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Elite Force Fully Licensed GLOCK 19X Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Type: Green Gas / Tan)

16 Customer Reviews

by Andrew P. on 07/24/2022
"I bought one of these a year or so ago from my local airsoft shop. I have thoroughly enjoyed why engagement with it. Granted I don't use my sidearm that often, it has never failed me. It is loud, accurate and hits hard for a pistol. I highly reccomend this as a sidearm.
by Clayton T. on 06/25/2021
"Shot great out of the box. Now have a TLR-1 HL on it and a JJ airsoft rmr. runs really well even with the rmr. Highly recommended.
by Samuel P. on 06/23/2021
"I think I made an excellent choice in my replica
by Kevin M. on 06/01/2021
"One the the best AS pistols you're going to find out of the box. Great price for it. Hope to see Glock and Elite Force/ Umarex continue to make more great products like this.
by Eric C. on 04/19/2021
"its been a year and ive made many mods on it and ive enjoy how accurate it is. overall great gun

great gas efficiency


paint is better than any other companies( much better than emg, we, and aw)


great grip texture

Has decent aftermarket

Great trigger reset

The frame where the screw holds down the slide release, the frame strips out really easily

The lock tight crap on the rear sight/ housing sucks.

Screws on the rear really weak, prone to be striped if tried to be removed

The barrels paint is horrible but i replaced it with a after market threaded on

The barrel has no threads

When pulling back on slide it isn't very smooth unless you pull it back fast. The disconnector is very present

The nozzle spring needs to be stiffer. It doesn't come apart from the hop unless full back. But this just shows that the seal is very good

overall great gun to get. I would prefer this over a hi capa for its great gas efficiency and stock accuracy. MAKE SURE TO NOT REMOVE THE ORANGE TIP AS IT HOLDS THE INNER BARREL AND REMOVAL IS EXTREMELY HARD. The orange tip is clipped onto the side of the barrel, getting all 4 sides where it holds the barrel is hard. This is a great starter gun as its easy to maintenance and easy way to the hop. Evike has the best customer service Ive had even better than my internet company lmao
by Wen L. on 02/20/2021
"Glock 19X is one of my favorite side arms to use in any enjoinment, easy to use and simple point and shoot. lots of fun with the blowback give it a small kick simulating a real GLOCK. Feels a lot better when you upgrade the Inner Barrel, Outer threaded Barrel, Hop UP, Bucking, 130x Spring, and many more upgrades to make this gun a breast.
by Tim N. on 11/01/2020
"I bought the 19x to be used as a training weapon.

Let me say that I couldn't be happier with my purchase. This gun fits in all of my Glock holsters no problem. The magazines are expensive but they are worth it; I've run thousands of rounds through each mag I own and haven't had a malfunction due to the magazine. Just don't drop the magazine onto a hard surface or you might break the base plate or worse, the feed lips. The rail system seems to fit anything you'd want to throw onto it. I myself put a Surfire x300u-b with a DG remote switch which fits perfectly. The lanyard loop/grip plug can be a little annoying but it is removable and will fit a gen4/5 glock grip plug. Alternatively, you can cut and sand the loop down. I do recommend that you leave something there since it is possible to get the magazine feed lips caught in the hole the grip plug fills. The hop adjustment is really convenient but if you forget to bring the included allen key, you can still adjust the hopup by removing the slide and turning the wheel.

Performance wise, the EF Glock 19x shoots accurately out of the box. It's snappy with good gas efficiency with around 4 mags worth per fill. Note: I did have a few air pockets initially in a couple of my magazines but was easily rectified by flushing the mag with green gas.

Since I use this as a training weapon, I took off the orange tip and treat it as I would a real firearm. Since it is neither glued nor threaded, I took off the orange tip by breaking it with a set of pliers (after taking out the outer barrel from the slide and removing the inner barrel with a flat head screwdriver). However, as other people have mentioned, the orange tip is used as a spacer between the inner and outer barrel contributing to the accuracy of the gun. As a result, I found that I had to keep a ridiculous hold over and observed rounds flying to the right. To fix this, just wrap the inner barrel with some electrical tape. My gun now shoots even more accurately than it did with the orange tip.

