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Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Double O-Ring High Performance Ball Bearing AEG Piston Head

13 Customer Reviews

by C.J. G. on 11/21/2022

This is my second Maxx model product and both times I’ve been blown away with the quality and performance. The air seal is better than any other upgrade piston head I have used in a wide variety of guns and this tops all of them. I bought this for my 1918a2 Bar and the air seal is simply outstanding! This thing fits in perfectly and slides super, super smooth and evenly, even without compression. There is absolutely no air loss with this piston head. The fps is super consistent too now, literally /- 2 with a Lonex cylinder head and stock cnc o-ring nozzle.

I will be replacing my other upgraded piston heads with these. Easy 10/10. Throw away your current piston heads and buy it.
by Sean B. on 01/21/2021
"Awesome piston head. I left the O-ring on the outside of a cylinder to stretch it over night and was able to achieve a perfect seal.
by c von c. on 12/01/2020
"Best piston head on the market! Beautifully machined, perfect air seal and even has a small, second o-ring to prevent piston to cylinder contact.
by Colten H. on 08/12/2020
"I have this in a pretty mild build shooting 396+/- .5 fps with .20 bbs at 26rps. It greatly improved my consistency over the stock krytac piston head, i was shooting /-5, super happy with this thing
by Maxime D. on 06/28/2020
"Paired it with a Lonex ported cylinder and it is tight to the point that a bit too much silicon oil was needed to make the piston move more freely.

The quality is excellent, just like any other Maxx product.

The best part about this piston head matched with a Maxx cylinder head and nozzle is the sound it makes. Not only the airseal is perfect but it makes a loud satisfying THUMP that makes a foam filled suppressor actually silence an AEG.

If you like a loud piston noise or you just want perfect airseal, this is for you.
by Bill S. on 06/11/2020
"nothing beats this piston head. maximum air seal, double o ring and bearings for spring
by Bill S. on 05/08/2020
"EXCELLENT piston head! outstanding air seal and glides smoothly in my piston. this is a must have!
by Caleb d. on 12/15/2019
"Excellent air-seal. Would recommend this upgrade to any aeg.
by Elton F. on 07/29/2019
"I upgraded my KWA RM4 Magpul PTS with: Maple leaf Macron 75 degree bucking, Maple Leaf Nub, piston head cylinder head and nozzle of Maxx Model, Inner Barrel Prometheus 6.03/509mm and a cylinder full closed.

Results: 160ft shooting an A4 sheet. 360FPS
by OSCAR V. on 04/07/2019
"Excelente pistón. Va bien en mi Krytac PDW. Buena calidad.
by Zach d. on 03/15/2019
"Fits well in my V3 gearbox AK47. I've only used it for about 3k rounds with my gun at 20ish rps, 400fps/m115 spring. very good compression with a stock cylinder, no port. just use some lube with it, and once you install it check your AOE. The thrust bearing is nice and its a good price. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good compression upgrade.
by Johnson P. on 11/12/2018
"Works well in Krytac gearbox with other maxx products, great build quality 10/10
by Clark B. on 03/17/2023
"Great air seal it dose it’s job the small o-ring got destroyed for some reason and made me have to clean out my gear box