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Pre-Order ETA May 2020 KRISS USA Licensed Kriss Vector Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle by Krytac (Model: Black / Essential Pack)

37 Customer Reviews

by James E. on 01/20/2020
"This was my first gun. Originally I chose it because I always loved the vector from videogames. But after having it and using it it is lovely, shots great and accurately with .3 BBs and a 11.1v. Not only is it reliable but it sure does get some attention on the field.

-Feels great, very nice weight and material
- Pretty great range for what it is
- Style points

-Very limited battery space, would highly recommend extended battery cover
- After every reload 3 BBs fall out
-occasionally a loose bb is heard rattling somewhere in the gun and can be shaken out
by matt t. on 09/20/2019
"I've had this gun for over two year now and I can say the following. The weapons range is excellent the accuracy is awesome for a stock gun. The build quality is amazing with no wobbling. Overall this is just an awesome gun to have.

good externals
reliable fps
Krytac internals!
good range
good accuracy

no drum mag until last year Evike finally released it!

player note
For the inexperienced air softer this is a good gun the same can be said for the experienced airsofter
by Dylan X. on 09/13/2019
"this gun performs great, I bought the under 350fps version and planned to upgrade the spring, after playing a day at my local field I found that 350fps is more then enough to hit anyone around 200 feet accurately. I was also happy that the gun was under 350 fps and allowed me to clear cqb buildings. it performed perfect indoor and out. only wish is to see high cap magazines in the near future, for now the angel customs drum magazine adaptor will work but doesn't look as cool as a vector mag. the only thing the gun lacked when I received it was a roller pin, the small pin that holds the rail on the top from moving and sliding off.
by Christopher W. on 08/28/2019
"Gotta say, my new favorite gun now hands down. I just had to get used to the rotary hop-up but I like how it is numbered and clicks in place! I played my first game with it in a really tight CQB field and was able to switch shoulders rapidly and keep pushing forward with no issues. Really not much bad about this at all... I really love this gun!

Even though compact, it has good accuracy and range
When you flip the safety, it disengages the motor, and spring so you don't wear it down.
No wobbles, or creaks.
Even though it is a polymer gun, it doesn't feel cheap, and has some heft to it
Rotary hop up that is numbered

Battery compartment size, but this can easily accommodate an 11.1V 1000mAh 20C lipo easily (can get the Tenergy one here on evike)
by Paul P. on 08/03/2019
"Had this gun for a month now and brought it to many different types of matches and environments and I have to say this gun handles and functions spectacularly in every category
-built like a tank, extremely durable upper and lower receivers with a strong inner working system
-respectable rate of fire
-consistent FPS
-very accepting to modification and attachments
-fun to use
-real eye catcher and talk of the game

-can be awkward to handle at first if you’re used to M4/AK setups and looking to switch it up
-a little pricey
-pin that holds stock in jiggles slightly but that’s just a nitpick and an easy fix

All in all, 9/10. Great bang for your buck and a fantastic CQB gun. I highly recommend this if you’re a veteran looking for a change up in the sea of M4s and AKs or a newbie with some extra spending cash looking for your first gun that won’t ever fail you.
by Richard S. on 04/30/2019
"By far this has been a quality investment! The gameplay alone is worth the money it cost for the Krytac Vector, and I will probably purchase another one eventually for modding. If anyone is thinking about this product, I absolutely recommend it.
by Ethan B. on 04/10/2019
It is a very comfortable gun to hold
Looks awesome
Shoots pretty far and has a crisp 2 round burst
My only con is the battery space
by Jared T. on 01/24/2019
"One of the most beautiful guns I have ever had the pleasure to shoot. I love almost everything about this gun. Apart from the small (and I mean tiny) battery housing, this gun does everything right.
by Austin H. on 12/20/2018
"I played my first game with it tonight, and I am very happy with it! It shoots straight and consistent with every round. For an AEG, it had almost immediate response(wind up and shoot) after touching the trigger. It shot between 319.4 and 323.3 with .23g bbs. I do reccomend a foregrip and red dot sight to go with it though. Most importantly a foregrip, because I accidentally hit the mag release while holding the body and dropped the mag on the ground mid game. Also, I'm annoyed that it comes with a 50ish round mid cap magazine, I'm a high cap fan personally and found myself constantly rubbing the bottom of the magazine looking for the reel. My biggest complaint is the battery compartment though. I actually had to bring it to the store section of my arena first and actually try to fit a battery in the compartment. (Fyi the valken stick 1000 mah 30c 11.1v fits if you connect the battery first, and shove the wires in, followed by the battery)

-Looks amazing
-It's made by a branch of the actual production company KRISS (who make this vector in real life)
-Instant trigger response
-Burst fire(semi and full auto too obviously)
-There's just something special about this gun I can't explain

-Mag release is too sensitive and can be hit accidentally
-Front heavy
-A bit awkward at first(switches for safe/fire and switches for fire mode can be mixed up easily)
-The stupid limited Amount of battery space you have.

