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Cybergun FN Licensed M249 Para "Featherweight" Airsoft Machine Gun (Model: <350 FPS Version)

33 Customer Reviews

by David B. on 04/06/2021
"So I bought the M249 Featherweight with 2,500 box mag. After some minor issues that I had to fix with both the gun and the box mag, this gun shot beautifully. Love the weight obviously. Can't wait to try in a game. Would definitely recommend if you are thinking about getting this gun. I would say go with the box mag if you can, definitely worth it.
by Gianni D. on 02/04/2021
"Wow this gun impresses me everytime I shoot it, forget the fact this is a support gun and is supposed to be used for supressive fire. Its stupidly accurate. idk if its just mine or what but yoiu can hit 200+ foot shots out of the box (maybe more I only have so much room on my property) and might I add how accurate it is on full auto. Idk why it is but this airsoft gun should be the standard for $200 plus aegs. The rof is great, It hits like a truck (mine shoots around 390 consistant) and its stupidly accurate. I wish more guns were like this one internally. But the only drawback I found with this gun is how much I hate the para stock its pretty damn wobbly. I want to get a full stock but I bought a pistol instead however a new stock for this will be the next thing I buy. If your thinking Bout buying this just do it honestly. Forget the looks (this thing is very attractive) I would just buy it for the performance alone.
by David O. on 01/16/2021
"Ok. Just used my featherweight in a game for the first time. Its a blast. Lots of good features but a few not so good things to be aware of. If you want to lay down some serious suppressive fire in a game but don't want the weight of a metal frame 249, this one is for you.

The pros:
Lots of firepower.
It can be used with the stock fully collapsed which is helpful if you're wearing a protective face mask. as it doesn't get in the way.
The quick change barrel makes maintenance and upgrades super easy.
Can use rifle box mags or MG electric drum mags.
The motor is fully upgradable and easy to work on.
It has metal parts where it's important. I.E. trigger, dust cover latch, carry handle and outer barrel.
Hopup is easy to adjust and maintain.
Did I say lots of firepower? You will burn through bb's with this one.

The cons:
The battery compartment is very small and limits you to certian ones.
The top cover is plastic and wobbles side to side which is a problem if you use optics. The battery takes up some of this play though.
The para stock is wobbly when extended. It's not bad, just noticible.
The bipod legs are plastic, but seemed to hold up pretty well during game play.
The plastic sights suck. They don't hold a zero and the adjustments don't stay in place. The front one can't be adjusted at all. Its injection molded into the barrel. Just use an optic.
by Connor P. on 10/09/2020
"This thing brings economy to the LMG field and does well doing it. The sack mags are kinda iffy, so just buy the standard gun. I'd recommend getting some stick mags, as this thing chews ammo, but that's cool with me. I'd recommend a triple stick 11.1v lipo with at least 1500MaH. Note that this is not an LMG gearbox, but rather a standard v2 with a proprietary hop-up.

Folding stock
Accurate groups to 50 metres
Fast shooting
Easily deconstructed
Easy to access hop and gearbox
The hopup is really fragile
Short inner barrel (could be a pro I guess)
The stock loosens sometimes, just turn the Allen key on the stock base to put back.
The Picatinny is really flexible
Front sight does not detach
by Manuel C. on 10/05/2020
"Bought a bone yard Cybergun FN Licensed M249 Para “Featherweight” Airsoft last week for $100 with free shipping. Gun came last Friday and was excited to see an M249 Para. Obviously since it was sold as a boneyard, the gun came in several pieces namely the front barrel, body, carry handle and rear stock. It took around 30 minutes to re assemble the gun with the help of my tool box for the missing screws and bolts to complete it. Take note all the major parts of the gun is included except for the screws and nuts and the magazine. Evike posted that the Cyma drum mag is already available and I just ordered one to complete the gun. Overall the gun is lighted as compared to other M249s. I have the Cyma which is super heavy and refuse to carry it after an hour or two. The good in ordering Evike is speed of processing the order, free delivery, provide delivery updates, all major parts are included. Improvements Evike should do are even if the gun came from the boneyard at least have all parts wrapped in newspaper, bubble wrap and for small parts placed in plastic bags so as not to further damage the parts. The box that was included had several big holes and I guess some small parts fell off somewhere from the warehouse to shipping department. It would be good to include the small screws and nuts for ease of assembly. A few screws and nuts won’t hurt the profit margins of Evike. Also add a schematic of the gun as reference for buyers who are not familiar in restoring guns. These suggestion is to show to the buyers the importance of their money, business and encourage more airsofters to try shopping in the boneyard. Lastly I now own another M249 to be displayed in my toy room and not played due to age. Thanks to all and stay safe.
by Daniel H. on 08/16/2020
"This gun is perfect for anyone who doesnt want to run a heavy 16 pound lmg. They replaced alot of the medal externals woth nylom reinforced polymer so its a lot less heavy. The hopup needed to be adjusted but when i got it adjusted it hit accurate upp to 300 feet. As a left handed person i thought this was made perfect for lefties.

