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Magnum Research Jericho 941 Baby Desert Eagle Airsoft CO2 Pistol by Cybergun (Color: Black & Grey)

25 Customer Reviews

by Zac H. on 03/10/2021
"I fell in love with this gun immediately! Plus it's the same kind of gun spike uses in cowboy bebop!! It feels great, looks sexy, shoots hard and is ultra efficent on gas, I can get like 10 mags to one tank of c02! The only real issue I ran into was that sometimes the trigger locks up a little and then when it breaks loose it shoots like 2 to 3 bbs at once... maybe it's just the magazine not feeding all that great, I don't know, I still love this gun. Hopefully the mags for it come back in stock soon so I can buy a few
by Jason C. on 08/14/2019
"Has a lot of weight to it, shoots well. Recommend this for any beginner Airsoft patron of any age.
by Matthew O. on 03/17/2019
"Easily the best cheap co2 airsoft pistol you can get. I had this gun for a couple years and never once had a problem with it. It even out performed my (kind cheap) sniper. While I'm good at taking care of my things, being that I never dropped the pistol, It seems to be very durable as it has been banged around a couple times.

excellent performance,
rugged as far as polymer guns go,
doesn't use a lot of c02,

a couple of the controls don't work because there part of the frame,
kinda a heavy trigger pull but nothing more than to be expected from this kind of gun,
no suppressor threading. you just gotta make your own.

all in all a great gun to get, especially if you are just starting airsoft.
by Jacob T. on 10/23/2016
"Got this as my first co2 pistol and it is very good for the price made of metal and very sturdy plastic. Great accuracy of you use .25, .20s are not accurate with this gun. Trigger pull is a little long and mags are exspensive but over all great gun
by David S. on 10/06/2016
"I have the real Magnum Desert Eagle and this is a great replica of it. Big fan of the design, very comfortable to hold.

As far as Airsoft goes: Pretty accurate, good side arm, easy to use, the design seem to last as well. No complaints especially for the price.
by Maxwell G. on 07/28/2016
"I LOVE this pistol! I have dropped it and banged many times and it is still working like new! I dropped my mag and the crown broke and yet it still works and holds bbs fine! I would definitely recommend this gun to people with experience or for beginners its easy to use and has punch. I own blowbacks as well as this pistol and due the fact that it doest blowback it hits harder and saves gas. I can't say it enough I LOVE THIS PISTOL!
by Nathan S. on 01/07/2015
"This is a amazing handgun! i all ways beat my friends

extremely gas efficient
okay accuracy
15 round mag is full metal

bad safety
un-adjustable hop-up
by ed a. on 04/19/2021
"goood gun. cowboy bebop fan btw. the weight feels off due to the mag being metal, and the fame and slide being mostly plastic. that being said. i agree with most of the reviews here.

- the weight is funny but it wont stop u from taking accurate shots
- my tigger feels tough at first but smooths out , and the reset is fairly short ( im switching from a squishy Umarex USP tho)
- not sure what fps, but it seem i might need heavier bbs if i wana use it indoors
- never disassembled, one review said they did and it might be easy?

my cons:
- i hate that they couldnt put the safety in the correct spot, its like they were put in by a M9 tech lol
- where are the spare mags!!!!!!??????
- the sight was weird for not having 3 dots, a white-out pen quickly fixed that.

wish someone made a gbb version. oh well
by Bram B. on 03/06/2021
"Love this gun, spot on at 30 yards. Insane performance for 60 bucks.

Only complaint is if you slip and let go of the spring when loading it will literally shoot all 15 bbs in your face.
by Sean F. on 01/05/2021
"this gun looks good/shoots good but feels like cheap plastic
by Jason T. on 12/23/2020
"Had it for about a month now with easily 400+ bbs fired. Using .25 bbs, I was consistently hitting a 6" target at 25 yards, with notable accuracy loss at 50+ yards. You can still engage at that range, but a somewhat squishy and longer trigger pull can lead to deviance in aim.

