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SIG SAUER ProForce MCX VIRTUS AEG w/ VFC Avalon Gearbox (Model: 11.5" Barrel PDW / Black)

25 Customer Reviews

by Virgil G. on 08/01/2023
"Absolutely phenomenal gun! I purchase a few new guns a year and this by far is my favorite! Out of the box was great, with a few upgrades it became the best gun I have.
by Dalton R. on 01/11/2023
"Solid all around gun, the weight and durability of this gun are certainly great. Only things I've noticed are , it may perform poorly in outdoor environments when the temperature is below 30 F° due to the almost full metal construction the internals get cold, the orange break was awful to remove as most people have this issue, my selectfire wasn't quite made correctly and is a little bit loose on one side but doesn't cause any issues and the battery space is surely lacking a bit.

This gun is great out of the box but can definitely become a monster with some internal upgrades, for the price you could get or build something better but you pay for luxury of the item itself which most people understand.
by Nathan D. on 08/21/2022
"Love this gun so much. Shoots great out of the box. Before removing flash hider please pray to Jesus to help you. It is impossible….had to cut it off. Mag well is wider then normal. PTS mags fit so do g&g mags. Overall would recommend this gun. Fits great in the hand. Wire in mag well is not an issue as some would say.
by Christian G. on 03/22/2022
"I bought the tan version 5 or so months back. Haven't opened it up yet since it's a front wired nightmare. I've used it several times in the time I've had it and it's held up just fine. It does indeed come with an extra spring for indoors. I'm not too into the stock though. Even when it's fully extended it's a bit on the shorter side, at least I think so. The orange tip is as awful to remove as everyone says it is. You'll need a heat gun or torch at the very least. The MPXs stock can be switched onto this gun, which is way more ideal for the MCX if you ask me. However the MCXs stock needs some light "encouragement" to be installed onto the MPX, for whatever reason. The stock motor is not a neo magnet motor. Its VFCs usual black stock ferrite motor. Accuracy and range are pretty good with this gun actually. The rail on my gun is a bit wobbly. Battery space isn't ideal but it could be worse. I initially thought maybe the wobble was from the outer barrel but thankfully that wasn't the case. I've had a good time with my MCX overall.
by Brayden K. on 12/23/2021
"The gun is super sturdy and feels like it can take a real beating. my only complaint is the stock, the stock it comes with is small, and feels unfitting. Adapters for this can be bought for reletively cheap. WIth one of the main features is its ability to use real steal parts! (Some parts)

- Realistic weight (Can be a con)
- durable
- can take some real parts
- attention to detail
- ambi selector switch
- accurate
- comes with an additional spring (Lower power for indoor)

- barely any battery space
- Stock is small, and should have been on MPX
- mag a little stiff to insert, just needs a good smack. HK Style!
by David W. on 10/19/2021
"Review #2 This gun is a Beast!. Very solid and aggressive feel its like it possess me and compells me to run and gun, I've used it in 3 Milsims, range and accuracy are really good I use .36s. Flash hider is a pain to remove. I like it almost as much as my Evo. The battery space or at least clearance is probably the only issue I have. Its a really well built gun
by Brian R. on 08/04/2021
"AWESOME GUN worth the money, I have found the avalons to be a bit of a gamble as far as motor and wiring, I lucked out and this thing sounds clean and strong, happy to report that it not only sound good, but performs good too.
I think the 2 biggest hurdles for this gun (besides price) is it being front wired, and its handguard makes for some funky ergonomics.
I tried every kind of grip thinking a vertical grip would work great, I could not warm up to it, honestly you might be better off not running any grip, I found a hand stop kit works best for me.
I thought it being front wired would be a deal breaker for me as I thought id be very limited on battery space and could only run a small lipo, thank fully I was able to get a titan 11.1 to fit, I had to grind off about a 1/4" off the mock gas gas block to get it to fit, but im happy i dont need to run a peq box either.
I would highly recommend this gun as its become one of my favorites.
by Michael P. on 05/21/2021
"Bought this for my first gun, amd honestly i dont think i could be happier. The ony problem i have with it is that the motor gets pretty warm, even in the mid 60s. The parts availability is amazing. I just weigh there was enough battery space for a LiIon battery
by David W. on 05/01/2021
"I got this for my nephews birthday he was Very impressed with the guns preformance. THE GUN HAD RUST AND OXIDATION ALREADY FORMING. Will attempt to rma for a replacement. Buy it
by Rosalino M. on 12/31/2020
"Guys this thing is great for any aggressive player, its small enough to manipulate around tight corners and the over all length of the barrel makes it easy to pie rooms and open spaces. That being said the gun is not limited to short range, you will have no problem removing people from windows at 150-200ft. Its got a snappy trigger response and its got Avalon internals so its got a solid preference. The stock is surprising sturdier then what i was expecting and it collapses smoothly. I personally run mine with .30s and the gun can handle them no problem. Battery space is pretty small but a 11 lipo fits fine, should last u about 2 hours. Plenty of sling points for best mobility. So far i honestly don't have any conplaints besides the Battery space so i strongly recommend this gun to anyone who likes pushing objectives and wants a gun that preforms well out of the box.
by Pavlos P. on 11/30/2020
"At the end of the day it's a VFC Avalon with the body of a SIG MCX. The only real con is the battery space. It does make an excellent host for the new Polarstar Kythera.