Light mine with all the attachments only weighed about 13 lbs
Rate of fire was good
Made for left handed people (pro or con)

Needs a bit of work when it gets here
Very low battery space
by Jessie F. on 05/05/2020
"alright, ive had this for a week now but haven't gave it field time with this pandemic

lemme just say out of the box it looks awesome, very sturdy gun with no wobble at all, stock is firm when you get it attached. i did have one issue with the sack mag and that was a feeding issue but it was stupid easy to fix, now for how modifiable this bad boy is lemme say this, if you get the a/k m4 stock adapter you WILL have to do some filing and get a bigger pin to reach the other hole as well as drill out a place for youtr bat connector to reach through

otherwise this gun is awesome for a budget LMG
by Whit M. on 03/26/2020
"So after playing 3 or 4 games with this gun and completely disassembling the gearbox, I think I’m qualified to write a review on it. The main theme you’ll probably see in this review is: great for the price.
The polymer body is ok for what the gun costs, but I wish the rails were metal as they have a bit of wobble and part of my top rail popped up during a game, tilting my sight down. No idea why it happened, a firm whack fixed it. When you get this gun, the stock will be separate. Punch the pins in from the right side, the holes on the left are too small to allow for the teeth on the pins. Every pin on this gun is punched in from the right and out from the left. The stock has a bit of up and down wobble when deployed, could be fixed with a spacer between the body and the top stock tube. Performance was really good for a $220 LMG, was able to lay down a lot of fire on a 7.4 without motor heat issues. Range was good, and after about 250 rounds the hop up began to feed more reliably. I fit a Valken 7.4 nunchuck under the top cover just fine. Mine shot 370 with .20 bbs. When I opened up the gun, I found a radiused shell to prevent cracking, a ported piston responsible for the gun’s relatively good consistency, and a full metal rack piston. It came with some grease in the gearbox, but in weird places, and the motor was too far out for the bevel gear to engage, causing a weird sound when fired. Gears are shimmed pretty well considering the low cost of this piece. All in all, good for a $220 SAW. Weight isn’t too bad either.


-Loud, amazing for suppression
-good performance considering the price
-internals are built for efficiency and durability
-light weight
-amazing price
-extremely easy disassembly

-small battery space (use a 7.4 nunchuck)
-rails and parts of the body can creak and bend, gaps between top cover and receiver
-makes screeching sound when fired, even though motor height has been adjusted and gearbox lubed
-no semi auto (gun design con)

If you want to get a SAW at the lowest price possible, pick one up! Performed quite well even in comparison to some higher end LMG type guns, at half the weight and cost!
by Cody M. on 03/22/2020
"Honestly, for the money, this is hands down my favorite weapon now and I have a sizeable collection to choose from. I did upgrade to a stiffer bucking and put in a 383 6.01 TBB and this thing is nuts. I can hit human sized targets at 200+ feet without much issue with .30 bbs. I also packed every empty spot on the gun with acoustic foam to cut down on sound and it help immensely. I've used this on friends and if I catch them at a decent distance, most of the time they don't know where the hell fire is coming from until they trace the stream of bbs. For the money you cannot beat this value or this firepower. Obviously I expect the gearbox to explode eventually, it's a $250 gun, let's be real people. It's also sporting a 20+ rps with an 11.1v, but so far so very good. When or if it breaks the gear box I will just hpa it. Until then though, this gun for the money has brought me more fun then any of my m4s, vectors or my SRS sniper. Buy it, love it, break it, and don't regret it because you won't find a better value LMG for this price
by matthew t. on 03/15/2020
"First, I have to admit that I did win this gun through one of Evike's Epic Saturday giveaways. So, for what I paid for this gun, if I could score it a 10 out of 5 I would.

However, with that being said, the weather finally broke a little for me last weekend as I won this in early winter, and living in WNY, means very little play during the winter.

I did run this with an 11.1 battery. ROF was very nice and the gun performed as well as I hoped it would. I'll list the pros and cons:


This can be a pro or con, however for me, the light weight build is a huge pro. This is my first machine gun, so I am getting acquainted with the support role. However, at least if you're in a jam, or your team just breaks down, you can definitely run and gun with this baby. I ran 2500 classic army box mag with this, and you will no be the most graceful player, however, you can lay down cover fire for yourself while you push up, or make for a quick get-away.

Distance and accuracy. Remember this is a machine gun it's not made for pinpoint accuracy. However, with that being said, this does have a decently tight grouping. Especially from distance. The range on this gun is flawless. Again, for suppressing, if you don't hit what you're shooting at, it definitely isn't moving. This gun out ranges several of my m4 models.