Despite the few issues, I still think that this is one of the most useful, and one of the best guns on the market. I am incredibly happy with this weapon, and I recommend it if you are willing to spend the extra $100ish dollars on a good cqb gun
by Korben F. on 08/21/2018
"First of all WOW!! this gun is worth every penny.

CONS: meh a few but nothing really worth crying over

Battery home is small but I fit the one it recomend with a little messing around with the wires
The muzzle flash is plastic but it has to have it, just buy another one it's like 30 bucks for a nice one

Conclusion: it was worth it yes it is all that I wanted has great close and mid almost long range for me. All black is really smoothe. LOVE THE GUN you will turn heads if you have it....BUY IT

aftermarket mags work just as good as factory but get like 5 or 6 to keep you going
by Brandon T. on 06/28/2018
by Ben L. on 04/26/2018
"Ahh, The Krytac Kriss Vector. There's just so much to say about it, so I'll start by saying that this gun is absolutely bonkers and pictures do NOT do it justice. It looks better in person fourfold, and it's a bit bigger than you'd expect from a very compact SMG/PDW, but not by much in that regard, as its size really lends itself well to "One Size Fits All".

This gun sports very crisp and numerous trademarks that transcend all other trademarks on any other gun I have seen. The amount of detail put into this airsoft "death-machine" is handled with the utmost care and Krytac's external quality here does not disappoint yet again. The body is made of 95% polymer, but don't let that sway you, the build quality is absolutely superb and this gun will hold up to beatings. External quality, 5/5.

Internally, this sports some very nice tech. The spring, gearbox, and part of the nozzle actually sit at an angle behind the mag well to make the internal guts fit inside the Kriss Vector platform. But, despite such a strange system being jammed into it, the internals are astounding out of the box. Sure, you'll want to put in upgrades at some point, but, it will definitely hold its own fully stock out in the field whether it's CQB or field.

Keep in mind, the gearbox is MOSTLY compatible with version 2 gearbox parts, be sure to do research before you decide to tech this gun, as the gearbox is most likely much different to what you're used to. Overall, internal quality gets a 4/5 only because of its complexity and process to disassemble. The battery compartment is the worst offender of this gun, as you can only use batteries that are slim and short enough to for the pistol grip. I recommend an 11.1v buffer tube sized battery or smaller. No more, no less.

So, let's move on to Pros and Cons!


-Hefty, durable, and very sturdy

-Very accurate, groupings were surprisingly very good for such a short barrel at a distance

-Huge top rail space for whatever optic you want to run

-Very solid out of the box if you don't like to tech your guns

-Feels good in the hands

-RoF is awesome with an 11.1v lipo

-Really nice looking


-Trigger feels a bit meh for rapidly firing in semi-auto

-Battery space is small and limits your battery choices unless you don't care and let it hang

Final verdict: Absolutely one of the most fun airsoft guns I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. The small grievances are vastly overshadowed by how great this gun really is. Made by Krytac, the price will be quite high, but in my experience, worth every single penny. If the price tag is no obstacle, then by all means, this gun should be a contender for your next purchase. You will not regret it!

5/5 stars
by Marcus G. on 02/17/2018
"I absolutely love this thing!!! It just has a great feel but not only that it has an excellent performance. With an 11.1v lipo, it shreds. Plus with it’s easy quick change spring guide, it is super easy to adjust the FPS. Krytac did a fantastic job with this gun. I love this and I definitely recommend this to everyone!
by Jabon H. on 12/12/2017
"great gun has a good heft to it. Recommend this gun to all
by Tyler M. on 10/30/2017
"I got mine about 2 weeks after release and I can now say it's a true workhorse. I have shoved it in mud dropped it smashed it into walls fired thousands and thousands of rounds played an entire day in a downpour all without issue. It handles incredibly well and transitions to an off hand grip super smooth.

If I had any complaints they would be more like little nit picks. It over cycles into 3rouND burst on 11.1 lipo, the trigger response is super snappy but I find that when I try to fire fast in semi it doesn't fully cycle on some pulls of the trigger.