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Matrix Medieval Iron Warrior Full Head Coverage Helmet / Mask / Goggle Protective System (Color: Grey)

8 Customer Reviews

by Luke L. on 12/11/2021
"Awesome helmet! The flip up feature is spring loaded and just take the click of a button at your chin area of the face shield to open. personally never had the need to open it in combat but hey It's cool. I have only used it with the mesh visor so I don't know how it would perform with the plastic visor. but here we go with the pros and cons.

looks absolutely deadly when paired with the right gear.
helmet offers full protection of face and back of the head and neck. your ears are exposed but I haven't been hit there while wearing the helmet.
spring loaded helmet opening system is super nice and have never had it malfunction on me in combat.
Helmets weight balance is perfect when closed. you will start to feel sore in the back of your neck if you plan to wear it open all the time though. the weight gets shifted to the back when it opens up.
fully adjustable interior straps help the helmet grip onto your head so there's very little movement.

plastic isn't incredibly strong but holds nicely and no signs of damage despite hitting my head several times.
take care of your neck protector. it's probably the most fragile part of the helmet. I didn't break it in combat but I dropped my rifle while suiting up and it landed on one of the two extensions of the neck protector and snapped it clean off. luckily it was a clean break and was able to be hot glued. good as new.
helmet size does make using a sniper a bit of a challenge but relatively doable.

last thing I can think of is a more user dependent variable. this helmet will limit your vision in one way or another. but for me I kinda enter the "zone" and that issue just kinda goes away.

anyway hope this helps you with your next purchase.
by Michael w. on 11/26/2019
"Love this helmet! I recommend you switch the mess to the abs visor
by PHILLIP P. on 04/18/2021
"very good durable polymer build
comes with foam inserts and velco covers
however it comes with the mesh installed which i instantly replaced with the provided plastic

however the screws and its locking nuts are attached cheaply into the plastic itself and a few scres just sheared it when taking out the mesh but it holds fine

beats getting shot in the face
by Logan B. on 03/24/2021
"Awesome looking helmet only con is limited view
by Cole H. on 05/12/2020
"I bought off another sight, its very heavy and not glasses friendly, hence why I don't use it.
by Megan H. on 07/13/2022
"This is a great helmet all around in my opinion, however there are few things to note but by no means should it scare you off from this product. First the replacement Lense is easier to install than you think but requires minor elbow grease. Second ear covers you can get under helmet accessories, work flawlessly and give my ears that much more protection. Third i got the grey's more like olive drab with hint grey, so don't except nice grey finish. Fourthly the weight is perfectly balanced, and pads provide excellent cushion...over all i give this bout 3.8 star then 4 purely because it has more practical cosplay use than it does in the heat of battle.
by Bradley B. on 10/04/2020
"SUPER bulky, there is not way I can look down sights with it on. It's a cool design but it does have flaws.
The flip up visor is cool, but difficult to put back down, was struggling with it at first and then realized that the locking piece wasn't catching, so when you have it lowered ready to lock, just push the lock forward from inside the mask.

I also thought that I would be able to take it off and use it just as a helmet, that is false, you can take the jaw area off, but the front visor does not come off, at least that I've found so far.
by Craig H. on 05/09/2019
"This is a cool helmet and the lift-able visor is a good feature in theory for in-between matches. However, in practice, I would use caution with this helmet and I think it is quite probably that a lot of fields will object to the use of this helmet, especially without goggles.

My issue with the visor is that it is of pretty rough manufacture and the spring activated components are cheap. It is sometimes difficult to get the visor to latch down and there have been times where the visor has popped open without depressing the release button. This is obviously a big problem if it happens in the middle of a match.

In addition, when open, the visor still sits too low on the helmet and will block the wearer's vision. This isn't too much of a problem, but it will require the wearer to look to either side in order to safely see the surroundings.

Finally, it comes with the clear plate installed, which is a good thing because the mesh is questionable and in my experience, may be susceptible to damage due to repeated strikes or hits. The problem with the clear late, however, is that you will still get fogging. Even with the mesh cheek plates installed.

Overall, the helmet is cool and I am glad to have it in my collection, but I pretty sure that I am not going to use it on the field. I just wouldn't feel comfortable or confident that it is going to give me the necessary protection. There are certainly better full protection options easily available on the market.