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Cybergun KAHR ARMS Licensed TP45 Full Size Airsoft Pistol (Color: Silver / Add 2x Spare Magazines)

6 Customer Reviews

by Robert S. on 07/07/2024
"Got this from a supply drop
It feels nice, the rear sight and back end of the slide fell off after awhile but it's still a reliable little crusty springer to support a sniper or heavy weapons loadout.
Price: 8/10
Reliability: 9/10
Build quality: 6/10
Accuracy: 8/10
Overall very worth it
by Caroline L. on 12/11/2023
"I'll give this one a 4/5 because it is a springer, but it is of surprising quality, with it not breaking the first five tries. I have yet to use it on a field, but it should be a good starter back-up.
by Jake B. on 09/30/2023
"I got this in a mystery box. It’s worth $20. It shoots accurately and far. But it’s very lightweight and feels cheap.
by Connor H. on 01/01/2023
"Got this in a mystery box
Fun little springer- decent range with 0.20 gram bbs.
Good for backyard play, target shooting, stuff like that.
Wouldn’t use it at a field but that’s my opinion
by Scot M. on 11/04/2022
"Got this in a BOA.
Fun little pew. Surprising range but the consistency is not fantastic. But well worth the price.
My range has a rule that gun hits disable the weapon so you could toss this guy in a dump pouch and have an extra life in case of emergency.

Good range
Light weight
Fairly durable for a plastic springer.
Budget friendly
Feeds well

Not super accurate compared to other more expensive options
Magazine quality is not great
by Adam M. on 12/05/2023
"Received for free from the supply drop. I'm happy with it. The magazine is weighted and adds some heft to the overall weight of the pistol.

It has lower FPS, great for backyard battles. I wouldn't field it, but it's fun for plinking.