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Specna Arms / Rock River Arms Licensed EDGE Series M4 AEG (Model: M4 RIS / Black SA-E03)

19 Customer Reviews

by brad w. on 03/17/2021
"SA-E03. I've only had one game with it but I like it a lot, It reminds me of the standard issue M4 I had in the service. Downsides is that the foregrip is wobbly, the rail covers basically fell off, and the springs are quite difficult to change as they require the buttstock to be remove.

I chrono'd mine:
M90: ~305 fps
Stock: ~365 fps
by Justin C. on 02/02/2021
"Picked up the PDW SA-E10 for indoor CQB. Have to say you're getting a lot of bang for your buck with going with the Specna Arms Edge rifles. Mine came with a vertical grip, 2 midcaps, m90 spring, deans to tamiya adapter, unjamming/cleaning rod, manual, and QC sheet. The QC sheet for fps was off by -20fps which I thought was hilarious.

With the stock spring I was getting 360 fps avg which is slightly too hot for CQB. The included M90 spring dropped the fps too much, swapped it out with one of my other spares to get 350. The quick change spring through the buffer tube is made simple and not overly convoluted. Other manufacturers really should follow suit.

Shooting is snappy with a 11.1v Lipo. I haven't locked up the gearbox after pulling the trigger in quick succession. What's nice is that this compression in the rifle is superb so shots are verrryyy consistent. The hop up is also very nice and easy to operate with the rotary style unit. Set it and forget it and it shoots laser beams.

I'm happy to see that the pistol grip isn't the standard A2 style. It's slightly more vertical so your wrist is in a more natural position during operation. The included mid caps have a snug fit but, contrary to popular belief, I prefer to have a slight wobble. The capacity is pretty low at about 120 rounds. My BAMF mags need a little fumbling around to get it right but once its in, it stays in and feeds wonderfully. Construction of the midcaps are done well, though. A thick polymer with their SA logos etched in make the finish really neat.

Battery space leaves a lot to be desired primarily due to the Gate MOSFET being housed in the buffer tube. I had purchased a larger stock to fix this. The metal used for the receivers feels weighty but also really cheap. Not a big deal to me but I've held much lighter full metal replicas like the Valken Alloy Series. But, with a $200 price tag this is a minor gripe. I will say that after pulling back the charging handle for the first time, the tab that holds the dust cover closed broke and cannot be closed. It is what it is, but again.. It's $200.

All in all, I'm very pleased with what you get in the box. I've had no problems with the gear box and works better than expected given the low cost of admission. I'm astounded that SA was able to make so many different variants of the Edge series so there really is one for every one. Keep it up.
by leo S. on 09/09/2020
"great rifle for beginners who don't want to do much to it

- decent internals
- almost full metal
- fps is just right
- decent fire rate
- good weight

- blank fires on full auto on occasion (rarely)
by Eric M. on 05/21/2020
"The gun is great! It’s heavy (if you like that) it’s nice and sturdy, plenty of room for nunchuck batteries. It’s a great gun and I would recommend it to anyone, the only bad thing was mine has some stock wobble.
by Juan H. on 05/04/2020
"I got this as a back up gun. The SA-E07 great gun out of the box... Everything is solid and the finish is great there are no rough edges thats sharp on the keymod.I also love that specna arms do provide you a lower power spring to play cqb. The amplifier nozzle also makes a distinct sound when you shoot this M4... only changes I might do in the future is a new bucking and a metal hop up unit..
by Clay S. on 03/24/2020
"This is an amazing gun! I got the SA-E08 Half Tan model.

Feels very solid
Mostly metal construction
Great iron sights
Great trigger response
Great ROF
Came with 2 mid caps and a grip
11.1 ready out of the box
Great accuracy and okay range

The gun came with oil in the hop up. Definitely clean this before shooting.
The stock, mags, and mock bolt catch wobble a bit. This can be fixed with electrical tape.
Battery space is eh with an 11.1 LiPo
Somewhat long trigger pull
The orange tip has to be removed with a Dremel and isn't easy
by Devin P. on 03/10/2020
"So far so good with this gun I’m using a 11.1 lipo from Titan with it and it rips! If your looking for a good beginner gun or solid back up gun and dint want to touch it then get this thing because it’s the most solid back up gun I’ve had in awhile! Buy it if your on the fence about it!
by Keenan D. on 01/06/2020
"(NOTE: I use an 11.1v with this rifle)
The Good :
- Perfect ROF
- Integrated MOSFET: It even has a neat little light to tell you if something is wrong with the gun, as well as a pamphlet with information as to what the lights mean.
- Good trigger response: You can spam the trigger without having it lock up on you, and the response is nice.
- Good range: Even on a windy day, I'm able to land BBs on small targets without a problem.
The "meh":
- External construction: While the upper and lower receivers are well built, there is substantial wobble with the stock and provided magazines, as well as some wobble with the handguard. Changing out the stock and magazines should help, but I'm not too sure about the handguard.
- Battery space: Limited. The battery compartment is located within the buffer tube, so don't expect to slap in a brick of a battery in there.

