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CYMA Full Size M14 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Imitation Wood (Package: Rifle)

29 Customer Reviews

by Cameron D. on 06/06/2017
"The best Battle Rifle for this price, and beyond.

For starters, the CYMA M14 came within the promised shipping time (See Evike's FAQ page to see shipping time frames), and the packaging was excellent. At first glance, the M14 was in excellent condition, and the imitation wood mimicked real wood perfectly. The weight of the gun is about 9 pounds, which is a pro for me, perhaps a con for others. I do advise a sling.

Out of the box, this shot 394-395 FPS out of 6 shots with a chrono, and the it has excellent accuracy and grouping at 150 feet, while still being able to shoot farther. Also has a functional charging handle (sounds good and authentic, minus the sound of an actual round being racked, though it serves no real purpose). Trigger response felt nice in my hands, and ROF was very good with a 9.6v battery. This could be easily made into a DMR build, but out of the box is by the far the best battle rifle that you will find in this prices, and may rival those in a higher one.
by Matthew M. on 04/03/2017
"Excellent rifle! It looks real and functions well with .23g+ bb's and a 9.6v battery. I have had this gun for almost a year and love using it to hit targets. Overall and excellent quality and great buy! Would definitely recommend!
by Sasha M. on 12/25/2016
"I would recommend this gun to any one exempt if you are a bit small. I let my brother who is 5'5 hold it and he struggled holding it. Out of the box the gun is really accurate. At my local field I was definitely able to compete with polarstars and fully upgraded M4's. I would not recommend this gun for a fist gun if you are planning to do tech work. It is hard to disassemble and it takes a lot of time. Other then that its a great gun.
-not that loud
-lots of battery room
-good FPS
-the weight is close to the real M14
-well built
-hard to work on
-a bit too long for clearing rooms
by Brandon K. on 07/25/2016
"This is a great gun for anybody that uses AEG's. The accuracy is great, the wood looks real, the metal parts are durable. The FPS is average, but definitely good enough. The main attributes is the ROF with a 9.6 V small type battery and the accuracy. If your a woodland guy than this is really what you want and very affordable.
by Seth P. on 11/27/2012
"This is an AMAZING gun!!! This gun has such great FPS and ROF and a nice sleek design!
The sound of the bolt catch sounds amazing! Get this gun RIGHT NOW!

Weight (For me anyways)

The battery + Charger (Get a 9.6v SMALL TYPE! and a smart charger!)
Orange tip was a little hard to get off
by Peter D. on 08/13/2012
"This is probbaly one of the best guns that you can get for the price. I've had this for about a year now and it works greats. You can fit it to fit your needs, it can be a sniper, a LMG, or just an assualt rifle. One thing that you want to get for it right away is a battery because the stack one doesn't last that long. It's so good that in a trade i've been offered a gun that was worth $100 more than this gun. Thats just how good it is.

full metal internals
accurate(can hit a cardboard box from 60 yds away with only iron sights)
very realistic(have been told that people would just buy the gun to hear the bolt)

heavy( about 10lbs, 15 if you put a scope on it)
Length( you need to get a sniper gun bag if you don't want a tight fit in another)

I would definetly buy it again if i had to
by Seth H. on 04/17/2012
"I have had this gun for almost a year now. It is by far the best AEG M14 out there.
has a quality feeling to it
no rattling (except for sling mounts)
a lot of fun to shoot
no cons that effect me

heavy for smaller players (i suggest players 15 and up and at least 100lbs)
not for "running and gunning"
low variety of gear and upgrades for it (mag pouches...ext)
by zack s. on 01/10/2012
"i got this gun for christmas and it is AWESOME. The RATE OF FIRE is insane! the gun has jammed up on me but besides that its awesome. FPS measures around 350-400, but with an adjusted hopup the effective range is about 150-200 ft. it is an awesome gun i highly recommend it to anyone who loves the m-14 series.

good rate of fire
imitation wood dosnt scratch like real wood
easy to carry around even in the woods


just heavy but with a sling its perfect.
by Karen h. on 12/28/2011
"Just got this gun for christmas and i love it!!! ordered it with a 9.6v (mini type) battery, a new mag and a smart charger. with the 9.6 the ROF is a little faster. accuracy on this gun is amazing i hit the target from 180 feet out (on semi) the imitation wood is very realistic.GREAT GUN.

