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6mmProShop Airsoft Mechanical BB Shower Simulation Hand Grenade (Color: Orange)

24 Customer Reviews

by Seth R. on 12/31/2020
"I have one of these and I can say it is very good I would recommend this to anyone and you don’t have to spend money on gas or co2 and it is very easy to reload and it hasn’t failed on me yet on deploying I would definitely recommend this
by Matthew F. on 11/05/2020
"I wonder why the green one costs more ????
by Eric M. on 07/31/2019
"I've owned 2 of these grenades and I absolutely love them!!!
My only issue with them is the bottom screw cap can easily fly off when it hits the ground and gets lost.
Overall I would use these over gas or C02 grenades, just my opinion though since they are so easy to set back up and use again. Best BANG! for your buck lol
by ALBERT L. on 06/28/2019
"I bought an orange of this grenade. I played a lot and had so mich fun with it here in Brazil. It's mechanical dispositive is simple to operate and recharge. My friends want me to buy them these grenades.
I got only one recomendation: please make this grenade thinner then now. It would fit better in my pockets and would be easier to make some vest clips
by Nathaniel a. on 11/20/2018
"I got one of these as a free gift in an order I had and used it all weekend it held up find and had a good disposal of bbs when it went off while using .20g. I am going to be testing so .12g that I found in a bottle and see if the work any better being a lighter bb. If you are looking for a grenade that doesn't take green gas or co2 I say take a look at these ones. I love it
by Caleb L. on 11/14/2018
"Great grenade for skirmish.... reusable, sturdy, simple and has a pretty consistent range of about 10 ft to 15 ft depending on the ammunition.... I sometimes use flower in mine which makes a awesome display. But make sure you wash it so none of the springs get jammed
by Amber B. on 02/05/2021
"the bottom cap is easy to loose as well as the pin if you cannot put them into dump bag immeditly then you might loose them
but here is a video i watched that i understanded the best!
by lori m. on 10/08/2020
"i have 2 the imly complaints are the bottom cap falling out and i lost the pin

if you use lighter bbs in it you wil get a vetter spread oter wise realy usefull anfd fun
by alex m. on 07/26/2020
"Bought one of these and they work as tbey should, but the bottom cap loves to fall out. Be super weary with them, dont clip them to molle because you will lose what holds the bbs in. Keep it in a pouch upside down, i had it still come off to empty all the bbs in my bag.
Other than that works really well, def glad i picked it up. Super useful for a quick room clear even with incoming fire, and super easy to reset.
by ALAN T. on 03/23/2020
"I bought two of these when they were on sale as for $18 a piece if they were really bad it wouldn't be as much of a loss as some of the more expensive grenades out there. First these grenades being mechanical are more economical than the ones that require some form of gas. The downside is that without the gas or a blank in them there is no bang so some people don't notice or think it is a dud and ignore it. I knew this was a possibility and I only had it happen one time out of maybe 6 or 7 in play uses so far. They are easy to reset an refill and can be done in the field quickly. With all of that being said I did have an issue with one of the two that I bought. On the first toss I tossed it up and over a wall and it landed on a plywood floor. maybe fell 7-8 ft going over the wall. This was enough to break the area that the pin goes into to keep the grenade from going off while being carried. It broke clean off right behind the pin slot. There is still a flap that covers the metal trigger but nothing to hold it down. The grenade seems to still be usable but I haven't tried it while running around and playing yet so it might also go off in the pouch now. Not great to be honest but again thats why I only paid the $18 for it. Over all these grenades are good for what they are but I don't see them lasting a long time if thrown with a lot of force or being dropped from a decent height.
by Tyler M. on 02/14/2020
"It's a good grenades it works really well.
My only problem is, I play outside so it really hard to get someone to call a hit with it else you throw it right next to there feet.
If you play indoors and close quarter this will be an awesome gernade
by Tyler F. on 10/18/2019
"One of my squadmates has a couple of these grenades and I've been on both ends of them. They're a cool concept but to be honest their effectiveness is very limited. The range on the BBs is negligible. The first time I was caught in the "blast" I didn't feel the impacts at all, I only knew I was hit because of the sound of the grenade hitting the floor of the arena. If you're playing in a backyard setting or with few players, it will probably serve its purpose. But if you're playing in a loud environment or with many many players, hits aren't going to be called. For first time grenade buyers I would advise going with something with a louder sound- even a sound grenade without actual BB projectiles works better in my opinion than these mechanical grenades.

4 out of 5 stars because it does what it says it does. An FPS increase and/or some kind of mechanism to produce a louder noise (it's a grenade after all) would get a fifth star from me.
by Graham W. on 01/07/2019
"I got mine when it was on sale for 15$. for the price, its decent quality and super fun to use. its practically all plastic, but feels sturdy. the bb radius is pretty small, less than ten feet, but is good for close quarters, you can also throw it fairly close to them sense it is impact. On the contrary to other reviews, it didn't break super fast, or explode prematurely, for the price, I would say, Get it
by Dante M. on 10/23/2018
"This is a worthwhile product for the price (especially if you got it for the time it was on sale for $15). It does what it is supposed to, albeit with less effectiveness than a green gas or CO2 grenade. However, it costs less initially and since you don't need to refill it with a propellant, it is overall extremely cheap.

Pros: Cheap
easy to load
successfully "explodes" almost every time that I've tested it. Only didn't on extremely short drops. Most every viable throw is going to be successful.

Cons: bbs travel maybe 10 ft at most (not always a problem if your field has a radius rule in effect)
pin becomes very loose quickly
Can sometimes explode prematurely. Keep a grip around the whole grenade when you throw it and you will be able to tell it it will open as soon as it leaves your hand.
The cap that you take off the bottom to load the bbs can sometimes come off when the grenade is thrown. mark it with colorful tape and check it before you throw it.

All in all, I'd say that this is good for light skirmishes, but if you are more serious about the sport, then spring for the Airsoft Innovations grenades.
by Shane K. on 10/22/2018
"First impressions from dry firing it around my apartment is solid, the build quailty feels like its actually made to be thrown around, and the orange color makes it easy to find after the throw.

Interestingly, the spool is permanently attached, so you can't lose it, which also makes it great for using it to attach directly to a belt, doesn't move around on me at all with the jump test. That coupled with only needing to hold onto the pin (or just using string to keep the pin to your belt) means you can go from holding to throwing this nade faster than anything else on the market.

My only real issue is the bottom removable piece comes off after every other throw, which could result in missing pieces, and the pin can come out for no reason at all. Some tape on the bottom should fix the first problem, but I'm going to be looking into a bobby pin setup to keep from blowing myself up.

tldr; best nade on the market but could use a v.2 to fix some small issues. Buy it.