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ARES M320 40mm Airsoft Grenade Launcher (Color: Tan)

5 Customer Reviews

by Robertethan B. on 11/19/2021
"I bought this on sale. Its a great option for Taggin, only issue is that the shells can get stuck in the barrel, so I just went at the shells with some sand paper and that solved my problem. The launcher is rugged, handy, and im not worried about pieces falling off, and it does come with all the mounting bits for picatinny and m203 style. After 2 or 3 months of solid use every other weekend the stock it came with began sliding own its own, it still locks in different positions but if I apply 10 or so pounds of pressure it slides out of the lock position.

Overall: A solid launcher, for sure works with taggin shells, functions just like the real m320, same materials and constructions too which is nice (I would know, im retired army). Rugged construction in all but the stock assembly and function, however there may be a quick fix I dont know about. And im not totally sure but Im pretty certain the sights on the launcher are pretty spot on for taggin rounds zero. And the price is within most peoples budget. 8.5 out of 10. Solid launcher.
by Esau P. on 02/26/2020
"I love this thing. It's built like a tank & its pretty cheap. My only issue with it is Taginn shells are a little snug in it, but it still works.
by Roger H. on 01/16/2020
"Is 500x better than the s&t. Fits on my g&g like a glove. Need to add some friction tape to the rail of the g&g 416 because it seats loose. Have to pop the tip if you intend to use foam footballs with this tho. Over all construction is finominal.
by Lee D. on 10/30/2020
"ROGER H....There is a 3/4" set screw midway right side. That is to tighten down on the picatinny rail to snug things up.
by wesley n. on 10/07/2020
"Having got to use a real M320 I can say this thing is pretty spot on. Feels and looks like the real deal. The orange tip is a pain to get off but taking off the barrel and sticking the end in boiling water made it easy enough. The side opening barrel makes loading different sized shells quick and easy. The only real issue I've had with this launcher is that TAG shells tend to get stuck in the barrel. I know a couple of other guys who've had the same issue but once you've worked the shells in and out a few times they slide in and out easy enough. Overall I'd say it's a solid asset to add to your squad and isn't too heavy or cumbersome to add to your kit.