Battery storage is tight. Under the dust cover, there are really only a handful of batteries that will do the job especially if you want that nice ROF with a 11.1 Personally, I ran with the Lancer Tactical butterfly 11.1 1200 mah battery. I recently purchased the Valken Energy brand on here. Other than these two batteries, unless you buy a small brick style, you're not going to find another 11.1 that will fit in this thing. Even with these, you have to be extremely careful when closing the dust cover not to crimp any wires or even the battery itself.

Technically not the gun, but the mag it comes with and the box mags:

Throughout the winter I was able to target shoot and test this gun a little bit. The mag it comes with does work in the sense you can load it into the gun and fire it. However, unless you're constantly winding it, you're not going to be doing a whole lot of "suppressing". I made sure I ordered both box mags for this gun before taking it out to a field to play with.

First, I did try several other brand magazines to see if they would fit the mag well, none of them did, nor did they feed.

I bought both the A&K 1500 round box mag on airsoftgi as well as the Classic Army 2500 round mag on here. Both worked, both are a little finicky. I test shot the A&K box mag during target practice and had no issue. The rechargeable battery is also nice, with one exception. If it dies on you, on the field, you're SOL. It worked both on sound control as well as on full auto for several hundred rounds. However, the biggest issue with this model is it's longevity. I'll need to use this model more for a longer period of time to either confirm or disprove this issue. Last thing I will say for this mag, if you want to run and gun this more like a beefy m4, go with this smaller box mag. It makes this gun much more maneuverable. Also it zips up so you won't run the risk of spilling all of your bbs out as you continue below.

Now for the big, bad boy, the Classic Army 2500 round box mag. When it worked, it was amazing. However, the sound control feature stopped working after only a couple burst fires. I had to switch it to full auto. This box mag is a little clunky, once while running with it, the side panel came off, causing me to spill out nearly 2000 rounds on the ground. I just called myself out and said some choice words looking at the money I literally just spread all over the muddy earth. I suggest maybe applying a piece of electrical tape or duct tape to ensure you don't have this happen to yourself on the field. It is battery operated which is kind of nice, so if it dies on you in the field, you can swap it out. However, unless you have good cover fire from your team, you'll mostly be out of commission for several minutes, as the batteries are located inside that same side panel I just mentioned, so you're going to want to be careful, not to spill thousands of bbs out, if your batteries die while in battle. Once I worked through these two issues, this magazine really did perform well. Especially being my first time using this, I can definitely chalk up some of the issues to the operator error with myself. Just remember, this is going to add substantial weight to the gun. After running around a couple 15 minute matches with this, fatigue does start to set in. Additionally, I now keep a firm grasp on the side panel when moving to ensure no repeat occurrences. This mag is more for a true support position. Finally, I'll simply need to use this more to really test how well and long it holds up.

Finally, the pistol grip on this thing is not very ergonomic. I suggest either filing / sanding it down, or only wield this gun with gloves if you don't want your hand to blister after a while.

In closing: Get a box mag, it's a machine gun. Lighter weight, nice to move around with. Be patient with box mags, it takes a little getting use to and you have to be gentle with them, at least the Classic Army model.

I hope this helps!
by Nickolas M. on 03/02/2020
"By any chamce does anyone know how i would be able to attach a tracer unit to one these, im taking it to a night game and need a tracer but have no idea on how to attach one
by isaac N. on 02/20/2020
"I ordered this gun 5 days ago when it was on sale and let me just say, I love it. before this year I had never been real serious about airsoft but a few friends have brought me back into it and this gun Is going to be my go to primary for a long time.

looks aggressive
light weight
evike's amazing shopping experience
good fps (I got the performance version)
feels sturdy
loud, has a good pop
has great rps with a 11.1v 3s lipo ( I have a bunch from modifying nerf guns :D

the box it came in was a little banged up (not evike's fault)
the charging handle isn't very secure, although it has no real function

this is my main complaint, the battery compartment is TINY, I might be able to squeeze one of my 1000mill 3s lipos in there but it will be tight. there is just enough space between the door and stock that I can route my mini Tamia to xt60 adaptor through the hole but ill need to make a battery case as lipos are rather unstable and might explode if they get shot so you will need some tools and basic metalworking skills to make a good battery box

overall 5\5
by Luis L. on 02/11/2020
"I just received the FN para "lightweight" M249 and it is a beast. First off it looks real, feels real, and we'll made. Great quality for the price, highly recommend. Luis
by Michael D. on 01/10/2020
"Just picked this up and fielded this in CQB play. Excellent accuracy and very small cone of fire. The only downsides I can say is the small battery compartment and the M16/M4 mag well is not compatible with other brands. Of course having the 2500rd box fixed that.
by Jack C. on 12/31/2019
"Despite it being called the feather weight, it still has some weight. It’s still heavy duty and the bi pod is good. Performs very well. 10/10 would recommend as an LMG.