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EMG / Salient Arms International RED Hi-Capa Training Weapon (Model: Aluminium / Gas / Reload Package)

11 Customer Reviews

by Enrique B. on 09/23/2022
"This gun has been solid from the box, easily upgradable, easy to take apart and clean. The only Con this gun has is the fact that the outer barrel is not threaded.
by Arthur V. on 12/30/2021
"I got the co2 select-fire version from the 99 dollar mystery box that gives you a gun valued at 140 dollars or above, the catch is that they are returned items, display models, or something is just wrong with it (from what I read some of them are pretty much brand new). I got this in somewhat bad condition but it wasn't a deal breaker. the blowback nozzle was rubbing against the hammer to the point where the slide was super slow and stiff, the detent pin for the slide catch was in the wrong way, and the fire selector was heavily used. whoever returned it did not do a good job repairing it (it was rough), but I had bought some parts to build my we tech I bought the week before but I was surprised by this gun instead so I installed the cowcow blowback housing and the guarder loading muzzle and that fixed the hammer issue the hop-up was great out the box it was over hoping .28 gram bbs at around the middle setting so that was good. overall the gun is great for the price I paid which was 100 dollars but for 200 I wouldn't have bought it, don't get me wrong it's a really amazing gun it's just that there are a lot of similar guns out there for under 170, for example, I bought a kli baba Yaga off amazon for 135 and it performs really close with this gun. keep in mind that I got a bad example so I don't know how they would perform out of the box on a good model as well as the fact that I've only ever handled a gbb pistole a weekl prier to reciving this gun when I got my we tech and baba Yaga so take my advice with a grain of salt. in conclusion; is it a great gun, yes, is it worth 200 dollars, eh if you're willing to buy it.
by Athens M. on 01/30/2021
"This gun is my first pistol that I got out of an evike BOA (I got the regular one, not select fire 😔)and I have used it for a few months. The more I use this thing, the more I love it. Right out of the box it is very weighty in the slide and the back portion. Compared to my friends stock tm hi capa this thing is so much heavier.

Externally, most of the gun is metal which has a great feel to it. The puzzle trigger is a great addition to this gun, as the trigger pull is very smooth and you don't have to pull far at all. I wish they had included threads on the outer barrel though but that's alright, I wasn't expecting it to have them. The gun has a great look overall, the black body with the gold outer barrel matches well(The guide plug, guide rod, and the grip screws are silver which doesn't match as good but I am going to replace those with gold parts anyways so it's more of a nitpick). The slide is a nice material and after putting a few hundred rounds through it hasn't seemed to wear it down much at all which is no surprise. The outer barrel gold coloring is starting to wear off a little because of the slide rubbing on it. My complaints with the slide is that it wobbles on the frame so when you run it rattles around. It doesn't seem to affect the performance so it's not too big of a deal to me. The rear sight is even worse on the wobbling so beware of that if you plan to buy this. The takedown pin is a complete pain to remove at first, I genuinely had to use a thick allen key to pop it out but the more I did that the looser it got and now I can pop it out with my finger with ease.

Performance wise the gun shoots well right out of the box. It's not the most accurate but I didn't expect it to be because it's a stock gun and the outer barrel isn't fixed. In accuracy it compares to my friend's stock tm pistol. When taken apart the hopup and the inner barrel were really scratched up for some reason. I don't know how that could've happened because I probably only put two mags through it. With the hopup all the way up it was just barely able to hop .25s to hit about 100ft. A new tightbore barrel, bucking and hopup chamber with an I key is all I used for an easy fix, which is something most people will do right away.

This thing is an awesome pistol with a realistic feel. It's basically a weighty tm hicapa with a metal slide, puzzle trigger and a sweet gold look to it. If you can deal with the slide and rear sight being wobbly then I definitely would recommend this over a stock tm hi capa
by Matthew P. on 10/18/2020
"This is my first gas pistol, and I was extremely satisfied with it. A majority of the gun is metal, which offered exceptional durability. The gun shoots extremely well and the gun wants to recoil forward instead of back. The magazine that comes with it is amazing, and it holds ~25-30 bbs, and it can run ~60 bbs before running out of gas. The one part of the gun that is the most annoying is the takedown pin because it pops out when it wants to. The trigger is phenomenal and has a great pull. Overall, its amazing and is worth the price. I will give it a 9.5 out of 10

Out of the box, you will receive the pistol, one mag, and a certification of authenticity with a QR code for manual and registration.

Great weight
Amazing trigger pull
Decent range (let's be real, it's a pistol)
Decent gas efficiency
Granulated texture on the grip (personal opinion)

Takedown pin is a pain
Comes with one mag (personal opinion)
by Charles L. on 09/24/2020
"The best investment I've ever made. Thanks Evike for a great product.
by Julio L. on 07/09/2020
"Bought this pistol about 4 months ago, played with twice a month and pistol is legit.

I was worried about the internals but so far it meets my expectation. I have the SSP1 from Novritch and it shoots better.

The semi and full auto with a 31rd mags makes it unstoppable.

Had the kwa atp full auto but only held 25rds and that sucks. Also the kwa mags are stupidly expensive and fill valve is trash.

Dont over think it, just sell a kidney and buy it. 😁
by Casey F. on 12/25/2019
"First off, this thing is a beast. It was hitting over a 100ft flat out of the book. The trigger is crisp. If you're looking for a great out of the book Hi-CAPA to use as a sidearm or even a primary this is a solid choice.
by Bill H. on 08/06/2020
"Just got mine today thanks to ups, the gun had no warranty card like emg products usually do which was odd. other then that the rear sight is quite wiggly. the included magazine was a basic aw custom co2 mag. no emg again... the magazine and the extra i bought both did not leak which was nice and the gun RIPPED on Co2. i ran 2 green gas mags "Jw3" thru it and it clapped with co2 in comparison!!! very happy about that!!! a little turn to the hop and its lazer beams with .30
by Logan H. on 07/17/2020
"This is not a pistol, this is a very t h i c c laser beam.
by Brendan D. on 04/11/2021
"I got this gun and it worked ok at first. Fired great and felt good. But then, the slide catch started catching it when I was shooting and the BB's were still in the mag. Then the safety fell off and the automatic firing mode wont work. I could have been unlucky but I might have not. I have dropped it in the snow once but I quickly dried it off. Also, I'm using the CO2 one.
by Brent W. on 08/14/2020
"I purchased the C02 semi/full auto variant from Evike. As soon as my airsoft pistol arrived, I took it out of the box and the thumb safety fell off. Evike’s customer service was good and they had me return the defective product and shipped out a brand new one for me. Luckily this one did not fall a part.

The good: the pistol comes with a metal slide (light weight), a comfortable 2011 style poly grip, and a nice fiber optic front sight. Semi auto blowback is nice and snappy. The magazine baseplates double as a tool to removed the CO2 12 gram (nice touch).

The bad: the rear sight is lose enough to wiggle with my finger. The safety (left side) feels very cheap. It doesn’t even come close to emulating the real deal, and pales in comparison to other 1911 style airsoft guns I’ve experienced. This is concerning as anyone with professional training with a real 1911/2011 handgun knows that you keep your thumb on top of the depressed safety. I have my doubts about the long term durability of the thumb safety, which is unfortunate from a product touted as a “training weapon”.

The indifferent: I never tested the full-auto mode because honestly I don’t have a practical use for it.

All and all, if you need a toy 2011 to ply with, this one will do. But if you are a professional looking for a “training weapon” to pair with your real life 2011, I would look elsewhere.