After ~2 months of plinking, training classes and airsoft fights, this gun has taken it all and is ready for more. If you're looking for a realistic Glock airsoft gun and are willing to pay a little more for "Glock Perfection" look no further.
by Quan V. on 09/22/2019
"Absolutely stunning piece of kit this. Fit and finish just ooze authenticity. It looks better in the flesh, and feels extremely solid. However, a couple caveats; first is the orange tip, and second is the slide being quite resistant to pulling back even with plenty of silicone oil.


Now to the elephant in the room: the orange tip. A tricky little sod to remove, to put it mildly. Do not attempt to boil or pull it out since it's anchored inside the barrel, and acts as a spacer for the inner barrel. First, you need to cut down the orange tip to where it meets the barrel. Then, take out the barrel assembly. Rest the barrel assembly onto the edge of a desk, make sure to have some padding so you don't damage the barrel. Insert a soft stick like a pencil or chopstick to that little hole on the inner barrel. You should also wrap that stick with a bit of paper towel to prevent damage to the hole. Then gently tap the stick with a mallet, and the inner barrel will come off. Voila! Remember to lubricate the parts well before tapping out the inner barrel, as they have pretty tight tolerance. Now with the inner barrel out of the way, you can just push out the stubborn orange tip, easiest way is to push it back up the barrel. All but done however, since the orange tip also acted as a spacer between the inner and outer barrel, you now need to wrap the inner barrel with some tape to ensure a snug fit when it goes back in. Otherwise you would end up with a floaty inner barrel, causing massive inaccuracy. I wrapped about 1.5mm thick of tape around the spot where the orange tip used to sit.

There you have it, an in-depth instruction. Niggles aside, it's a quality piece of work. Quality.
by Dylan B. on 09/08/2019
"First of all, the accuracy I've been getting out of this thing is far exceeding even my highest expectations. In complete seriousness, it's about as accurate as a carbine length aeg with an rhop shooting 350 fps with .20s . I'm seriously impressed with the overall performance coming out of a gbb with a 2" inner barrel. Elite force cut no corners when making this beast andid expect nothing less than the best from the greatest gbb manufacturer that I know of. Keep up the good work elite force. I love your everything!.

PS: this thing, when paired with a stock,noveske amplifier and foregrip makes one of the scariest, lightest, sexiest, jaw dropping, envy and fear enducing guns in the history of airsoft. You get the accuracy of a full length rifle, the sound of an actual 9mm and the stability of a rifle while still retaining the weight of a pistol. And for some reason it hurts way more than an aeg shooting at the same speed according to my many victims. It gets alot of attention on the feild and I've used it as a primary in many games In differing ranges. I'd still buy this if the price tag was triple. If you don't have an elite force Glock, get one now and treat it well
by Song L. on 08/24/2019
"Elite Force Glock 19x...

I'm not the biggest Glock fanboy, but I had to see what all the fuss was about.. I didn't expect much from this Glock 19x nor was I expecting anything, but boy am I surprised by it's performance. Skip to Pros & Cons at the bottom of the page if you don't want to read a novel. After putting over 1000 rounds in a little over 2 days, I am baffled. It is small, compact, but powerful and accurate. Using EMG Bio .25 BBs, I can confidently tell you this thing has laser accuracy, these pesky kids in CQB arenas will not stand a chance! The Glock 19x has a 19 slide combined with a 17 frame, which is perfect for medium to larger sized hands. Ambidextrous slide release and reversible mag release makes this gun lefty friendly! When the mag release is reversed (to fit left hand users needs), the magazine tends to be sticky and not drop freely from time to time. Whenever you pull the slide to chamber a BB, it feels as if something is about to snap inside the internals, makes me worried something WILL break. Lanyard loop is removable. Orange tip is hard to remove. Simple disassembly of the gun is a little too complicated. Did I mention this thing has virtually NO recoil? You heard that right! Full blowback, but barely any recoil. I couldn't figure it out. I kept shooting my Cybergun Fnx and KWC 1911 Rail Gun and then it hit me, this gun has NO recoil at all! Follow up shots are easy, but trigger is a little too heavy. Also, there is no external safety, the only safety you have on this gun is the trigger safety. Now, is it worth it? For the price, you get all the official Glock trademarks, a gun, and endless fun. The pricing is debatable.

~ no recoil, whatsoever
~ Good on gas efficiency (tested in California heat up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit)
~ Nice, small, and compact
~ powerful and accurate
~ Fully licensed! Trademarks everywhere!!!
~ Left handed friendly!