Co2 capsules can last upwards of ~7 reloads. Though do keep in mind the feeding system can sometimes stop itself thus needing a second trigger pull to reset it. When this happens it's common to fire two bbs. Unsure why it does this but at least its infrequent enough to not interfere with firing.


Cost to Performance, solid gun with no blowback.

Fires accurately within pistol engagement rules.

Co2 capacity feeds several mags.

Is optimal for medium bbs (.25-.32) to make it compatible with primary AEGs.

Sights are a little disappointing with two dots on the rear but the front post is just that, a dull hard to quick aquire sight.

Double feed/failure to feed if attempting to rapid fire or fire without full and smooth trigger pulls.

14 rounds is workable but could do with higher capacity, especially with the double feed issue.

All in all, decent pistol as is, but dont expect to out perform in any way. Its definitely a Jack of all trades gun.
by Benjamin M. on 02/15/2018
"Good gun for the money. Hard trigger pull is only con I hand but works very well. Larger mag size would be nice. Overall I would buy again!!
by Markus G. on 01/29/2017
"Alright. I must say that feedback for this gun is a little dramatic, except for the trigger pull. This gun shoots with both power and solid accuracy, and it's a steal when on sale, but man this trigger.

-Intermediate capacity.
-Follower on mag is easier than any gas gun I've handled to date. I've loaded a Glock, 1911, and Vector, all green gas, and boy those followers are stiff.
-Accuracy is on par with guns of higher price ranges. In fact, the accuracy is great, being only limited by the long trigger pull. If you know your weapon, you can adapt to this easily.
-Stupid economic. Holy heck. One 12g CO2 = One day's shooting, unless you're REALLY going heavy on pistol usage. 200 shots, minimum.
-In a stroke of brilliance, the mag release is shaped in a way that makes it holster safe, so you don't dump your mag while sprinting.
-Ambidextrous safety. Only has markings on left side, though.
-White dot rear sights. Super nice.
-FPS is fierce. This aids with long range shooting plenty.

-Trigger pull is a monster. Long to the point that I thought I failed to engage the CO2 in the mag. If there is one thing to say about its tradeoffs, this trigger is it. I don't rant about triggers normally, but not only is it eons long, it may not even properly fire if pulled wrong or not fully cycled, making BB's slop out the muzzle.
-Low rate of fire for a repeating arm due to the trigger. Beats a springer though, easy.
-Strainful on the arms due to trigger. Almost as bad as a spring pistol.
-Newcomers may goof their aim a bit in the duration of trigger pull. Last bulletin on this I swear.
-FPS is too high for close range at most fields. Tradeoffs.
by Ashton M. on 01/26/2017
"Amazing gun for the price it's co2 which I like it's got a nice weight to it the trigger isn't the best but after a little while you probably will get used to it i've only had it for a little bit but it's a good gun would reccomend it
by Noah A. on 10/17/2016
"I can attest to the reliability and durability of this gun. I found one buried in the mud on my local field. It looked like it had been there for at least a month. When I pulled it out it wouldn't fire at all and the trigger mechanism was so full of dirt that it wouldn't spring back after being pulled. I took it home and spent 6 hours or so scrubbing all of the mud out of the internals, lubricating it, and scraping off the rust. Now it shoots like a brand new gun. The gas efficiency is awesome and the accuracy isn't bad. The trigger pull is a bit hard though and it does get tiring after dumping a couple mags in a brief span. The plastic is pretty cheap and scratches fairly easily, and the mag release sticks a bit. Still, for the price this gun really isn't too bad, and as long as you don't mind taking it apart and cleaning it, it should handle just about anything.

Good efficiency
Very solid magazine
Pretty accurate
Still worked after sitting in mud for a month (after cleaning)

Hard trigger pull
Sticky mag release
Plastic feels cheap (although it won't just snap in your hand. A screwdriver could scratch it pretty easily though.)