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Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber for VFC SCAR Airsoft AEGs (Model: SV)

7 Customer Reviews

by John B. on 02/15/2023
"MAXX Hop units are hands down the best hop ups made and this one is a huge improvement for the VFC SCAR-L and SCAR-H. Well made, easy installation, great accuracy and improved air seal. I kept it simple and installed a G&G green bucking and nub I had laying around and the results were outstanding. Only thing of note is the inability to use a Modify flat hop bucking (Baton Ryusoku): The SV model MAXX Hop Up won't depress this bucking down far enough for some reason. Other MAXX Hop Ups don't have this problem, but the design of this one is different to fit the SCAR and isn't compatible with the Modify bucking. Not a problem though, works perfectly with other buckings. Worth the extra money for VFC SCAR lovers.
by London G. on 08/08/2020
"Easy to install . If you don't fond an R Hop then there's an extra arm included for you to install a standard nub hopup . Comes already installed a R Hop if I recall . Take apart and replace with nub . Make sure hop is set to 0 . Comes with a small instructions paper . To get it on make sure the dial is flushed with the hop to have an opening for the nozzle to slide in . Make sure you have the hop spring loose enough where you can put tension on the hopup and the barrel . Don't tighten the two screws holding the hop up to the barrel too tight and you'll be fine 🤙
by Diego P. on 06/05/2020
"Nice machining and very high quality. Feels and looks soooo much better and more premium than the cheap stock hop up(which cracked on me). Dial is very stiff but always holds position. I tried two different buckings with it. The first was a maple leaf 75 degree bucking. Seemed to fit very well in the unit. At first it would only feed hi caps, then nothing at all. Changed it out for a krytac orange bucking and now I am literally reaching well upwards of 80 yards with the stock barrel with great consistency. I am very very impressed with this combination. Note however that the krytac bucking was a much snugger fit in the hop up unit which made it a bit more difficult to install.
by Marshall K. on 03/17/2020
"This was it. This was the gauntlet of hope for the VFC scar users around the world. I bought this with an AST 80* (as it recommended) and the Prommy 407mm 6.03mm barrel.

I compared the stock setup with stock internals then replaced the hop up unit with the new parts and the results were spectacular. Accuracy became soooooo good (.30g bbs). I gained maybe 30 feet of range and probably got an fps boost too.

HOWEVER-----My shots were very consistent and accurate...if I tilted my gun. Shots would veer one way but consistently. I came to realize something was defective. I know it wasn't the bucking because i replaced it twice. Not sure if it's the unit or the barrel but I bet its the barrel

Pros: consistent, FPS boost, Perfect airseal, dial stays in place, solid construction

Cons: Im getting inaccurate yet consistent shots becasue of some defective part. IDK what it is

IG: @iowacobras
by Zackary S. on 02/05/2020
"Works very well inside the VFC Scar H in comparison to the old clear plastic hop up. A must get if you plan on increasing range and consistency in your Scar.
by Marc V. on 11/21/2019
"Works very well on my VFC SCAR - L!!! I’m able to adjust the hop-up really easily and get a perfect hop for indoor and outdoor games!!!
Highly recommend upgrading IF you have a VFC SCAR - L/H
by Benjamin C. on 01/27/2021
"This hopup is a great step towards correcting the clear plastic hopup that VFC Scars have been plagued with for years. The machining is beautiful, they include more than enough extra parts to get started, and it is built solid. However, this hopup is FAR from perfect. Ever since installation, I have been having constant feeding issues. The gun has frequent dry fires, double feeds, and FPS drops. I have tried numerous magazine brands including VFC midcaps with the same issues. I would love for this hopup to be the perfect solution, but it is not. Unfortunately, just looking nice doesn't cut it. The performance far outweighs the asthetic.

Well built
Clean machining
Clear sideplates
Multiple extra/different parts
Rotary dial

Doesn't line up will with lower receiver
Constant feeding and FPS issues