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Valken V-TAC Tango Thermal Lens Goggles with Prescription Lens Insert(Color: Olive)

9 Customer Reviews

by Connor M. on 01/05/2021
"Works Extremely Well With Glasses. I Don't Use They Frames It Comes With For Glasses. I Just Cut The Sides To Fit The Arms. Works Great & Looks Amazing.
by Blake M. on 10/31/2020
"feels good after 14 hours without taking it off and hasn't fogged on me yet. Took a few point blank hits to the lens without cracking, breaking, or issue. Highly reccomend
by Isaac S. on 04/04/2020
"Best goggles on the market. I use them for airsoft and for shooting real steel firearms. DO NOT BUY ANY OTHER GOGGLES, you'll just be buying an inferior product. I was blown away by the fact that these goggles never fog, even with my face dripping with sweat after hours of wearing them on a hot day. It's hard to describe how good these are other than theyre insanely durable, they NEVER fog. Not once. And they come with 3 different lenses to choose from. I can't reccomend these more.
by Caleb H. on 11/26/2019
"These are great quality goggles. I have a pretty narrow face (32-year-old male who can just about wear kids sunglasses), and I can *just* make them work. They'll definitely be more comfortable if you have a wider head.

First off: they DON'T fog. I play in Texas, in humidity, heat, often crouching in bushes with no airflow. Sunglasses fog instantly, but these don't. They don't fog, even after I've crusted the lens with accumulated sweat.

My only complaints: It's a little awkward fitting these over mesh lower-half face masks (I use a OneTigris with the ear protectors). And it can get a little painful (read: hard) where it sits on my cheek bones. But as stated above, I have a narrow face.

I still recommend these; they don't fog, they're ballistic rated, and they haven't let me down yet.
by Jeremiah Y. on 08/11/2019
"These are some very high quality goggles. They do exactly what they were designed to do. Everything pictured comes in the package.
I was very skeptical at first but I was willing to try anything to avoid fogging. These are SO good that you can't even get moisture on them by breathing on the inside lense. I'm a sniper so I prefer to take my time and move slowly, panting and gasping all over myself in tight brush on a hot day... these things got soaked in my dripping sweat but never once did they fog.
I live in MN so I get ridiculously cold temps. I wore a balaclava over my face and my nose with these goggles and they didn't fog. A friend of mine did the same and he had ice develope on his Valken goggles but they still didn't fog. These goggles are SO underrated!!!
TIPS: keep these goggles clean. Don't apply antifog wipes or any of that crap on these. They don't need it and keeping them clean will prevent moisture from being able to stick. The only reasons these will fog are insane humidity (and I mean like breathing straight on them for 15minutes), or a broken seal between the two lenses. My clear lense seal broke after about a year of use but I didn't even use it that much so I think I did something horribly wrong or it was a dud. Meanwhile the black lense that I use all the time is just fine. Get these goggles and make your friends get these goggles. They are 100% worth it.
by Michael J Martinez P. on 04/08/2019
"The goggles work amazing and they don't fog at all, I sue them for a 4-hour game in a very hot day. They're a little big for my taste but they're comfortable and can withstand a lot of BBs. I highly recommend it to players who are looking for a reliable goggles and don't fog.
by Michael B. on 07/06/2018
"I have played with these in 4+ days of games. One of the days was humid and rainy the other days were just hot and sweaty. The anti fog held up and didn't have any problems where some of my friends could hardly see. I like that you get 3 lenses. On the 1st day I was sweating really bad and the sweat actually dripped between the clear Thermal lenses. It stained the middle of the lenses. I contacted Valken and their customer service was excellent! I sent a few picutures and receipt and they're replacing the lenses. Thanks Valken for backing up your product!

Will buy Valken stuff again,
Call sign: Who
by James D. on 06/10/2021
"These Googles fit and feel good...when you don't use the inserts. at least on my face the insets sit too close to my face and my eyelashes contact the lenses, its uncomfortable for me but your mileage may vary. if you don't need the inserts These are a killer deal. The double pane lenses keep fog down, and the extra lenses and the case are worth it.
by Ian S. on 11/10/2020
"Havent tested the "antifog" capabilities yet, but, immediately after opening and attempting to don them, just a slight amount of pulling the strap broke the wing off that holds it to the goggle itself. Super glue came undone i guess. so, pretty cheap so far. Should have stuck with revision maybe. if anything worsens ill update