For the people who need help removing the flash hider I removed the inner barrel and then heated up the flash hider with a blow torch, came off no problem.
by Michael H. on 06/18/2020
"Let's me first preface this by saying that this gun is well made to the specifications of Sig Sauer. The VFC internals definitely allow for reliability with the built in mosfet for snappy trigger responses.
•Hits targets fast w/ m120 spring
•Accurate at 50+ meters ~150 feet
•Very modular with MLOK on the handguard
•Hefty metal construction and nice CNC precision of metal parts
•Mag feeding is very consistent and reliable
•Uses Sig MCX realsteel accessories(handguards, stocks, etc)
•Interchangeable stocks/braces what have you provided nice customization
•Solid weight for realistic feel to the gun
•Has dual spring charging handle and heavy and satisfying functional bolt catch

•Magwell is flakey, but after some practice and drills with the right mags, (Krytac M4 mid cap mags) mag insertion is very reliable.
•Pistol grip is misaligned with the thickness of the trigger guard and may cause blisters on your middle finger due to the gun resting on your hand there. Overtime I got used to it, so no big concern.
•The human impenetrable orange flash holder sealed with loctite.
•Battery compartment space fitting a butterfly style li-po battery is somewhat of a challenge to do.
by Braxton B. on 06/07/2020
"Great gun all v2 compatible beside the proprietary spring guide. Epm and epm 1 mags feed perfect. Maxx hop units fit great.

Battery space is tight only thing I had laying around was a 1000mah 11.1 that fit (gas block installed). If you want more battery space you can remove the gas block and get way more space.
by Winston W. on 05/28/2020
"**This review is for those who have thoughts about getting this gun or have gotten this gun and dealing with the Area 51 grade adhesive on the orange muzzle break.**

So - after searching through Reddit and google, it seems people tried different methods or combinations of boiling water, acetone, heat gun, and hand torches. For me, I was able to get the tip off with a heat gun set to high/maximum (the model I used was able to generate over 1000F in heat) and pointing it directly where the threads would be on the muzzle break. I did this for a few minutes after giving the heat gun time to get hot enough. After a few minutes, the muzzle break was able to turn using a flat head screwdriver wedged into the muzzle break's spokes/teeth. Remember to twist in the opposite direction as this gun is 14mm negative thread (righty loosy, lefty tighty)! I've had to do this few times since the glue would cool pretty quick while I was twisting the muzzle break off but it did come off with little effort and much diligence!

It is possible to remove it and won't take a feat of strength and/or willpower as some of the reviews/reddit posts would suggest. I think they used Locktite - Red or something like it, which is kind of ridiculous but hey I guess they have to abide by national laws. Hope you guys enjoy the MCX, I look forward to using mine soon!

Just be careful with the heat gun and use the appropriate safety measures when trying this method. YouTube has a lot of videos on removing stubborn nut/bolt/threaded devices using heat guns/torches. Cheers!
by Matt R. on 01/05/2020
"So I just received this rifle a couple of days ago and have been able to field it for a whole day. I can officially say this is one of my favorite airsoft guns and you should absolutely buy it if you want something different than an M4.

Build Quality: Sig really went all out on the design of this rifle. It looks and feels just like a real MCX. The trades are all there, the metal and plastic parts are all durable and won't bend or break, and its just a very well put together rifle. The only thing that sucks about the design is where they decided to put the battery, which is this tiny space up in the handguard. The only battery that would fit for me was a triple cell nunchuck 11.1v

Shooting: This is the best out-of-the-box rifle I've ever seen. I could hit consistent targets at up to 200 ft with .28g bbs. The trigger is solid and the full auto with an 11.1v battery is stupid fast.

Ergonomics/feel of the rifle: This is a really important category for me when I decided on a rifle to buy, and this one is perfect for most situations. The three position stock is handy for CQB, and I usually keep it all the way folded in to keep it as compact as possible. The front handguard needs a grip or a handstop like I have on mine, and you will absolutely need m-lok covers, as the hand guard was CNC milled, so it is quite sharp. You have plenty of rail space on the top for whatever optics you like, and the rear grip is very comfortable.

Cons: one absolutely massive con on this rifle is the orange tip this gun comes with. Omfg it is a NIGHTMARE to get off. I had to take a diamond dremel blade and cut it off. Hopefully no one else has this problem, but this is just a PSA to anyone who gets this gun. Aside from that, the only other con I have is the battery placement, but with the correct battery you can stuff it up above the barrel and into the upper receiver to get it out of the way.

Overall, this gun is great for all situations, CQB or milsim. The build quality is second to none and the range and accuracy out of the box is top notch. As I said to my friend, it's the Bugatti of AR-platform rifles.