For the price, you're getting an excellent gun with only a few external flaws. I was able to yoink the SA-E01 for a measly $130, which is just amazing.
by Sebastian J. on 12/26/2019
"The Specna Arms EDGE series seems to have really made a name for itself when it comes to bang for your buck M4s. I have a lot of really good things to say about these rifles. The included MOSFET is something that is slowly becoming an industry standard as more players want to use 11.1 LiPos out of the box and the GATE X-ASR does the job and then some. This is a great choice because the Ares ECFS, G&P i5 and other "stock MOSFET" guns are great but make some sacrifices by going with a proprietary trigger box making upgrades difficult. The EDGE series retains standard trigger contacts and therefore is a completely upgradable V2 gearbox, this is great and also still manages to maintain a lower price point than some of these guns. It also comes wired to deans but includes an adapter for Tamiya, another smart move that shows Specna Arms knows airsofters!

The externals are pretty run of the mill but are solid and not going to break from normal use. The ORION gearbox has surprisingly near perfect compression out of the box and seems to come out of the box pretty well configured and ready for an 11.1 LiPo out of the box, most of the gearbox components are pretty standard but are not lacking in any major way and will last awhile under normal use. The hopup is a very standard V2 hopup but it functions fine. Something to note is that it has been said they do grease these hopups (a no-no) at the factory and you need to clean them BUT mine did not come like this! My hopup was not greased so it seems they listened and fixed this in their more recent batches.

I got the SA-E18 (the M4 pistol) and one gripe I have is the external front wire setup but this is to be expected with a compact rifle! I just got a battery pouch and zip tied it to the holes on the handgaurd and it works great! Other models will have standard battery storage.

It also comes with a grip, some stickers, a lanyard, and 2x midcaps! The specna arms EDGE series has so much to offer at such a reasonable price and they make a lot of smart decisions that allow it to be one of the best value rifles on the market!
by NICK D. on 12/06/2019
"just got this in and I'm extremely impressed. for what you get at that price point is amazing. ive ran about a couple hundred through it already. just needs a new bucking imo. everything else is great. weight,trigger response,rof,asthectics....etc.....cop you one before they go up!
by Connor P. on 10/16/2019
"To summarize, it's a good gun. Cheaper than anything that will match the quality, and higher quality than anything at the same price. I would recommend this gun for just about anyone that isn't looking to spend much on a gun. The 190-250 dollar range is just about the sweet spot for anyone getting into the hobby, but if it's too much, you can go with the cheaper Specna Core guns. Anyway, onto the pros/cons.

Has a whole suite of features, from the mosfet to the quick release spring, that for the most part won't be useful day to day, but are good to have. You can find them in the specs, so I won't list them all here.
Includes some good attachments right in the box. A second mag and a vertical grip, which are just nice to have. A second, lower powered spring is included for people that want to play indoors.
The gun uses an Rhop, which can be used to increase both the range and your accuracy, something that you can't usually find at this price.
The gun features a tightbore barrel, allowing for more accuracy.
The gun is just all around good. It has a good finish, has some heft to it, and just feels nice in my hands.

One of the included mid caps doesn't work with the gun. I don't understand why. Other mags work in the gun, and the mag works with other guns. Kind of sucks, but it doesn't matter that much.
No black tip was included in the box, and there isn't an easy way to cover the tip.
Gun is loud. That's not to say that other similar guns aren't, I just don't really love that.
by Jeff D. on 10/15/2019
"First Words: I ordered the gun after being on a hiatus of airsoft for around 4 years and did a ton of research on the different companies since, a lot has changed in those 4 years. I ended up going with an M4 AEG because of the easy platform and because I have owned one in the past.

Specific Model: SA-E09 (Half tan, doesnt matter)

Box Contents and Packaging: The packing was impressive from a mid $200 AEG was fantastic, this packing is what you would see on higher end replicas. Included is: 2x ~120rd Mid-Cap mags, 2x Deans to small tamiya plug (jnot sure why I got 2), Lanyard, multiple documents including a test chrono from SA themselves, A poster with around 30 or so different M4 replicas they make.

Externals: Evike claims that it is a RRA (Rock River Arms) licensed gun, however I did not receive those markings. Instead I got the standard EDGE series M4 (Not a big deal as the markings look to be the same laser engraving as the RRA markings.). Overall the gun is built very well and is full metal aside from the polymer stock, pistol grip, and flip up iron sights. The overall feel of the gun is extremely nice, no wobble except for the crane stock, but some electrical tape should fix that. The stock iron sights you get with the SA Edge is VERY STIFF. They will break in, just need to mess with the some.

