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Elite Force Full Metal Gen 3 1911 Tactical CO2 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol (Color: Black)

13 Customer Reviews

by C.J. G. on 11/05/2021
"First off, I bought this as a boneyard gun for $50. The only problem that it had was it had been dropped with a suppressor on it so the threaded bit was bent and the front of the slide that retained the barrel bushing broke. Easy fix though with a bit of JB Weld and some lube.

As for the pistol itself, it is built very nice and feels almost exactly like the real deal. The key advantage with KWC/Elite Force 1911s is that part kits are readily available and relatively cheap. The "recoil" of this feels very nice being a bit less than a .22lr handgun, and makes it a pleasure to shoot. I have found it humorous when people review GBB pistols and state they "kick like a horse," but all are around that of a .22lr, so shoot a REAL GUN before you say something like that (rolls eyes). I found this gun to shoot pretty accurately up to 130ft with .28g bbs with proper hop up adjustment, and around 80ft with .20g. Overall, this is the best GBB pistol for the price on the market, don't hesitate and just get it. If you are not into airsoft, this is very fun to plink in the backyard with instead of driving to the gun range to plant freedom seeds (wink wink). Easy 10/10.
by Mark and B. on 06/01/2021
"This gun is amazing.

After messing around with several other C02 based pistols, I can say this is amazing pistol. extremely accurate and durable. I'm talking dropped onto cement patio, mud, snow, dirt, dead leaves and other detritus. This thing has continued working amazingly, and is still extremely accurate. My one complaint would be that if you fire it for a long time the hop up slightly adjusts, but other than that this gun is a beast.
by Dj H. on 07/01/2020
"Never owned a 1911 but now i want another one.

pros: Strong build
nice kickback
green gas/co2
threaded muzzle
pretty good iron sights
saftey lock on the grip needed to be pressed in to shoot
not hard to adjust hop up

cons: threaded muzzle is hard to remove (maybe i dont have the right tools)
guns hammer must be cocked to put it on saftey(not that big of a deal)
I found it feeds better with only 13 bbs in the magazine

Overall: definitely worth the money.
by Jake H. on 06/29/2020
"Very first airsoft pistol, and I love it! Fits perfectly in my matrix holster, and shoots very good overall. Only problem I have with this, is with the magazine included with the product. The spring is extremely strong, and I've almost broken off a nail trying to pull it back, but other than that its great.
by Justin D. on 06/15/2019
"W E T love it love it
by Jared T. on 04/24/2019
"I put my gun through hell and high water, and yet it still functions like it did years ago. These guns are beautiful, easy to strip, and are very reliable. The barrel is tapped and suppresser ready. Another plus is that it is made by one of the greatest companies that puts so much work into perfecting each gun. I slapped on an ergonomic grip and got a high cap mag and made the gun even more of a pleasure to fire.
by DJ W. on 04/16/2019
"First airsoft gun I purchased, had it for about of year and honestly it is a very good pistol. Accurate, fires smoothly. Only problem ive had with it is the slide release. It occasionally catches causing me to stop firing and disengage it. Can be fixed by applying teflon tape to the part once removed or by just buying a replacement part. Overall very satisfied and would highly recommend it as your starter pistol.
by Jordan W. on 06/16/2018
"Great quality and very easy to do repairs on. I got the stainless steel version and it looks nice, the blowback feels nice too.
by John H. on 04/11/2018
"Shoots accurate and feels great! Slide release pin is stiff to remove the first time but working it in and out loosened it up and it tears down with ease now. Great blowback force. Only wish the mag had way to retain the follower while refilling bb's.
by Jake S. on 02/21/2018
"Feels good in the hands, I really like the fact that it looks like the real deal. The mags are ok. All in all I am a BIG fan of this pistol.
by CHARLES M. on 02/05/2018
"There really isn't much to say. The gun works like the originals but in new colors, I got the Stainless version and it looks great. In all this is a great gun and i would recommend it
by Kevin S. on 05/07/2020
"Accurate, solid and you can get at least 3 mags out of one 12g can of Co2. I've owned EF VP9s (GG and Co2), TM 5.1 hicapa, TM Mk23 and an ASG P09. For a heavy use, everyday airsoft pistol, I'm grabbing this.
Get one of these, keep it, maintain it and sell it only if/when you stop playing airsoft. Even if you upgrade to a different pistol, having this workhorse in the bag for a back up keeps your kit reliable.
Only CON: be smart with reloads - the magazine's feed lips can crack if you're reckless.
by Kaleb S. on 07/27/2019
"I absolutely love this pistol, I only have one problem. My hopup adjuster doesn't work and it's stuck shooting up, and seeing as I'm a sniper yhst plays on fields with ravines, it does not help. I'm sure I can get it fixed easily but I don't know how. Other than that great gun, makes you feel like a badass.