. Other than that, seems flawless design. get ready. Realism with this is great! Works with most mags, but KWA mid-cap mags work best with no wobble. An absolute MUST to own! Well worth the wait
by Christopher S. on 11/08/2020
"The Gun is awesome performs great the recoil is really cool I'm only rating it a 4 because the charging handle came broken but I sent it back for a new one. The recoil is good it is full metal so a bit heavy but it just adds to a realism factor. The gun shoots pretty well and has a pretty good range and good accuracy would highly recommend if you can take the high price. The only downside is the charging handle is only connected by a tiny piece of plastic. Great gun
by c von c. on 08/29/2020
"So far the KWA T10 has been reliable and reasonably accurate. Gun feels solid and well built, but none of the small screws have thread-locker and will fall out because of the recoil. KWA uses proprietary parts for their hop- up, so it's more difficult to know what aftermarket parts will fit and Kwa tends to charge a premium for their parts.

Pros: Well built from solid materials (mostly aluminum).
Recoil is a nice feature that aids in realism.

Cons: Screws fall out if not thread-locked in place.
A bit pricey relative to non-recoiling AEG's
Proprietary parts makes upgrades more difficult
Doesn't come with manual or cleaning rod
by Rickey N. on 07/27/2020
"Recieved my Ronin T10 just a few days ago, and i gotta say its the best/most fun weapon I've ever had!
The recoil is not a lot, but somewhat gives the feeling of shooting a gas blowback rifle, but on electricity!
No more gas, no more cold mags, it is absolutely amazing. THUS the rifle has a problem shooting when i retract the stock (I dont know if its mine only) but I've run into this problem 8/10 times, retracting the stock. Sometimes it won't even work before the battery gets disconnected and inserted again...

The gun does not seem to use a whole lot of electricity compared to other rifles that i own, thus the recoil system.

3/5 because of the retracting stock problem, it should not occur on a $400 rifle, and theres no feature to stop the rifle from dryfire, but the fun is absolutely maxed out in this weapon.. When it works.
While making this review, I thought I'd share it in a video too: