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EMG "ALPHA" Combat Ready Retractable Stock for M4 Series Airsoft Rifles (Color: Black / Stock Only)

6 Customer Reviews

by David C. on 02/22/2022
"Good stock for the money, as others have said the butt plate is difficult to remove.... I actually filed it a bit to make it easier (be super careful about that if you do it yourself).

I could not for the life of me figure out how to install it on my buffer tube until reading a review here: you have to remove the allen screw on the side of the lever. That is, the lever you would use to adjust the stock when it's installed. Once removed, the lever splits into two halves and you can remove it, then it becomes possible to use some pliers to compress the spring via one of the side pins. Then you can slide it on the buffer tube!
by Brian G. on 10/22/2020
"I like it, the back piece to get to the battery is really hard to open is the only problem I have with it
by Cathrine L. on 03/29/2022
"Great looking and feeling stock. Stays on and has nice solid lock on the positions. Only problem is that with a 11.1v Titan Nunchuck, it has issues fitting. I could probably shove the longer stick into my buffer tube, but the way I rewired it is causing it to be too tight. If I shove both sticks to sit on the side tubes, it will close but put a lot of pressure on the wires due to the tight fitting. Along with that, the battery itself is about 4mm to long to seat close. So that leaves you the option of trying to force it shut, or cut the side cover "flaps" in half for it to sit properly.
by kevin l. on 04/26/2021
"This stock overall is really good and comfortable and so far reliable BUT I might simply be special Needs but the stock comes with no instructions and I had the not slightest idea how to install the stock onto my emg AR Allas fret not I will tell you... the way I did it was on the little adjustment lever to adjust the stock there is a little screw thing that needs a Allen key size 2 I believe and you unscrew I and take it out. You then give the stock a love tap and those levers should just fall out. Then get some pliers and pull the Lil gray springy thing that is what locks into the buffer tube holes down and slide it onto the buffer tube...boom its installed but then the cover on the end of the stock is on there with the grip of a woman who won't let you take their phone...I shoved a flathead screwdriver in the top and then used monke brain and poped it out after like 10 seconds of struggle and I'm pretty sure it's glued on there because it was really hard. But after that upper body workout you can easily remove it by hand afterwards overall good stock but it could use instructions.
by Royce D. on 08/25/2020
"A very nice stock. It is super sturdy and has a nice heft to it. As advertised, it is designed for mil-spec specific buffer tubes, so it won’t work with commercial spec, Marui spec, or ares spec. It is ever so slightly loose on my mil-spec buffer tube, but that isn’t super uncommon for stocks in my experience, and it’s nothing that electrical tape/Teflon tape etc. can’t fix. My biggest gripe is that the larger end of a titan power nunchuck battery doesn’t fit in either of the battery compartments because it’s too long, so I needed to put the larger end of the battery In the buffer tube, which makes so the stock can’t fully retract. The rubber part of the stock can be somewhat hard for people who have weak fingers, but it gets easier over time, so I guess it’s like a break in period for the plastic tabs. Overall I’m happy with the stock. 4/5
by Holdent P. on 08/19/2020
"Not a bad stock at all, a little tight with the battery space but can fit a Titan nunchuck, the only problem is that you have to remove the buttstock to get to the battery compartment and that can be a little difficult. The other concern is that there is no place to put a sling attachment, so you have to thread a sling through the back of it or attach a sling adapter to the body of your rifle or to the buffer tube.