if youre going to be in cqb situation youll need a sidearm. i use an hfc t77.

good ROF
great accuracy 4 years of airsoft experience
great range
very sturdy

on the heavier side. thats it -jake
by Alex S. on 11/21/2011
"I have had this gun for about six months and love it. It shoots hard and accurate which is a huge plus. It has a very nice bolt and a working bolt catch. The fake wood is very strong and looks very real. It's kind of hard to get the stock battery in the stock but you can easily mod the door. Overall, it works amazing.
by Charles B. on 06/03/2011
"this is a very good gun. ive used it in battles with the half charged stock battery. it has good ROF. its accuracy is about 100 feet, not the stated 150. i would reccomend it to my friends. the jg type 89 is also a good gun. i would recommend getting a smart charger. get it.
good ROF
its a m14!!
HEAVY (could be con)
just heavy.
by Sean S. on 10/30/2010
"I've had this gun for about 2 years now. Its a gem right out of the box. My CYMA M14 has gained a legacy as the dominatrix of the battlefield with my airsoft group. That's contending with some very high end AEGs. I still enjoy superior range and accuracy to my opponents who have done a vast array of upgrades to their various ~$300 based guns without having done a single internal upgrade to my M14. This gun is undoubtably the prize of my collection. If you are looking for a great deal for a gun that wont let you down, go with this.
by Matthew B. on 03/23/2010
"This is a very good gun! Good ROF in full auto, pretty accurate even in full auto. Fairly sturdy

Very realistic
Feels nice in the hands
Has a faux cocking lever and bolt cover (adds to realism)

Bad Battery - The worst I ever seen, infact it broke the gun, I had to return the gun so the gears could be reset BUY A NEW BATTERY
Some parts feel a little loose on it, but those parts are just decoration, so not a big deal.

Words of warning: Do not accidently pull out the fuse when changing the battery, its a royal pain to put back in with the battery. Bad job of engineering.

Bottom Line: Worth the money, as long as you make sure you don't use the battery that comes with it AND make sure you do not pull the fuse out, its a pain to get back in, doable, but a pain.
by James R. on 12/25/2009
"I got this gun for Christmas today and am very pleased!!!! I additionally bought a mid cap mag, 9.6V battery and a smart charger. I absolutely love this gun. After charging it, i took it outside and hit a soda can from 150 feet away!!!! I would recommend investing in a 9.6V battery to increase the rate of fire. Cant wait to use it in a match Sunday!!!!!!!

Good Weight
feels like wood
fully functional charging handle & bolt catch
lots of metal parts (barrel, charging handle, trigger assembly, sights, etc.)
excellent hop up
adjustable sights

hi cap Magazine miss-feeds sometimes (I recommend buying a mid cap)

Overall a great gun!!!!
by Chris W. on 11/25/2009
"What a wonderful rifle! This rifle has good reliability, accuracy, and power right out of the box. It's iron sights are easy to ajust but I added a red dot sight because iron sights block out the world.
For the new airsofter that needs a good weapon, does not need to upgrade, or just does not want to mess with it and expect it to work everytime, this is the gun for you.

Just a note, after putting on a rail mount and a red dot, this rifle weighs in at a hefty 10 pounds which is a lot of weight after 2 or 3 hours of skirmish time.

There are two problems with this gun both which can be easily fixed. One: the bolt catch. On the catch there is a quarter inch long pin that holds the catch onto the gun. This peice is not glued in, it just floats there so if you are going to play around with it, super glue one side of the hole so the pin does not fall out. just a drop will do.

Secondly, the manual states that when firing on semi auto, the gun will lock up and not fire so you must switch to full auto, fire a couple rounds, then switch back to semi in order to keep firing. Webmaster, do you know why the CYMA model does this?

Good weight
Wood is believable
Accuracy is phenominal
Hop up is fantastic

Bolt catch pin needs to be glued in
Semi auto firing lock up