Internals: I have not peaked inside the gearbox, as I have a firm belief that you shouldn't mess with something unless it isn't broken. However, the X-ASR mosfet is visible when installing your battery and the wiring used looks to be very high quality.

Performance: I have to say that with a .28 grab 6MM pro shop bb, this thing is insane! Getting solid groupings at 150 Feet, and the hop-up seems to be working perfectly with this weight BB. Trigger response and pull is very crisp and with a 11.1v Lipo the ROF is pretty standard. You shouldn't have a problem when it comes to playing the day you get it.

- Solid build
- Field and CQB FPS due to the 2 springs included.
- 2 Mid caps
- Solid range 150+ feet easy with a .28 gram BB

I could go on an on about the pros of this rifle....

Cons (Only 2 so far)
- No RRA trades :(
- Battery space is limited in this crane stock due to the mosfet. I am currently using a F-con-energy 11.1v Lipo and its a snug fit. This could be a pro since there is not wobble. But you have to be very careful with the stock when retracting.

Final Thoughts: The gun overall is incredible. With a little tweaking, and some breaking in this will be one of if not the best $180-250 guns on the market. When people say this gun is solid, they mean it. SA have really out done themselves when it comes to this rifle.
by Allan G. on 09/05/2019
"This is the best gun you can get for 230 dlls.
Bunch of goodies in the box
In just change the bucking for a maple leaf and i hit people at 70-60 meters.
2 amazing midcaps included.
Gate x-asr mosfet
Superb internals all its cnc whit orings.
Decen motor, semi its very crisp, and auto its great.
Stickers and a poster.
Quality certified.
Key holder whit specna arms and rra trademarks on it.

No bolt catch and no metal flash hider included.
by Chrisitan D. on 09/04/2019
"Are you looking for a great gun with a lot of goodies right out of the box?? ~Well look no further!! These lines of guns are pretty great for the price, and they include a lot of things that a lot of players buy after market. I highly recommend this for anyone starting out (just make sure to also purchase a battery).

-Gate X-ASR MOSFET (these may be the only rifles to include a Gate MOSFET pre-installed; can handle 11.1 Lipos)
-Full Metal
-Lv. 2 Quick Change Spring System
-Metal Reinforced Gearbox
-Ball Bearing: Bushings, Spring Guide, and Aluminum Piston Head
-Double O-Ring: Piston Head and Cylinder Head
-Aluminum O-Ring Nozzle
-Polymer 14 Steel Teeth Piston
-6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel
-Quick/Easy Motor Access
-Pre-Set to Deans Connectors (Deans to Small Tamiya Adapter included)
-380-390 fps (with stock spring)
-m90 Spring Included (~330fps)
-2x Rail Covers Included
-2x Mid Cap mags Included
-Vertical Foregrip Included
-Specna Arms Lanyard Included
-Specna Arms Stickers Included
-FPS paper certificate

-Non-Functioning Bolt Catch
-Not Ambidextrous
-Black Flash Hider/Muzzle Device NOT included
-Orange-Tip is not simple to remove
by Dave K. on 07/05/2020
"I picked up one of these last winter just to mess around with at home and I am overall pleased with it. It isn't anything special. It chrono'd around 360-370 with .20s out of the box but after putting approx 10,000 bbs through it the stock spring gave out. It was only shooting around 310-320 so I swapped out the spring for an ASG M115 spring as back to about 350-360 with a .20. It's just a basic full metal M4 but it is a solid budget option for anyone looking for a reliable airsoft gun that has a decent gearbox and is lipo ready. The main selling point for me was it is a full metal M4 for $200 with some decent pros.
Overall I'll give it an 8/10.

-Full Metal
-Quick change spring feature
-Basic Gate Mosfet
-Wired to deans
-Low resistance silver cord wiring
-11.1 lipo ready...12-13rps on 7.4 25C and 19-20rps on Titan Power 11.1 Li Ion
-6.03 brass tightbore inner barrel gives gun nice accuracy at range. 150-170ft shots are very doable with .28s or heavier.
-2 125 round mid caps ( Actually feed pretty decent)
-Very nice price point
-Crane stock is kind of cheap and wobbles
-Stock spring was junk. Wore out after moderate use.
-Motor is average. If this was my primary or even a backup I would defintely upgrade to something with more torque.
-The paint is really cheap. Gotta cut costs somewhere I suppose. Not that big of a deal though.

Overall it is a good gun. Not great but its a step up from your basic starter gun like your Combat Machines, Lancer Gen 2s, CYMA Sportline AKs, etc...I am really wanting to see how their newer stuff with preinstalled Gate Aster mosfets perform.