~ Reliability? Too much resistance to pull slide and chamber a BB, feels like something is going to break
~ Sticky mag when mag release is reversed
~ No aftermarket support yet (New gun), unsure if older Elite Force Glock after market parts will fit
~ No external safety, just doesn't feel right..
~ Price
by Mark S. on 08/03/2019
"What a fantastic gun, very glad I waited for this over a standard 17 or 19. Feels great in the hands, shoots great and very accurately, easy to use external Hopup adjustment, great snappy recoil even with green gas. Very nice fit and finish. Buy it, seriously, it’s great.

I have found no cons to mention.
by Mahnny F. on 07/20/2019
"The box has this very noticeable dark earth color scheme instead of the white backdrop on the previous Umarex Glock offerings and is labeled GEN 3 on the front lip cover. The pistol itself has this two tone coyote color with the slide darker than the lower frame very similar to the steel version. I have shot more than 200 rounds since I received it and here are my comments on the pistol:

PROS; - Impressive gas efficiency. I have managed to full reload almost 5 magazines on a single gas charge
- Snappy recoil pretty much identical to the Glock 19 version
- Ease of adjusting the hop up without disassembling the entire slide. I have some "CONS" on this too below
- Descent hop up bucking- I tried to load .30 grams BB with no problem.
- Slide color coating seems to be more durable compared to the previous VFC Glock models. I sprayed mine with a clear dead flat spray paint for protection and you can' barely notice it's coated.
- Ambidextrous slide release and reversible magazine catch.
- The magazine is nicely done complete with round count indicators and trademarks.
- Black inner barrel.
- Appears to be serialized serial number on the box and on the pistol itself.

CONS: - I do not play in the field and as an avid airsoft collector, I do remove the orange tip. Removing this is a challenge. Whatever you do, do not use heat to melt it or crumple it, it does not come off by pulling. The only way I found was to cut the tip to the brim then push the other remaining half downward towards the chamber. The orange tip serves as the inner barrel spacer too so you will have to wrap some tape on the inner barrel tip to stabilize it.
- Outer barrel is too plain with no threads for attachments or "Fake" barrel grooves.
- I have encountered a situation (on a .28 gram BB) where the exact hop up adjustment is in between the two "clicks".
- Pricey magazine and the pistol itself

Overall it's a keeper.
by matt r. on 02/15/2022
"works great, perfect side arm for milsim or regular play, only complaint is the hop up chamber system that it uses, it doesn't like to be disassembled outside of the factory I had my local field swap the bucking out like normal and I noticed that the bb's would roll out of the barrel and not have "hop" even at max "hop" I tried fixing it but seemed to have fixed the issue myself would not recommend swapping the bucking out unless truly truly needing to
by Darrick W. on 07/26/2019
"I am so glad that Glock finally licenses replicas of their guns. See how great it is to play in the reindeer games? Looks to me that the previous review covers the technical aspects so I am just going to mention what really impresses me and what really annoys me.

Impressed: hop up system. Thanks for making it so easy. Glock 19x, thanks for making available..... in the US, really tired of airsoft mike and the other European clowns doing reviews on guns I cant legally obtain without playing the import confiscation challenge.

Really annoyed with: you really couldn’t have included the two extra back straps for gen 4/5 guns? I bought this gun at a discount (thanks Evike) and it is still comparatively expensive compared to an illegal replica whose Identity WE wont mention here. And those come with back straps. For the $180.00 people pay for this, surely two more pieces of plastic cant cost that much to produce.

Overall very glad to have this replica. Like the other guy I am not a gamer, I just love collecting, plinking or training with these and like him I will remove the tip, or at least the part that does not serve as the spacer between inner and outer barrel. Love the realism and all the trademarks. Nice to have a model that if I decide to sell one day on ebay, I wont get a ended auction and a threatening letter from Glock lawyers. So glad we are all past that now. I would buy the 18c if I didnt have so many ‘not a glock’ replicas of it.
by Marek W. on 10/23/2020
"Very good, but upgrade your internals, especially the hammer (mine broke in two places) I found a nice (all steel) sear set on here that has everything for about 30 bucks (which I have also ordered recently) and magazines are also very expensive, pushing $40+

But other than that, I love this thing, it has a very nice, crisp trigger, with a clean break nice reset, low recoil (VERY good for dry fire) and has good gas efficiency, I get about just over two full mags with each fill, and is also very snappy with each shot.

Overall very nice, and would easily be 10/10 if it wasnt for the internal failure (which is easily fixable) and mags weren't so expensive