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Matrix VX-1 Projectile Launching 40mm Slug Airsoft Gas Grenade

11 Customer Reviews

by Russell M. on 03/19/2021
"Really enjoying this round. It checks all the boxes - it is an actual grenade projectile with usable range (got three shots in a row out to 200ft, firing into wind), but not a Tagin so suitable for open field play.

Mark H is right on the money - there's a bit of a consistent curve to the left, but it is predictable. The foam head is very durable, and could probably be used many times in action without issue. If you were playing with a group that was honest and knew the foam head was supposed to be a grenade, you could probably just use it. As it stands, it makes for a great practice round.

Need to try out the breakable heads and see how they do.
by Ray C. on 02/13/2021
"this is basically the younger brother of Taginn, you get 60% of the performance of a tagiin shell for half the price, but I do like the look as it resembles the look of a 40mm much better than taginn shell, plus it fit in a 40mm shell pouch. the max range if about 120-140 ft, The trajectory is stable which make the shot predictable. The slug is much more durable then the taginn pecker. I am using 12kg green gas for testing.
by Sheenu Y. on 12/12/2020
"I usually don't write reviews for everything I buy here, was blown away by this grenade. I had to write a review for it.

It's one of the most affordable and realistic rifled gas grenades you can get on the market today. A fair competitor against TAGINN grenades.

-Extremely loud!
-Projectile speed is ridiculously fast!
-Super powerful!
-Extremely accurate and doesn't tumble in the wind, flies as straight as a football
-Easy to use
-Extremely light primer button, making it easy to ignite in your gun

This only fits modern grenade launchers, not really old ones like the JAC or Sun Project M203s. But other than that, I can't think of any negatives for this product. It's simply one of the best things you can buy. I highly recommend.
by Mark H. on 11/15/2020
"If you want a product that actually works in a launcher this is the one you want.

We are getting about 75 yards out of these things with a full size launchers. With a pistol launcher the range drops to about 60 yards. Ours curve slightly to the left as they get out beyond 50 yards but as consistent as they are it's easy to adjust trajectory and angle.

Cool does not describe how much fun they are to launch.

Read John's review above if you want to take it up to the next level. We plan on ordering the items in the near future because, as was said, Taginn rounds are WAY more expensive. There are a couple of youtube videos showing the result of what John is talking about.

As soon as they back on sale we'll buy more.
by Henry C. on 06/19/2020
"This thing hurts!
by Larry A. on 02/13/2020
"I bought this just today and I'm having a ton of fun with it.
It works very well and my friends like to call it the 'Nerf Gun on Steroids'.
The range is about 20ft with about a three second fill of propane but it does the job.
I think I'll have a great time with it for quite some time.
by Kevin P. on 01/23/2020
"This won't blow up but its awesome!
by Peter R. on 11/20/2019
"Cool grenade shell
by Alvin J. on 11/17/2019
"Cool grenade shell! I spray paint my projectile orange so it's easy to locate and find!
by John S. on 07/21/2019
"I love this grenade so far! I ordered the flat beads and breakable caps with it and I've used 12 caps so far and I've been having so much fun! I put snapper caps in the caps and they explode lightly and blow powder everywhere, I can lob over 130 foot shots accurately. I definitely recommend!
by rick s. on 04/13/2019
"This is a great alternative to the Taginn projectile launcher especially at half the price. The distance is decent and it doesn’t quite shoot as hard so tagging an opponent won’t hurt as much.


It’s not a Taginn