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EMG Airsoft Nation IFF LED Markers (Model: Arm Band / Black)

10 Customer Reviews

by Zeev B. on 05/08/2022
"Probably the best IFF markers you can get. I only wish they made an IR version, and ones made in the USA.
by Alex H. on 05/16/2021
"Short and simple review!

Arm band that has different colors, has many uses such as team identification and using it to show you're dead. Works perfect and is very bright!

Bright, multi color, easy to use.

Honestly none!
by Jacob V. on 12/13/2020
"Highly suggest buying and using these. I'd use 2 one on the front and one on the back. They're super cheap and very effective for keeping you from getting team killed
by Garrett D. on 10/06/2020
"this item is well made and very solid. Good for any low light identification and I specifically enjoy the game mode zombie hunter that we created. One force starts team blue and one force starts team green. Anyone "hit" turns "team purple" if not revived in 1 minutes. When hit you are "red" and cannot move for 1 minute or until any player clicks you "their team color"
No need to walk back to respawn point ever and super fun the whole time!
by Nelson D. on 09/20/2020
"The 4 color mode of LED buit into each of these are awesome for Airsoft indoor and outdoor low light / night games!
by Brad N. on 08/07/2020
"I been gaming with this at Highground Airsoft and LOVE IT! So much easier to know who your friends and foes are vs using non-glowing arm bands. Genius idea!
by Michelle M. on 07/16/2020
"This makes Airsoft gaming a lot more interesting!!!
by Paul H. on 02/13/2020
"Great dead light. Shines bright, great elastic band to fit your guns 💪The bands don't reflect the color of the light. I bought red wanting it for a dead light (which it shines red), but the constant red color probably wasn't the best. Overall, I love it though.
by Jordan J. on 10/27/2020
"Wasnt very bright in my living room but probally perfect for night or low light games. Depends on arena. I got 1 in the swagg pack that didnt work, Evike replaced it really fast. So good light. Good company and good night.
by Donald K. on 10/01/2019
"HGA is gonna require you to purchase these in a few months, so why not buy it now lol. I honestly haven't noticed much of a difference between using this and normal fabric arm bands during gameplay just because of how weak the light is, but maybe that's a good thing.